Best Diet Pills for Women in 2020

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So you’re looking for something to help you get a more athletic and toned body?

You need to get skinny quickly but want to stay strong and healthy too?

Sounds like a familiar story!

With the booming weight-loss market it can be impossible to tell which diet pills actually work, and which ones are just scam products that won’t speed up fat loss.

Here’s the thing:

Many weight loss pills go one of two ways. Either they don’t work at all or they include ingredients that aren’t safe for women.

So if you’re looking for the true ‘Ferrari of diet pills’ you’ll need to find out what the driving force is behind them and more importantly how they work to speed up fat loss.


The Best Diet Pills for Women

We’ve put a list together of the most popular diet pills for women, we’ve done the research and looked at the best ingredients in each one, profiled the company’s behind the products and reviewed what the customers have been saying.

#1 Leanbean


Queen of the fat-burning castle, our top-rated product is the female fat burner called Leanbean.

Why are so many people using this diet pill?

In short, it helps you burn fat more quickly whilst getting your body to resist the urge to snack.


What’s the Score? 

The manufacturer behind Leanbean is a company called Ultimate Life, they’ve put everything into creating a weight loss supplement that works for women.

They’ve also spent the money on research to make sure Leanbean meets the demands of female athletes.

The result is a formula that:

  • Cuts cravings
  • Charges up energy
  • Turns on your metabolism


Ingredient Highlights

  • Glucomannan – 3000mg per day of this popular appetite suppressant
  • Turmeric – block aromatase and reduces abdominal fat.
  • Choline – To support fat metabolism and increased Thermogenesis.
  • Chloride – To reduce bloating
  • Green Tea – Carb Blocker that also revs up your metabolism.
  • Includes another 8 powerful fat burning ingredients.

Leanbean before and after

Final Judgement

 Leanbean is our highest rated diet pill for women. We chose it due to its proven fat burning ingredients, it’s sensible price and the fact it won’t blow your head off with crazy stimulants.

You also can’t knock a product that exclusively serves the needs of women. After all, there are already thousands of supplements made for men!

Leanbean’s uses the best ingredients and will give you the tools you need to blast fat and fire up weight loss.

It also comes with a money-back guarantee on the three-month purchases meaning you can return after 90 days if you are not happy. For more information, check out our complete Leanbean review.



#2 Powher Female Fat Burner

Powher Fat Burner

Powher – the female fat burner – is a newcomer to the marketplace that looks set to make waves thanks to a fantastic formula, intelligent ingredients, and optimal doses for female weight loss.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look.

What’s the score?

This is the latest fat burner from UK supplement specialist Ultimate Life. With Powher they’ve built on their previous successes to create a fat burner that is at the top of its game.

The Powher formula focuses on appetite suppression, backed up with ingredients that will boost your metabolism and maximize your cardio output.

Ingredient highlights

  • 3000 mg of Glucomannan – a natural fiber that is excellent at appetite suppression.
  • Natural caffeine – for a safe and energizing stimulant hit.
  • Selenium – for healthy thyroid function, resulting in healthy metabolism.
  • Choline – to turbocharge your body’s lipid metabolism, letting you burn fat fast.
  • Iron – to combat tiredness and fatigue.
  • Other ingredients to complement and enhance those above.

Final judgment

Powher’s female fat burner is a strong contender in our list of best diet pills. The formula is the result of thorough research and represents the claims made by leading scientific literature about the best ingredients – and dosages – for weight loss.

For women looking to burn fat more quickly than they would through diet and exercise alone, Powher is a great choice. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your supplement is tailored for your physiological needs rather than something generic or male-focused, as is so common in the marketplace.

And if you do discover it’s not right for you, there’s a generous money-back guarantee. So you’re covered from all angles.

Official website:


#3 Hourglass

 Hourglass Diet Pill

Up next, we’ve got a newer diet pill called Hourglass that is another really nice product. This one is known for both its appetite suppressant and fat burning qualities.

What’s the Score?

Like Leanbean and Powher, Hourglass is also aimed more at women than men, although the formulation is arguably a little more unisex than our number 1 pick.

This one is a little cheaper than our first selection so that may help some of you who are looking to save money. We like the combination of a few top metabolism-boosting ingredients paired with natural diet aids like Capsimax.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Glucomannan – Well-known fiber suppresses appetite so you eat less.
  • Green Tea – To help metabolize fat.
  • Capsimax Powder – This ingredient suppresses appetite and also increases metabolism

Final Judgement

Another well put together diet pill that’s rightly popular due to the inclusion of some top ingredients. This one is another great selection that will definitely help with weight loss and is less expensive.



#4  Instant Knockout

 Best Fat burner for women

Forth on the list is Instant Knockout. This one isn’t a female product in itself but it’s got a nice blend of ingredients that suit both men and women.

What’s the Score?

Like our top choice, this one is used by professional athletes looking to hone their physical output in the gym. The company behind this one is called Roar Ambition, they don’t just make diet pills but also manufacture a range of other sports supplements designed to naturally enhance performance.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Better fat burning after workouts.
  • Glucomannan – To help you feel fuller and make dieting easier.
  • Green Tea – Top weight loss ingredient used worldwide to support metabolism and give you extra energy.

Final Judgement 

Instant Knockout is a major player in the industry when it comes to diet pills. Its no-frills formula works well, doesn’t include any banned or illegal substances and will help boost weight loss.



#5 Quadralean

 Quadra Lean


Last in our line up is Quadralean Thermogenic. The makers say that this product will help you lose fat whilst providing you with natural, clean energy.

What’s the score?

The Quadralean weight management pill is made by RSP Nutrition, you can find the product on Amazon as well as other well-known bodybuilding websites. It’s got a few of our favorite fat burning ingredients but is not quite the complete package.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Caffeine – Includes 200mg derived from Green Tea.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Includes this top ingredient but not as much as we’d have liked.

Final Judgement

This fat burner is not a bad choice for those looking for a cheap diet pill. There are quite a few of the top ingredients that don’t feature in this one though so it wouldn’t be our first choice.

This one also uses Bitter Orange and Yohimbe, both of which have been reported to cause minor side effects in a few cases. 



How Do the Best Diet Pills for Women Work?

Trim waist line


Ending the frustration of stubborn fat is hard.

Most likely your lifestyle changes are not working fast enough, and you need to push your results into a higher gear.

That said, you might be thinking:

‘I don’t want to overdose on caffeine and harm my body just to lose weight’.

This is where the best diet pills for women come to the rescue, they include the best ingredients to shift fat safely.

These top ingredients help to:


#1 Reduce Your Appetite 

Ever wondered why when you’re out for dinner it’s always the girls at the table that are craving dessert?

It’s not that men are some supreme beings when it comes to willpower it’s just that they got the luck of the draw when it comes to genetics. Studies of the female brain show that women feel cravings much more intensely.

How can a diet pill help lower your appetite?

The best weight loss pills are there to make dieting easier. That’s the point. They suppress your appetite by including fiber, this gives you the sensation of feeling fuller so you can avoid going off rails with your latest health-kick.


#2 A Quicker Metabolism 

One of the big downsides with caffeine is that it can actually make you feel sick and leave you with less energy than when you started.

The good news is:

The best diet pills for women factor this in. The makers worked out that they can get the same if not better results by including natural spices and not synthetic stimulants.

Weight loss pills that include these potent fat burners raise your metabolic rate so you can burn more calories and lose weight.

That’s not all:


#3 Boost Energy Levels 

If your diet is making you feel sluggish in the gym then the chances are your progress could hit a wall. Taking one of the best diet pills comes with the added benefit of boosting your energy levels.

Choose the right one and you shouldn’t feel any side effects from sticking to a low-calorie diet.

In fact, you’ll be able to make your workouts more intense and still eat fewer carbs.


The Ingredients Inside the Best Diet Pills for Women?

The best diet pills for women contain the most up-to-date ingredients for boosting weight loss.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most proven fat burners here.


Raspberry KetonesRaspberries

Raspberry Ketones actually put the ‘diet’ in ‘diet pill’ by lowering your appetite and forcing you to eat fewer calories. 1

Studies have also revealed that this ‘fragrant’ compound slows the accumulation of fat thanks to the active ingredient Capsaicin.


Garcinia CambogiaGarcinia Cambogia

The ‘go-to’ appetite suppressant in Hollywood, Garcinia Cambogia stops weight gain by blocking the enzyme linked to the production of fatty acids.

It also suppresses your appetite by releasing serotonin, this works by telling your body to feel full and eat less.

A trial of 60 people saw significant weight loss results amongst the control group by the end of an 8 week the study. 2



This spice can send your weight loss goals to ‘light speed’ by directly reducing fat tissue.

Turmeric is a thermogenic that has caffeine like results on your metabolism without causing side effects.

It also prevents ‘weight regain and stops ‘yo-yo dieting’, so once you successfully burn fat there’s less chance of it rearing its ugly head again. 3


Cayenne pepperCayenne pepper

Cayenne Pepper is the potent chili that lights the fire within the best diet pills. This ‘capsinoid’ raises body temperature and increases energy used by the body – this results in fewer calories being stored. 4

What’s more, a double-blind study showed reduced body weight amongst volunteers within a 2-4 week period.


Green Teagreen tea

Green Tea is top fat burner which will help you load up on antioxidants, get rid of love-handles and cut cellulite down to size.

The success comes down to the active fat burning ingredient ‘Catechins’, these ‘polyphenols’ have been shown to increase energy, boost metabolism and reduce total body fat – with or without the need for caffeine. 5


Do Diet Pills Do Anything?  

So do diet pills actually do anything?

Well, obesity is becoming a big problem ….

So it’s inevitable that better and better products will keep popping up!

But remember the best weight loss pills can’t just flush out fat in the blink of an eye.

That’s just not realistic.

So don’t choose a diet pill if you don’t have the motivation workout and put some effort in yourself.

Why use one then?

Well, using the best diet pills is a bit like making sure your car has the very best gas in the tank. The point is to power up your body’s natural fat-burning so you lose pounds quicker.

The best diet pills can:

  • Renew weight loss – break the stalemate with your body
  • Help improve your figure – remove soft areas of fat uncovering your abs
  • Make healthy eating easier – stop sugar cravings head on


Best Diet Pills Before and After Pregnancy

To get pregnant quicker you’ll need to burn fat and get in shape, the best diet pills can help make this happen. Equally, taking a fat burner to get your body back after pregnancy can be really effective.


If you’re actually pregnant or breastfeeding it’s not usually recommended to take weight loss pills.

Many diet pills use stimulants so you’ll want to make sure you do your research properly or check with your doctor before purchasing a diet pill that’s safe to use.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can diet pills cause anxiety?

If you take a diet pill that has a high dose of caffeine in it there is a chance you could get anxiety as a side effect of the caffeine.


What are the best diet pills without caffeine?

2 of the first 3 diet pills on our list are caffeine-free which are Leanbean and Hourglass so they would be your best choices.


Diet pills vs exercise, which works better?

Both will work but you also need to have a solid diet. If you try and just take diet pills or just exercise for weight loss but have a poor diet you will get little to no results.


What is the best diet pills at Walmart?

Right now best diet pill at Walmart would be Alli Orlistat Diet Weight Loss Supplement Capsules. They don’t work as well as any of the products on our list but they may give you some benefits.


When should you take diet pills?

That would depend on what diet pill you are taking. If it has caffeine in it you should take it in the morning and earlier in the day so it doesn’t keep you up at night. If there is no caffeine in it you can take it anytime. It is best to read the label and take it when the manufacturer says to take it, of course.


What are the best diet pills on the market today?

Right now Leanbean is the best diet pill on the market followed by Powher and Hourglass. There are newer and better products coming out all the time though so that may change, stay tuned.



So what is the best diet pill to burn belly fat and make cellulite disappear?

Well, hopefully this list goes some way to providing the answers to those important questions.

We’ve chosen Leanbean as the best diet pill for women. It uses the safest weight loss ingredients that actually work.

Don’t forget:

The best diet pills are the ones that support your training and help you convert your fitness efforts into amazing weight loss transformations.

While you’ll need to exercise and eat clean, using a weight loss pill to boost your metabolism and curb cravings will help you break the plateau to get your beach body quicker.