Best Supplement Stacks For Building Muscle

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Looking to build muscle huh?

Of course, you are or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Supplements can help a lot when it comes to building muscle and building it faster than you normally would.

The thing is…

Not all supplements are the same and it can be hard to figure out which ones are total crap and which ones are worth your while.

Today we are going to give you the best supplements stacks that build muscle that are on the market today.


What is a Supplement Stack?

A supplement stack is simply a group of supplements that work together to build muscle. Sometimes it can be just 2 supplements stacked together or some stacks also go up to 6 different supplements, it all depends.

While one supplement can help, grouping a few supplements together that work with each other for a common goal can be much more effective than just taking one supplement and hoping it can do it all.

Commonly a supplement company will offer supplement stacks of their products that are made to go together or work well together and these stacks can be either geared toward building muscle or burning fat, today we are covering the best supplement stacks for muscle building of course.

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Avoid Steroid Alternatives

If you search around enough you will likely come across a website or two recommending you get a stack of steroid alternatives, these should be avoided.

It’s not because they are dangerous or anything like that, it’s because they are completely ineffective. These “supplements”  are usually just very small amounts of branched chain amino acids they are selling and marketing as “having the anabolic effects of steroids”.

Truth be told steroid alternative supplements are about as effective as a placebo, they only thing they are really good at is taking money out of your wallet. Anyone who recommends them is not credible and you should run the other direction, unless you really enjoy being ripped off.


Best Supplement Stacks for Building Muscle

Here are the 3 best supplement stacks on the market that can help you build muscle.


1 The Bulk Muscle Building Essentials Stack

Best Supplement stack for muscle building

Topping off our list of the best muscle building stacks we have the Bulk Muscle Building Essentials Stack by Transparent Labs.

This stack is loaded with high-quality muscle building supplements that will surely have you packing on muscle and strength fast.

This stack comes with 4 different supplements all of which work with each other to add muscle. It includes their pre-workout designed for bulking, creatine HMB, krill oil and 100% grass-fed protein powder.

Let’s take a look at each one of these bad boys individually and see what they bring to the table:


PreSeries Bulk

This is their pre-workout supplement that is designed for people who are looking to add serious muscle and bulk up. This monster contains 20 active ingredients designed to give you a increased energy, muscle building, muscle pumps and laser focus in the gym.

This pre-workout is loaded with ample doses of citrulline malate for muscle and strength building, beta-alanine for delayed fatigue, betaine anhydrous for increases strength and focus it is also loaded with muscle building BCAA’s along with many other solid ingredients that deliver.


Creatine HMB

Next, in the stack, we have Creatine HMB. Creatine is already our favorite muscle building supplement and when you combine it with HMB it makes it even better.

They also use Creapure in this supplement which is a German made from of creatine monohydrate that is the best you can get. 5 Grams of Creapure creatine combine with 2 grams of HMB will increase your muscle and strength gains fast. On top of that, they use 5mg of Bioperine for better absorption and bioavailability. This one is really top notch.


ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Next, we have a seriously high-grade form of protein here with the 100% grass-fed whey. As you may know, protein is the building blocks of muscle This whey protein is from naturally fed, hormone free cows and is it also has one of the industry’s highest protein-by-weight ratios at 88% making this some of the purest muscle-building protein out there.

On top of all that it has no artificial sweeteners, food dyes, gluten, or preservatives. This is some seriously high-quality stuff.


CoreSeries Krill Oil

Last, in the stack, we have krill oil. If you don’t know what krill oil is it is basically like fish oil on steroids.

Krill oil is loaded with long-chain omega-3 fatty acids along with phospholipids, and Astaxanthin. It has even been researched to be up to 48 times more effective than fish oil.

What does all that mean?

Those omega-3 fatty acids are essential for cellular health and division which makes them essential for muscle growth. It should also be noted that these essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body and need to be ingested, krill oil is an excellent place to get the muscle building fatty acids.


Transparent Labs supplements all have no artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or GMO.



The price on this stack is $158.00. This is a discounted price from the $176 it would be regularly if you were to buy all the supplements individually. You can also use coupon code TL10 at checkout to get an extra 10% off which would save you $16.

They also have free shipping so there are no extra charges involved.



  • Uses PreSeries Bulk – The premier muscle building and bulking pre-workout on the market that is loaded with 20 active ingredients
  • Uses Creatine HMB – 5 grams of high-grade creatine monohydrate along with 2 grams of HMB
  • Krill oil which is loaded with muscle building long-chain omega-3s
  • High-quality whey protein that comes from grass-fed, hormone free cows and has one of the highest purity ratings on the market
  • Free shipping
  • Price saves $18 off of what you would pay buying the supplements separately




Overall this Bulk Muscle Building Essentials Stack is a serious heavy-hitter when it comes to muscle building. Their pre-workout is loaded with 20 ingredients designed to build muscle and give you a superior workout experience. The superior quality creatine and HMB is a surefire combo to add strength and muscle. On top of that, the protein and krill oil will give you the building blocks to pack on even more muscle.

What’s the bottom line?

This stack is loaded with high-quality supplements that will definitely pack on muscle.



2 The Jacked Stack

The Jacked Stack

Up next we have another nice stack with The Jacked Stack from Jacked Factory, this one is a good stack of 4 supplements that are designed to build muscle, if you couldn’t already figure that out by the name of the stack.

The Jacked Factory has become one of the top names in the supplement industry so it isn’t much of a surprise to see that their stack is on here, let’s take a look at what is included in this stack.


NitroSurge Pre-Workout

First up, they have their pre-workout supplement, this one is designed to give you a serious energy boost and improve focus while delivering sick muscle pumps. NitroSurge has a really nice dose of Citrulline DL-Malate as well as Betaine Anhydrous and Beta Alanine for both muscle building and endurance.

It doesn’t have near the twenty ingredients that the pre-workout in our first stack has but it does have some nice doses of the listed ingredients.

One note the dosing says 1-2 scoops but if you do 2 scoops you are looking at a whopping 360 mg of caffeine which may be too much for some people.


Authentic Whey

Next up they have a nice whey protein to help you get that quick protein shot after your workout to help your muscles grow.  They use pure whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate to give you a great quality.

This whey protein also doesn’t have any dyes, GMOs, gluten or any other junk in it, just nice, clean protein.



This is their post-workout supplement to help you recover and grow those muscles. This supplement contains 3 grams of creatine monohydrate which we love along with L-carnitine L-tartrate, and betaine anhydrous.

L-carnitine L-tartrate has been shown to aid in muscle recovery and may increase testosterone levels, both of which help with muscle growth. Overall a really nice supplement.



Lastly, we have IntraSurge which is their BCAA intra workout supplement.

This product features 5 grams of Fermented BCAA’s along with along with L- Citrulline, caffeine and other high-quality ingredients designed to build muscle and promote focus, concentration, and energy for your workout.

Intrasurge is supposed to be taken during your workout and it also contains caffeine so if you are taking it along with the pre-workout you should be careful not to overdo it with the caffeine when taking both supplements so close together.



The price on this stack is $95.96 which is the exact same amount as they would cost if purchased separately. Unfortunately, they don’t give you a break on the price.

They do have free shipping though so there is no extra charge.



  • Use high-quality protein powder with nothing artificial
  • Post workout uses creatine monohydrate and  L-carnitine L-tartrate for muscle and strength building
  • Pre-workout has ample dose of Citrulline DL-Malate
  • Less expensive


  • Often sold or not available
  • Only 8 active ingredients in the pre-workout
  • Intra workout supplement seems unnecessary after taking pre-workout especially if you are caffeine sensitive
  • Large dose of caffeine in pre-workout
  • Uses artificial flavoring



This stack by Jacked Factory is another good choice for muscle building. We really like the post workout and the pre-workout they use. The intra workout seems a bit redundant since you have already taken a the pre-workout especially since both contain caffeine. A separate BCAA taken in the morning or evenings may have been better or make the intra workout caffeine free.

Overall this one is not quite as high quality as our first stack but it’s still a pretty good stack that will definitely help your muscle building while being easier on your wallet.



3 Gainer StackSupplement stack to build muscle

Next, we have Gainer Stack by Rival Us. This stack features a whey protein, mass gainer, BCAA’s and a creatine for muscle building.

This one is another pretty nice stack that can add muscle and strength. Let’s take a deeper look at the supplements in this stack.


Rival Whey

This protein powder features 24 grams of fast-acting whey protein, it also contains over 5 grams of BCAA’s.

This whey protein has several delicious flavors that will delight your taste buds, glazed donut flavor sounds the most intriguing to us.


Clean Gainer

Clean Gainer is their mass gainer protein that is designed to put on lean muscle mass. This bad boy features a 30-gram protein blend along with a 90-gram complex carb blend.

This supplement also uses healthy fats from flax, avocado, and sunflower. Overall a really nice mass gainer.



As the name implies Cre-Elite5 is a blend of 5 creatines designed to give you amplified muscle and strength building.

The nice thing about this one is that it is only 10 calories and 2 grams of carbs. It also offers a whopping 6.9 grams of blended creatine, that is a very generous dose.


Steam BCAA

Lastly, we have the BCAA’s. This product features 6 grams of BCAA’s per serving and has a 2:1:1 ratio – leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

It also has 1 gram of glutamine and 1 gram of l-citrulline compounds.

This will help you train longer, speed recovery and feed your muscles which leads to more muscle being built even faster.


For this stack, they recommend you take the whey protein after workouts or mid-morning, take the clean gainer after workouts or before bed, take the BCAA’s during your workout and the creatine after your workout.



The price on this stack is $149.99. That does seem a bit strange on this one though since if you bought all 4 supplements individually it would only cost $120.96.

That seems pretty weird, perhaps some of the pricing is incorrect on the website. If you want this stack just buy them individually and save yourself $30.



  • Large doses of creatine
  • Lots of fun flavors for the whey protein
  • Good quality mass gainer with healthy fats and complex carbs
  • Nice Dose of BCAA’s


  • Cost of the stack is more than the supplements would cost individually
  • Too focused on protein, could have used a good pre-workout
  • Uses artificial flavors



Overall we like this stack but it does focus a bit much on the protein with both the whey protein powder and the mass gainer protein on top of it, that seems like a bit of overkill. They would have been better served with a pre-workout in there instead.

Also, the price has us scratching our heads a bit too. If you like this one just buy the supplements individually and save yourself some money.



Overall Conclusion

There you have the best supplement stacks for building muscle, our favorite is The Bulk Muscle Building Essentials Stack by Transparent Labs, it is loaded with high-quality supplements that are sure to pack on muscle including an awesome pre-workout that is designed for muscle building and has a whopping 20 active ingredients. On top of that, they offer superior protein, creatine with HMB and krill oil for muscle building and recovery. It really can’t be beaten if you want to build muscle and you want to do it fast.

Ryan is a former college wrestler and lifelong fitness fanatic. He has run half marathons, done mud runs, placed in body transformation contests, coached wrestling and now coaches girls soccer. Not to mention he has also tried literally hundreds of supplements over the years and has a vast and thorough supplement knowledge. He is also the owner of this website. Feel free connect with him on his LinkedIn page below.