Andrea Ager

5 Keys to Metabolic Conditioning

  If you’re in the fitness industry or you’re simply a fitness enthusiast, you’ve probably already heard of the term “metabolic conditioning” before now. This term is slowly transforming into a huge trend, as a […]

trx athlete

5 TRX Exercises for Athletes

  The TRX system can be an athlete’s best friend if used to its full potential. At first, I thought the suspension straps were your run-of-the-mill exercise machines that were ridiculously overpriced and no better […]


Why I Chose Intermittent Fasting

  Ever since we were kids we’re told by our parents that skipping meals is bad for you. Fasting was equal to starvation and only reserved for those who were practicing a discipline or religion. […]

Build mucle hypertrophy

Build Athletic Muscle: 12-Week Hypertrophy Cycle

This 12-week hypertrophy cycle is designed to set the foundation for muscle hypertrophy (growth). You will be allocating four days a week to hypertrophy training, with an optional fifth day to work on areas of […]

Build Muscle Fast

A Complete Guide To Build Muscle Fast

Today I am going to give you a complete guide to build muscle fast. The longer that I am in the lifting game, the more I look to be more efficient with my workouts. In […]

Build legs without squats

Build Strong and Muscular Legs Without Squats

It is no secret that the squat, in particular, the barbell squat is considered the king of all strength and muscle building exercises. Placing a heavy bar on your back loads the spine and requires […]

tabata workouts

Tabata Workouts To Get You Shredded For The Summer

  Summer is approaching fast and beach body season is not going to wait for you to get in shape. If you have taken the winter off of working out or have neglected the fat […]


6 Rowing Exercises To Build a Huge Back That is THICK

  In the bodybuilding world, they say that you win the show from the front. While there may be some truth to this, a well-rounded back will separate you in a crowd of physique and […]

sexy male chest

Shock Your Chest With This Workout Routine

Add slabs of beef to your chest while improving strength and function with this routine. While I am a firm believer that the basic free weight chest movements are the foundation of a great chest […]