5 TRX Exercises for Athletes

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2022)


trx athlete

The TRX system can be an athlete’s best friend if used to its full potential.

At first, I thought the suspension straps were your run-of-the-mill exercise machines that were ridiculously overpriced and no better than the other devices out there.

Boy, was I wrong.

I stepped into a TRX Suspension System and used it for a month, and now I can attest that it’s one of the best exercise apparatus for athletes. What’s more, I discovered that there are dozens of variations you could pull off to build, shred, trim and tone your way to the body you want.

Instead of having you stumble around and waste time, here are the 5 best TRX exercises for athletes I’d recommend.


1. The TRX Row

The TRX Row is a staple for anyone who’s had his or her hands on a TRX machine. How good is it, you ask? It’s so good that it beats rowing machines at their own game!

This TRX movement is very shoulder- and age-friendly. Walk backward to decrease the intensity or prop your feet up on a box to make each ‘row’ harder.

Here’s a quick take on how you can do the TRX row the right way:


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2. The IYT Raise

A superb TRX exercise that touches on and conditions your rhomboids, rear deltoids and lower, mid and upper trapeziuses. I’d personally recommend you do them with great regularity.

It’s not every day you’d find a movement done with suspension straps that can work important muscle groups, and for this reason, you should include the IYT raise every time you work out.

What are the benefits of an IYT raise? Aside from lending good posture (always a plus when it comes to athletic training), your shoulders won’t be so tired and you’ll have a go-to for improving your posterior.

Here’s a video of the IYT raise in action:



3. TRX Knee Tuck

As you progress into the wonderful world of TRX you’ll find yourself looking for more difficult movements. Well, this is it- the knee tuck will require three things from you, notably upper body strength, good abdominals and a stable core.

The simple act of tucking your knees in towards your body will involve the hip flexors. Do this regularly and your balance, core strength and stability will become rock-solid over time.

This video can show you how it’s done:


4. The Hamstring Curl

Every athlete worth his salt will know that hamstrings are super important. That said, the curl should be heavily integrated into your workout routines.

What’s great about this movement is that the pendulum effect gives you an unlimited scale in terms of progression. Granted, it will be difficult to get accustomed to the exercise but it will strengthen the posterior core and hamstrings like no other!

Follow this video to do the curl:


5. TRX Standing and Kneeling Rollout

Rollouts are one of the most efficient ways to develop your core. Start with a kneeling position and change it to a standing one as you progress.

It’s so good that you’ll be able to feel your ab muscles from top to bottom! Here’s a video of both movements in action:

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