Best Leg Press Machines

11 Best Leg Press Machines for Home Gyms in 2022

A typical home gym setup usually involves dumbbells, a bench press, a treadmill and a power rack, among others. But wait, how about gym equipment that tackles an oft-forgotten but essential aspect of training? That’s […]

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15 Reasons to Have a Home Gym

Whether you’re an experienced lifter or just starting, you can reap the many benefits of a home gym. In this article, I’ll reveal 13 reasons why owning a home gym is better than training at […]

Ski Erg training

Best Ski Erg Machines for 2022

  Looking to change up your cardio with something new? A Ski ERG Machine can be a great place to start. They can deliver a great cardio workout that is less boring than your traditional […]

Myrack Power Rack Review

Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack Review

Is Force USA’s newest power rack the answer to all home gym owner’s prayers? We’re here to find out! With the global pandemic still wreaking havoc across the country, one area that has begun thriving […]


Best Equipment to Help Your Increase Bench Press

For many guys, the bench press is an important exercise, and many of them judge their strength on how much they can bench press. After a while, though most guys hit a plateau, they can’t […]