Ski Erg training

Best Ski Erg Machines for 2021

  Looking to change up your cardio with something new? A Ski ERG Machine can be a great place to start. They can deliver a great cardio workout that is less boring than your traditional […]

Best High End Treadmills

The 10 Best High-End Treadmills for 2021

  You know what you want the biggest, baddest high-end treadmill money can buy. If this is the case, we’re happy to oblige! Presenting the 10 best high-end treadmills that have all the features, hardware […]


10 Best Kettlebells on the Market for 2021

  Mention ‘home gym’ in any conversation and the topics that will come up are most likely squat racks, Olympic plates and dumbbells. But wait, aren’t you forgetting something? Kettlebells are the unsung heroes that […]

best wood plyo box

Best Plyo Boxes for Home Gyms in 2021

  Plyo boxes are easily the most versatile and convenient gym equipment available. Don’t let the minimalist design fool you- some of the best plyo boxes are those that resemble step-up boxes and organizers. They’re […]

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Best Air Bikes for Athletes and CrossFit 2021

  Thinking of getting an indoor exercise bike so you can maximize your training? You can’t go wrong with air bikes. They’re excellent machines that can help you reach your strength or interval training goals. […]