Jump Rope Champ Adrienn Banhegyi is Incredible

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

Adrienn BanhegyiJumping rope is a skill that requires coordination and timing. It usually takes time to develop this skill. Adrienn Banhegyi has taken this skill to a whole new level though and she will blow your mind!

Adrienn Banhegyi was born in Hungary and has been jump roping for over 18 years. And yes, she does make a living jumping rope, sure beats working for the man.

She has been jumping rope competitively for over 15 years and has won the world championship and European championship several times. She started jump roping as a family hobby with her sister and parents. Later they found out there were competitions so they entered, they didn’t win but they did learn a lot from an American team that was there and this gave them direction.

She got in touch with Cirque Du Soliel about ten years ago and was with them for years on the Quidam Tour, her sister Kata also joined the Quidam tour and is still with them. Since she left Cirque she has been doing her own performances around the world and has also been working with the Ropes for Hope Program and trying to bring jump rope training to schools in Hungary.

Adrienn Banhegyi

She practices about 2 hours per day to keep herself sharp and add new elements to her act. Her act requires a bit or endurance and stamina than most people think, just try jumping rope at a high level (or even a low level) for 3 minutes and you will understand the amount of stamina it takes, just watching it is pretty impressive.

We learned about Adrienn while researching our article about jumping rope and athleticism. It was then we decided she was talented, athletic and flat out incredible enough that she deserved her own article so people could see her amazing talent.

If you can’t see her live it’s ok, we have some of her incredible performances below. While she has awesome skill and talent it is also clear that she has put in a heck of a lot of work getting all of the moves down and putting it all together for her shows. Enjoy!

Check out more of Adrienn on her website and Facebook page. You will be glad you did.