HGH Energizer Review: This Supplement is Complete Garbage

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2022)

Ok guys, today we are going to take a look at HGH Energizer. This supplement claims to help you boost HGH levels to retain your youth and gain muscle.

This one is a lesser-known HGH supplement but we have seen a lot of people posting links to it around the web and saying how great it is so we thought we would check it out. Here is what we found.

HGH Energizer

HGH Energizer Ingredients

Let’s get right to the most important part of any supplement, the ingredients of this human growth hormone supplement. If you just look at the ingredients and you are knowledgeable about supplements you can easily tell if it is any good. Let’s get started!

HGH Energizer ingredients

While looking at the ingredients above you may think it is a long impressive list, until you look at the pitifully small doses they use on almost every ingredient. Let’s break each ingredient down further.

Vitamin B6 (20mg) – Vitamin B6 plays an important role in converting food into energy and helping the body metabolize fats. It also goes to help promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and eyes. This is the only ingredient that isn’t underdosed but you aren’t going to have any HGH type effects from simply getting your vitamin B6.

Tribulus (150mg) – This is a flowering plant that helps boost testosterone. It is a bit underdosed at 150mg per dose while up to 250mg is recommended 3 times per day.

L-Arginine (150mg) – This is an amino acid that helps with nitric oxide uptake and muscle pumps by increasing blood flow. The dosage on this one is laughably low at 150mg. The recommended dosage is 6,000 to 30,000mg per day. The 150mg dosage in this supplement will do absolutely nothing.

L-Leucine (150mg) – This one is a BCAA. Leucine is by far the most anabolic of all BCAA’s that leads to higher HGH levels. The problem is that is way underdosed at 150mg. For example, a good BCAA supplement would have around 4000mg of L-Leucine, that’s almost 26 times as much L-Leucine as there is in this product.

L-Glutamine (140mg) – This is another amino acid that helps with muscle building. This one is also way underdosed. A good BCAA has 5000mg of L-Glutamine

L-Lysine (90mg) – This one is another amino acid they say will help with HGH secretion. While the fact that it may help with HGH secretion is debatable the fact that it is so far underdosed that it will be completely ineffective isn’t

L-Isoleucine (60mg) – This is another amino acid that helps with muscle repair. The dosage of this product is way too low to be effective though.

L-Valine (55mg) – Another amino acid. To the surprise of no one, it is pathetically underdosed

Colostrum (25mg) – This is an ingredient found in cows milk just after giving birth.  It has been shown to improve immune function and increase levels of IGF-1 which produces the human grown hormone in the body. To see the benefits of Colostrum you should be taking around 20,000mg per day. This supplement uses just 25mg. Barely even enough for it to appear on the label let alone be effective.

L-Ornithine Hydrochloride (25mg) – Another amino acid, way too underdosed to even discuss further.

L-Glycine (10mg) – Another amino acid that is so far underdosed that it will be laughably ineffective.

That is it for the active ingredients. Only 1 ingredient is reasonably dosed and it’s just Vitamin B, nothing special. The rest of them are ridiculously underdosed to the point they are hardly even worth mentioning. Just tiny amounts of amino acids that are not going to do anything for you because the dosing is almost nonexistent.

They also don’t use even use our two favorite HGH boosting ingredients in Deer Antler Velvet or GABA. These are two proven ingredients that work to increase your bodies production of HGH naturally. Check out our list of the top HGH boosting supplements for HGH products that work, this product is nothing more than a glorified Vitamin B supplement.



HGH Energizer vs BCAA Glutamine

BCAA Glutamine label

To illustrate our point about the pathetically low doses in HGH Energizer, take a look at the label above from a bottle of BCAA Glutamine. The L-Leucine dosing itself nearly quadruples all of the combined ingredients in HGH Energizer which add up to only 1050mg and most of those ingredients are BCAA’s. The overall ingredients in a dose of BCAA Glutamine are over 13 times as much as that of HGH Energizer.  If you want a strong dose of effective BCAA’s you would be way better off just going with a BCAA supplement that has dosing that works over this product that gives you almost nothing for your money.


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HGH Energizer Price

The price on HGH Energizer is $39.95 for a month’s supply and you can get it for less if you buy in bulk. That price is pretty low when it comes to HGH supplements but when you consider their puny doses they use it’s understandable. You could save yourself a lot of money if you just go to your local drug store and buy a bottle of Vitamin B for $5 and it would have the same effect as this product.

HGH Energizer Reviews

Taking a look around at the reviews online is interesting. You can see that the reviews are middle of the road to positive but you can see that some of them are phony websites started by the manufacturer to give themselves good reviews. Then there are also some reviews that use the old bait and switch technique where they give HGH Energizer a middle of the road review and then try to get you to buy another HGH supplement. Lastly, there are some reviews where they have no idea what they are talking about like the guys at thesupplementcritique.com who never have a bad review for anything.

If anyone out there actually recommends this product they are either likely working with the manufacturer or have no idea what they are talking about and you should avoid all of their recommendations. Not to mention they should see a doctor for having a serious case of shit for brains.

The Verdict on HGH Energizer

You probably didn’t need to read this far to realize the verdict on this one. This product is complete garbage and a total rip off. You would be much better off either going with a good BCAA supplement or go with a different HGH supplement that actually has effective ingredients and that doesn’t use tiny and ineffective doses. It seems like their main goal with this product was to use the least amount of ingredients possible to try and maximize profits. Don’t waste your time or money on this product, it is garbage.