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Supreme Alpha for her

The Supreme Alpha Fat burner is made by a supplements company of the same name. Supreme Alpha appears to be very new to the supplements industry as their website is still under construction.

We were a little concerned by this as we always like to get detailed information on the makers of these types of supplements. That way we can decide whether they’re reputable and the product is safe to use.

The only real information on the company can be found on Amazon.


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What Is Supreme Alpha?

Supreme Alpha seems to be a single product company. Their sole focus was most likely to create one of the best female fat burners. Supreme Alpha is designed for only for women and claims to help you lose weight and burn fat fast.

It also professes to do this whilst boosting your energy levels and curbing your appetite.

Supreme Alpha contains a proprietary blend of effective natural ingredients to help you achieve your goals.

This review will take a good look at Supreme Alpha to see how effective it really is.

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How Does Supreme Alpha Work?

Supreme Alpha claims to cater to women’s unique fat burning requirements in the following ways:

  • Increases Metabolism and energy
  • Lowers water weight
  • Reduce cravings
  • Improves condition of skin, hair, and nails


Boost metabolism

Like many fat burners, Supreme Alpha claims to increase BMR (basal metabolic rate)

If our BMR is sluggish this means we will not be using energy efficiently. This means we will be burning fewer calories and having too many left over to be stored as body fat.

A person’s BMR will differ depending on things like their age, weight, body composition, gender and the amount of exercise they do. Usually, a woman’s BMR will be lower than a man’s. (1)


Lowers water weight

We were surprised by Supreme Alpha’s claims around water weight. Whilst it’s entirely possible that the product could help you lose water through the use of diuretics, we wouldn’t ever recommend reducing your water weight as a means of burning fat. Your body may well weigh less on the scales but the fat will still be there meaning you won’t look any better in the mirror.


 Energy Boosting

The sudden change in the number of calories you consume and those hardcore workouts can eat away your energy levels.

Getting through this time can be tough, low energy levels caused by low-calorie intake can affect your exercise performance. (2)

Supreme Alpha contains caffeine anhydrous and green tea to give you that extra push to get through your day and blast that workout.


Appetite Suppression

Hunger is a natural mechanism that our bodies use to tell us we need to consume more food. It is necessary for survival but is also the main reason diets fail. (3)

The sensation of hunger is caused by contractions in the digestive system, and they can be very difficult to ignore. (4)

Supreme Alpha claims to help you stay true to your diet by reducing the appetite. However at first glance we barely saw any of our favorite appetite suppressants – Konjac Fibre, Garcinia Cambogia – included in this formula.


The Ingredients in Supreme Alpha

Fat burner omgredient


Biotin is a B-vitamin known as B7. It’s one of the key ingredients in Supreme Alpha with 5000 MCG included in the product.

We have to say it’s a bit of a flop…

Whilst making sure we are getting adequate amounts of biotin is important for our energy levels. (9) Our bodies usually get all they need from the food we eat meaning it’s a bit of a waste of time to include it in a female fat burner. 



L-carnitine is a type of amino acid that is vital for life. It is manufactured by our bodies and is utilized by our cells to make energy.

L-carnitine is effective at increasing energy levels and prolonging how long you can exercise before reaching fatigue. (7)

Therefore L-carnitine can give you the edge to work harder and longer in the gym.



The element chromium is important for managing the insulin signaling pathways which tell our bodies how much sugar to absorb.

This helps to balance blood sugar levels and therefore stabilize energy and our appetite. (8)

Chromium supplementation has been shown to have a beneficial effect upon controlling the appetite for weight loss. It’s a bonus to see it used in Supreme Alpha.


Citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium is also known as bitter orange.

It’s a stimulant that contains a compound called synephrine which has been shown to have an effect upon raising the BMR.

This ingredient may have positive effects on metabolism, however, research has shown that it may be unsafe to combine this ingredient with Caffeine. 9


Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is nothing more than completely dehydrated caffeine powder.

It is a very common energy booster which many of us will ingest on a daily basis in tea or coffee.

It is worth noting that too much Caffeine combined with the use of the contraceptive pill can cause side effects. 10 Unfortunately Supreme Alpha have hidden the amount of caffeine used per serving, we can’t tell you if the dose included is safe or not.

That said studies have shown that a small amount of caffeine can help you to burn fat and also boost your resting calorie burn. (11,12) However, we prefer caffeine deriving from natural sources like Green Tea.



Cocoa is more commonly associated with chocolate and is not something you would expect to see in a weight loss pill.

There are some claims that cocoa can help reduce body weight, fat absorption and associated inflammatory issues caused by obesity but we’re not convinced. (13)


Green Tea

Green tea has been drank in Asia for centuries due to its health benefits. (14)

It has become a widely used ingredient in weight loss supplements because it contains both caffeine and active compounds known as catechins.

Green tea catechins have been proven to increase fat burning, reduce waist circumference and BMI over a 12 week period. (15)

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Side Effects of Supreme Alpha.

The only ingredients in Supreme alpha likely to cause any side effects are caffeine and the Bitter Orange extract.

Side effects are rare though and if they do occur will likely be only mild. That said you may need a break from using this fat burner.

Particularly if you experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • The Jitters
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate

If you are very sensitive to caffeine you may need to check with your physician before use.

Supreme Alpha for Her


What People Are Saying About Supreme Alpha

Lots of people said that Supreme Alpha helped them to drop pounds fast. One woman claimed Supreme Alpha helped her to lose 6 pounds in just two weeks.

Others said they really noticed that they did not feel as hungry when taking Supreme Alpha.

A few people said that they had to half the dosage due to side effects of caffeine. This is a bit of a problem as if you’re unable to use the full dose of fat burner consistently then it’s less likely to work.


Will Supreme Alpha Help You Lose Weight?

The ingredients in Supreme Alpha have scientific backing as to their effectiveness. However, because it is a proprietary blend, we are not able to know how much of each ingredient is included. Supreme Alpha may help you to lose weight when used alongside an intense diet and fitness regime.

pros and cons


  • Especially for women
  • Multi-faceted approach
  • Contains vitamins


  • Biotin is not effective for fat burning
  • Not clear how concentrated some of the ingredients are
  • Some users had to lower dosage due to side effects
  • Not much information available on the company


Final Thoughts

We have had a good look into Supreme Alpha’s ingredients and have seen some of the ingredients are good for fat burning and some aren’t so good.

Because these ingredients are part of a proprietary blend, it is impossible to know how much of these individual ingredients you are actually getting.

With this in mind, we believe that Supreme Alpha has potential to be a useful supplement, however, the best fat burners always include accurate dosing information. Sadly this is something the Supreme Alpha Fat burner falls short on.

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