GNC META-IGNITE INFERNO Review – The Ultimate Thermogenic?

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2020)


GNC META-IGNITE INFERNO is described as a weight loss supplement that has the ‘ultimate thermogenic formula’.

It features something called a “tri-pepper” blend, and is said to triple your calorie expenditure when taken.

Some of its purported benefits include boosting metabolism, aerobic performance, and blood circulation.

At first glance it seems Meta-Ignite Inferno may have some credibility given it is made by the supplement powerhouse ‘GNC’.

But remember:

It’s the ingredients and doses that will determine the product’s worth, not the brand name on the label.

Whilst an initial look at the supplement facts panel looks promising, it will take more research before we know whether Meta-Ignite Inferno is the real deal or just another ‘dud’ in an already oversaturated industry.

Is Gnc Meta-Ignite Inferno legit or just another cheap supplement that has no real advantages other than stimulants.

Here we go…


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While GNC is usually better known as reseller of supplement brands, not a manufacturer themselves, their dominance in the industry certainly lends them some credibility when it comes to their own-label products.

Quick summary:

  • Three blends. The effects of this product seemed to be split into three separate categories.
  • Vast ingredient list. So many ingredients in one formula.
  • Small doses. Whilst there are premium ingredients the doses look worryingly small.



The name ‘Meta Ignite Inferno’ gives you quite a clear indication on how this product is likely to work.

And sure enough, delving deeper we find that this product aims to initiate weight loss by giving you a surge of energy as well as through good old fashioned thermogenesis (body heat production).

Thermogenesis is often used in marketing claims by dietary supplements and we have to say we are skeptical. After all, you would most probably need to be sweating buckets in order to lose noticeable amounts of weight.

Whilst increased energy is indeed vital for better work-outs we prefer to see weight loss products that focus heavily on appetite suppression.

That’s because calorie intake is the single biggest factor in body composition and what’s more, there are actually products out there that have been proven to work.

From what we can see, Meta-Ignite Inferno by Gnc only has ingredients aimed at increasing body heat and energy, as well as a few others with brain-boosting qualities.

This is a bit surprising given it is a weight loss product.


We’re worried by the total dosage of fat burning ingredients in this formula, it just looks so thin! But now we’ll discover our skepticism is justified with a deep dive into the ingredients.


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Thermogenic Trigger Blend, 243.34 mg

  • Caffeine anhydrous. We all know caffeine is the world’s most popular stimulant.

Since it comes within a prop blend, our best guess is we have roughly something between 180 mg to 200 mg, dosages that are moderate and good enough without having to give you a bad case of the jitters.

  • Capsimax fruit extract. This is a premium brand of cayenne, the very spice responsible for making foods have that reddish tinge and taste so fiery hot.

Studies agree that taking cayenne may help the body burn more calories by means of producing heat. This explains why we might sweat profusely when eating cayenne.

  • Black pepper (5 mg). This is an all-around great ingredient to have in any supplement. It enhances absorption of the other ingredients it’s mixed with as well as potentially giving you a small metabolism increase.

Neuro-Sharp Sensory Complex

Two ingredients aimed firmly at your brain as well as your body.

  • Ginkgo Biloba std. 24% ginkgo flavonglycosides; 6% terpene lactones). Ginkgo is one of the best-known ingredients when it comes to memory boosting. It works by increasing brain circulation as well as energize the neurons. It also supplies really potent antioxidants.
  • Choline bitartrate. Choline is fundamental to the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in memory, learning and intellect. It also supports the normal metabolism of fats meaning its inclusion here could be inspired. Sadly the dose is tiny and unlikely to be effective.

Intensity Potentiator Matrix

  • Ginger root std. 5% gingerols. This extract is responsible for helping to soothe your stomach and aid digestion and some people have even reported benefits for hearburn after taking Ginger. Tread carefully however as reported side effects include diarrhea.
  • White willow bark. This herb apparently protects your adrenaline from enzymes that break it down, adrenaline is known to help release fats into the bloodstream.
  • MegaNatural Gold Grape Seed Extract. A premium brand of potent antioxidants. The dosage is really small, though. Even if it was potent, it’s not really a fat burner.
  • Cinnamon bark powder. Cinnamon is largely known for its blood control benefits, and has caused excitement in the press for potentially improving insulin sensitivity.

If you improve blood sugar levels, you are less prone to being hungry and putting on weight.

However, it is worth noting that Cinnamon does not have any legally approved weight loss claims.

  • resVida Resveratrol. It’s a really good heart ingredient because it boosts blood circulation. Not sure about the angle they took here, but it’s not really something you would add in a fat burning supplement.
  • Palmitoylethanolamide. Most refer to it as PEA, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Some report it can help control leptin levels which then result to better appetite control. The dosing is too small, though.
  • Garcinia cambogia. One of the hottest ingredients over the last few years, garcinia is known for hydroxycitric acid, a compound that potentially blocks enzymes that promote carb-to-fat storage. The dosing is, once again, tiny and almost not there at all. It’s also not standardized, which means the quality is poor.
  • Green tea leaf extract. We don’t need to tell you the benefits of this ancient ingredient. Whilst not revolutionary or particularly expensive it does no harm by being here.

Missing Ingredients?

GNC shaky fat burner could have been largely improved if they just removed the fluff and focused on a handful of ingredients and proper dosing.

On top of that, we think the following ingredients could have helped salvage their formula:

  • Konjac fiber. An actual dietary fiber that helps with blood sugar management and can act as an appetite suppressant. Legally approved in europe in doses of 3g per day.
  • Zinc. Essentially good for obese people as it helps improve lipid profile.
  • Chromium. This mineral works in super tiny doses of less than 1 mg. This could have been a good addition in GNC META-IGNITE INFERNO’s formula given their propensity to use small amounts.


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The only side effect you should be worried about is the one about Caffeine. We’re not sure of the dosage, but we think you get around 200 mg in one serving, give or take.

There’s usually nothing wrong with that dose unless you’re quite sensitive. It is, after all, just two cups worth of brewed coffee in one hit.

Apart from that, we cannot envisage any side effects as the doses are just too low!




Good Reviews:

  • “This is the best fat burner I’ve used!”
  • “They really work and I’m going to get more of them ASAP!!.”
  • “I only use the product twice a week at most to try and avoid diminishing effect and so far that has worked for almost a year.”

Bad Reviews:

  • “After 3 bottles I still didn’t experience any weight loss.”
  • “I didn’t feel any energy.”
  • “Didn’t work as advertised even after two weeks.”


Will GNC Meta-Ignite help you lose weight?

It’s not a magic pill as such, although it may improve your motivation when it comes to your weight loss efforts.

The most you can get from it is a good energy boost but apart from that, we don’t see masses of benefits.

Pros and cons


  • Decent energy. At least we know it has a good amount of caffeine.
  • Multi-targeted formula. It throws a bit of everything in there
  • Low price. Not too expensive.


  • Generally weak. Very small doses across the board.
  • No appetite suppressants. Would have benefited from some soluble fiber
  • Very few Vitamins and minerals. Missing Vitamin B complex



GNC Meta-Ignite Inferno is the type of fat burner for those looking for a cheap alternative to try.

It’s nowhere near the level of the high and mid-tier fat burners we’ve reviewed in the past, but it may find some footing amongst the lower end products on the market.

Granted, GNC Meta-Ignite Inferno is not a good fat burner at all, but we’d like to think it could at least give you the energy to have a good time in the gym.


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