Lean Boost By Neat Nutrition Review

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2020)

Lean Boost Neat

What Is Lean Boost Fat Burner?

Lean Boost Fat Burner is a thermogenic weight loss and fat burning supplement designed to help you get in shape fast.

Their website claims this product can kick your metabolism into high gear, prevent fatigue and boost energy levels. It says it can do all this whilst also breaking down body fat stores, leaving you with a lean, toned physique.

Lean Boost Fat Burner is made with certified organic ingredients; the formula is also gluten, soya, GMO, and hormone free, which can be an additional benefit for the health conscious who like to know what they are putting into their bodies.

Lean Boost Fat Burner claims to assist you on your weight loss journey by:

  • Elevating your metabolic rate so you torch more calories
  • Breaking down fat stores for energy
  • Defending against fatigue
  • Supporting lean muscle retention and growth

In this Lean Boost Neat Nutrition review, we will investigate these claims closely and examine the formula used, to determine if this really is an effective fat burner.


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Who Makes Lean Boost Fat Burner?

Lean Boost Fat Burner is manufactured by a company called Neat Nutrition. They are a UK based company that was founded by two former Team GB Olympic swimmers.

Their website tells us that all their products are made in the United Kingdom from local farm produce and they are dedicated to making sports nutrition simple and effective.

How Does Lean Boost By Neat Nutrition Work?

This is the question we are all asking. Can Lean Boost Fat Burner really help me cut fat, boost energy and feel great?

For us to find out, we need to delve into the formula contained inside those Lean Boost Fat Burner capsules.

At first glance, Lean Boost Fat Burner contains a mere six ingredients, which is on the lower side compared to some of the best fat burners we have seen.

The Ingredients In Lean Boost Fat Burner

Lean Boost Label

Whilst we couldn’t find too much fault with the ingredients included we couldn’t understand why so many of the best fat burners were missing. One particularly weakness of Lean boost is it’s apparent failure to include a proven appetite suppressant. 


Here’s a review of the substances that are used in this weight loss pill:



Acai berries have been hailed as a superfood due to its high levels of health preserving antioxidants. These berries may help to elevate the metabolism and are great for reducing hunger pangs by managing insulin and blood glucose levels. Furthermore, acai berries can boost cardiovascular health by reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream.


Acetyl l-carnitine

A well-known benefit of supplementing with l-carnitine is that it can reduce how sore you feel after a tough session. It decreases the amount of lactic acid secreted into tired muscles, meaning you can get back to training sooner. Lean Boost uses 500mg, we actually think is too much for something we could only class as a supporting ingredient at best. We feel the manufacturers would have been better including more green tea or an appetite suppressant like garcinia.



Capsicum is a ‘thermogenic’ compound which means it produces heat within the body. Thermogenics are effective resting metabolic rate boosters, increasing the number of calories that you burn as standard, without any additional exercise. This is imperative for those who want to lose weight as it accelerates the process and means you drop pounds easier and quicker than you usually would. The thermogenic effect of capsicum comes from a chemical called ‘capsaicin’. This chemical is found in all hot chilies and peppers. Furthermore, capsaicin is especially good at diminishing fat that is held around the belly area.


CLA Powder

CLA stands for ‘conjugated linoleic acid’. It is a type of fatty acid that encourages healthy weight loss by reducing fat whilst protecting lean muscle. One of the risks associated with dieting and calorie restriction is the potential for muscle loss alongside fat. This is bad news as lean mass burns more calories than fat mass. CLA mitigates this risk by making sure the body only uses excess fat for fuel. It can also help to lower the appetite and decrease cravings.



Guarana is a very high caffeine plant that is frequently used in energy drinks. It has more caffeine than coffee so has very strong stimulating effects. Guarana can cause an upsurge in energy levels and improve your stamina, it’s an ingredient more suited to men however due to its potential to cause side effects.


Matcha Green Tea 

Green tea is a famous ingredient in the health sphere, being included in many weight loss pills, beauty supplements, and cosmetics. Green tea is a fantastic health boosting and weight loss ingredient for a number of reasons.


Firstly, it contains caffeine which is known to increase calorie burn, lower hunger, elevate energy and accelerate fat breakdown. Secondly, green tea contains special plant compounds called ‘catechins’ which are solely found in tea.

These catechins also work to enhance metabolism and encourage fat burning.  Thirdly, one particular catechin called ‘epigallocatechin gallate’ or EGCG has been shown to reduce fat accumulation and reduce cholesterol. Matcha green tea is a very high quality powdered form of green tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.


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Lean Boost Fat Burner Side Effects

As we saw at the start of this review, Lean Boost Fat Burner uses certified organic ingredients and is free of GMO, gluten, soya, and hormones. The capsules are also suitable for vegetarians.

Natural, organic ingredients often make people think that there is almost no risk of side effects. This is because most of us associate ‘natural’ with ‘gentle’.

That isn’t the case though. Natural ingredients can still be powerful and therefore cause reactions in some individuals. Of course, if you have a sensitivity or allergy that you are already aware of, you can make informed decisions about the use of certain products.

One example of this is caffeine sensitivity.

Lean Boost Fat Burner includes high quantities of caffeine. Although it doesn’t contain pure caffeine, it is found in green tea and in large amounts in guarana in particular.

If caffeine doesn’t suit you, you will probably find that Lean Boost Fat Burner is not a good choice in your case. Obviously, if you are not usually sensitive to caffeine but find yourself feeling unwell, try reducing the dose to see if it makes any difference. Sometimes you can gradually build up a tolerance over a few days or weeks.

Other potential side effects from the use high levels of guarana:

  • Sweating
  • Hot flushes
  • Heartburn


Lean Boost Fat Burner Reviews


We had a look on the on the official Neat Nutrition website and there were not any reviews posted yet for this product.

We then spent some time searching other websites for customer feedback but didn’t come across anything from an individual who had bought this product.

This is unusual but we can only assume it is because the product is new to the market.


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Will Lean Boost Fat Burner Help You Lose Weight?

The ingredients used in Lean Boost Fat Burner formula are well known and commonly used ingredients that have been proven to encourage weight loss.

We like how the formula is open and transparent, making it very easy for us to see exactly what is included and crucially, in what concentration. This means we can see that the ingredients are supplied in high enough amounts to have an effect.

The formula is high in caffeine which will very likely to boost energy but may also put other people off due to its stimulating properties. As we have seen, caffeine can also cause unpleasant side effects intolerable by some.

We also think that Neat Nutrition falls down by missing out some critical ingredients for fat loss.

These include:

  • green coffee
  • turmeric
  • garcinia cambogia
  • Vitamin B
  • Piperine

Overall, if you can tolerate the high level of caffeine, you will possibly see some results with the Lean Boost fat Burner.


Pros and cons of Lean Boost

pros and cons


  • Low cost – 90 capsules is priced at around $29.00.
  • There are some ingredients that elevate metabolism



  • High in stimulants which won’t be suitable for everyone.
  • Could have included gentler fat burning ingredients
  • Only contains 6 ingredients


Final Thoughts

Lean Boost Fat Burner is a new product that has little online endorsement but does have at least some potential. The substances used in the formula are effective and popular weight loss ingredients, however, we think there are just too many ingredients missing for it to be certified as a top weight loss pill.

The use of high caffeine choices means that users will certainly get an energy kick, but this may come at a price for those who are sensitive to its effects.

In summary, we think that Lean Boost Fat Burner could be suitable for those who tolerate high levels of stimulants in their sports supplements. However, for those looking for a female fat burner, we think there are better choices on the market.