The 30 Hottest Crossfit Bodies of 2020

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It’s that time of year again, the CrossFit Games are almost upon us and (perhaps more importantly) it’s time for our annual list of the fittest and hottest girls and guys in the sport for 2015.  Some may have thought CrossFit was a fad but it appears to be here to stay and so is this annual list. They say Crossfit makes girls hot and guys small, they are right on the first part of that but we beg to differ on the guys being a small part. The guys and girls on this list have hot, athletic, muscular bodies that are sure to inspire and might even lead to some new CrossFit memberships.

This year we have expanded the list from 10 women to 20 while the men’s side has remained at 10. Let’s all just be honest, most people come on here for the women, our Google Analytics doesn’t lie. We figured we would give you more of what you came for and to be honest finding 20 women for the list was still a pretty easy job. Enough jibber-jabbering, let’s get to the list

The Hottest Crossfit Girls and Guys


The Women


20)  Becca Day

becca day

Becca Day is a CrossFit Games team competitor out of the Northeast Region on Team Dynamax. She is also in the Grid League on the DC Brawlers.


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19) Hanna Venemyr

Hot crossfit girls

Hanna is a 3 time Crossfit Games competitor out of Norway. She is part of Team RXperformance.


18) Kaitlyn Kassis

Kaitlyn Kassis hot

Kaitlyn is a CrossFit Games athlete from California who is with the CrossFit Invictus team. She was big into sports growing up and loved playing soccer but finally got burned out when it was time to play in college. She soon found CrossFit to fill the void where soccer used to be and the rest is history.


17) Elisabeth Akinwale

Hot crossfit bodies

Less than 6 months after being introduced to CrossFit, Elisabeth qualified to the 2011 CrossFit Games, That is impressive, she has been a regular there ever since.


16) Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott Abs

Christmas Abbott, she’s hot. If you didn’t know, now you know. Check our Christmas Abbott Athlete Profile for everything you would ever want to know about her.


15) Jeanne Rossarie

Jeanne Rossarie

Jeanne is a French CrossFit athlete who is known for her muscled physique and fun personality.


14) Jackie Perez

Jackie Perez

Jackie is the really cool, hot chick that would be fun to hang out and drink a beer (or several) with. She has also been all over the top of this list for the last 3 years.


13) Alexandra LeChance

Hot crossfit girl

Alexandra was also an All-American gymnast for the University of Arkansas and model.


12)  Annie Thorisdottir

Iceland Annie

The Icelandic beauty is looking to regain the title again this year.


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11) Anna Hulda Olafsdóttir

Anna Hulda Ólafsdóttir

Anna is the 3rd and final girl from Iceland and did we ever save the best for last. Hard to believe girls from Iceland made up 20% of this list but they were all worthy.


10) Danielle Siddell

Danielle SidellDanielle was a track and field athlete at the University of Akron and graduated with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology.


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9) Brooke Wells

Brooke Wells hot

Brooke is a 4 time CrossFit Games athlete and finished 8th in the games in 2018. She started CrossFit in high school to supplement her track and field training. Brooke also has a twin sister named Sydney.


8) Celia Gabbiani

Celia Gabbiani

Celia is from Marmande, France. She was briefly a professional swimmer until she discovered CrossFit, after that she never looked back.


7) Dani Elle Speegle

Dani Elle Speegle hot

Dani Elle (Delle) Speegle is a lifelong athlete who has participated in gymnastics, track, volleyball, diving, college rowing, and now CrossFit. According to her Instagram, she also likes to eat.


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6) Jessica Coughlan

Jess Coughlan

We admit she should have been on this list years ago. We apologize to her and her fans, all we can say is we are ashamed of ourselves for the oversight….oh the shame.


5) Sara Sigmundsdottir

Sara Sigmundsdottir hot

Sara is from Iceland, she was first in the Meridian regional and should be fun/easy to watch at the games. She also has a really great personality, nothing not to like about her.


4) Lauren Fisher

Lauren Fisher

I’m not sure what her parents look like but I bet they are both hotties cause both her and her brother made the list.


3) Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille Leblanc Bazinet

Camille, great looks and a great personality. If you don’t like her then something is wrong with you. Check out our interview with her if you haven’t already.


2 Carolinne Hobo

Carolinne Hobo

Carolinne is a 5 time CrossFit regional athlete. She is from Brazil where she is the top female CrossFit Athlete in the country. She is also the owner of CrossFit Sampa. On top of all that she has one hell of a body, as you can see.


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1) Brooke Ence


Brooke Ence Hot

Brook is a CrossFit Games Athlete, actress, and businesswomen. On top of that, she has a great body, great face, and a great personality. Now you know why she is in the top spot, if you want to know more about her check out our Brooke Ence CrossFit Athlete Profile.

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Casey holden
Casey holden

I think CrossFit women are just beautiful. I love a woman with a 6 pack and definition. It’s not normal to see and hard to find.


Are they considered sexy to some of you guys?


What about katrín davíðsdóttir or tia-clair toomey for the women? Josh Bridges for the guys side?


Those are “great” bodies??? Too masculine looking from the neck down. No waistlines. No hips. No curves. HUGE thighs. They must have great difficulty finding normal street clothes that fit.