Why CrossFit Popularity May Be on the Decline

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2015)

CrossFit, some people absolutely love it and some people absolutely hate it. There are only a few who are in between. The “sport” has been the biggest fitness phenomenon of our time. Ten years ago it was virtually unheard of while today you can CrossFit gym or “box” as they call it just about everywhere. There are now over 10,000 boxes worldwide. CrossFit has grown like a weed over the last seven years particularly. Some say it has peeked and is losing popularity while the die-hards say it is still going strong.

CrossFit isn’t without problems. There is the often argued about injury rate along with rhabdomyolysis, kipping pull-ups, expensive memberships and the fact that many think you can’t “get huge” by doing CrossFit. That hasn’t slowed it down though until what might be happening now. In the video below Marc Lobliner discusses with Stephen Adele and Greg from Isatori why Crossfit isn’t gaining popularity anymore.