Diamond cbd

Best CBD for Athletes in 2021

Athletes and CBD may sound counter-intuitive, but there’s actually more than meets the eye. As it turns out, athletes can certainly get a boost from CBD that no other supplement can! That’s why getting the […]

LifePro Sonic LX Professional

Best Massage Guns for Athletes in 2021

After a particularly long day of training athletes usually look forward to some rest and relaxation. Getting a massage isn’t an indulgence, but rather a necessity. In order for those muscles to rebuild themselves, you […]

Garret Fisher

Power Cleans – The Ultimate Power Athlete Exercise

If you play a power sport like football, wrestling, MMA, lacrosse or rugby then power cleans should be part of your workout routine. I would bet just about every athlete from every sport out there […]

best cross training shoes

15 Best Shoes for Cross Training in 2021

Cross-training shoes encompass a wide variety of exercise and physical activities. They’re somewhat the jack-of-all-trades footwear for those who wish to live an active lifestyle. When it comes to choosing the right cross trainers, most […]

Why Athletes Need Magnesium

Why Athletes Need Magnesium and How to Get It

As a high-level athlete, you are constantly pushing the boundaries of your body. You regularly push it to its limits and then sometimes even further than that. So when it comes to replenishing and replacing […]

why athletes should avoid alcohol

Why Athletes Should Avoid or Limit Alcohol

Athletes have a lot to lose. They are responsible for their own performance, but also for the team depending on them. Drinking alcohol can affect your athletic performance and it will also affect your chances […]

James Haskell

Four Training Splits to Build an Athletic Body

This post originally appeared on bachperformance.com   We’ve both been there. Your bar speed is explosive on every rep, and you’re adding strength regularly. Your skin is tighter, shirt sleeves stretching, and muscles bulging as […]