Five Tips to Burn Fat Quicker Than Ever

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

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With summer just around the corner, getting into shape is now high on most people’s agenda. And the goal most people have in common as the summer months draw nearer is to lose some stubborn areas of fat before hitting the beaches.

The health and fitness industry has boomed in recent years and with it there has been an explosion in the amount of information available online and the number of different supplements to help you burn fat. With all of these new products and information out there, the right approach and best supplements can suddenly become pretty hard to find.

So, we’re going to go back to the basics and focus on the things you should be doing if you’re looking to lose some fat in the coming weeks and months.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to assume that you have around 90 days to achieve your lean dream.

1) Train Consistently

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With so much information and so many products on sale these days, it can be easy to forget about the basics. And one of those fundamental rules is to make sure you’re exercising regularly and consistently.

The simple fact of the matter is that you’re going to struggle to achieve your goals if you don’t have a solid exercise regime in place that you actually stick to.

The exact type of training you should be undertaking depends on your goals, but lifting weights and doing cardio are solid ways to make sure that your body is burning more calories.

You should choose a type of exercise that you can grow to truly love. After all, if you’re going to be doing it on a regular basis, it’s better to be something that you actually enjoy.

2) Eat Right

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It may be another obvious one, but you’re not going to get the results you want if you’re diet is not on point.

To lose fat, you need to be in a Calorie Deficit (burning more calories than you consume) and so picking the right foods is crucial to your success on your weight-loss journey.

You don’t have to starve yourself, you simply need to calculate how many calories you’ll be burning on an average day and make sure that you consume slightly less.

It’s up to you whether you want to use a macro nutrient calculator to determine how much Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat you should be consuming daily.

If you prefer to keep things simple, then an overall calorie count will work just fine if you stick to it.

And if you hate the idea of dieting and restricting calories, simply make sure you’re training hard in the gym.

Burning more calories through intense exercise will give you more room to eat slightly more without going over the limit.

3) Consider Fasted Exercise

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This is when you exercise on an empty stomach. An example would be hitting the treadmill at the gym in the morning before breakfast.

There are plenty of studies that show that ‘Intermittent Fasting‘ can greatly increase your success rate if you’re looking to lose fat.

In short, Fasting lowers insulin levels, increases growth hormone levels and raises amounts of norepinephrine – all of which increase the breakdown of body fat to use it as a source of energy.

Many people are put off by the word ‘fasting’ itself. It actually makes the whole process sound far more dramatic than it really is.

As we mentioned above, you can experience the many benefits of Intermittent Fasting simply by not eating anything in the morning before your workout.

Fasting has also been shown to bring about a number of other health benefits for people looking to get into shape, such as potentially lowering your risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

4) Use A Quality Fat Burner Supplement

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If you’re training hard and eating right, then adding a high-quality fat burner supplement to your regime can make a big difference in helping you to shed those stubborn pounds.  As we always say with any kind of supplement, however – make sure that you’ve got the basics in place before using one. You’re unlikely to see noticeable results from a fat burner unless you’re also training hard and eating right first.

The leading fat burner supplements for women contain natural ingredients such as Cayenne Pepper (to boost metabolism), Glucomannan (to suppress appetite) and Turmeric (to regulate Estrogen levels). Likewise, a quality fat burner for men will use ingredients such as Caffeine (to raise energy levels) and Green Tea Extract (to boost metabolism) to help you burn more fat quickly.

There are lots of bogus products out there, so we definitely recommend doing some of your own research into the leading supplements and the companies behind them.

5) Stay Mentally Strong

The simple fact of the matter is that getting your body to burn more fat is not an easy task. As we’ve already said, you’ll need to make sure that your training hard and eating right before expecting to see any real results.

And that brings us onto our last pointer – you’re going to need patience and perseverance. Our fast-paced modern-day society has hugely reduced our patience levels. We expect instant results in all areas of our life. But the cold, hard truth is that losing fat takes time – and lots of mental strength.

Our general recommendation is that you should not judge your progress until at least six to eight weeks of having started a new regime.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.


Conclusion – Wrapping Things Up

So that wraps up our tips for turbo-charging your fat-loss results ahead of the summer. Remember to stick to the basics in terms of diet and exercise as you embark on your weight-loss journey. Adding a quality fat burner supplement can help speed up your progress and shift stubborn areas of fat. And most importantly of all, you’ll need to stay mentally strong and have patience before seeing the results you’re looking for.