5 Exercises for the Female Athletic Body

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2021)

The female athletic body. Highly desired by all. Women want to have them, men want their women to have them.

It’s a body that is strong, but doesn’t look like a she-man. It is strong and feminine at the same time. It is functional and lean with muscle tone. It is also pretty damn hot.

Tissilli RogersAthletic Female

Let’s get a couple of things straight though, if you are going to have a hot, athletic body you will need to have your diet in check. Doing the exercises and then eating like crap won’t get you won’t get the body you want, here are some Reasonable Eating Guidelines you can follow that will be a good base. Eating right is as important as working out.


It’s also hard work. Athletes work hard for their bodies working out almost daily as well as keeping their diets in check. It isn’t easy and it takes work, just like everything else in life that is worth having. The harder you work, the more likely you are to reach your goals.


Sweaty girl athletic

Now that we have given you some reality let’s get to the exercises.


5 Best Exercises for the Female Athletic Body

You truly can get a great body with only five exercises. You really don’t need to go to the gym and do 30 different exercises spending hours in the gym. You can do it with just five if you work hard at each. We have to pick some good exercises though. Exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. Since we are only doing five exercises we need to get the most from each one. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.


5. Inverted Row

Athletic body female

The inverted row is a great exercise that works the back, biceps and even some glutes. You don’t have to do them with your feet raised like in the photo above. You can do them with your feet on the floor and even bend your legs if you need to until you become advanced. You can even do them with TRX bands if you like.


4. Push ups

female push up

Push-ups work the chest, triceps, shoulders and even the abs to keep a good push-up position. Do them with your knees on the floor if you need to or elevate them if you are advanced. Combine these with the inverted row and together they will have your upper body looking stronger and more athletic.


3. Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing


Kettlebell swings are a full-body exercise with emphasis on the back, butt, hamstring and shoulders. Some say they are the perfect exercise and some say it gives you more bang for your buck than Olympic lifting, it is easier to learn that’s for sure. Kettlebell swings burn a crap ton of calories and are great for conditioning as well as strength. Doing them correctly can be a problem though. Here is a good video that tells how to do the kettlebell swing correctly. This exercise is a must!


2. Run

Athletic body

We don’t mean jog either, we mean run or even sprint. Sprints are a great way to burn fat, increase athleticism, condition, build your glutes and hamstrings and if you haven’t noticed sprinters have very athletic bodies. This article lays out all the reasons you should be sprinting. Running isn’t as good as sprinting, but it is still good and much better than jogging. Jogging will just get you looking like Rosa Mota and that really isn’t the epitome of athleticism. However, jogging is still better than walking or sitting on your ass though and we all need to start somewhere.

1. Squat

Squat girl

Squats are one of the best exercises there are, they are the undisputed king of lower body exercises and let’s face it, having chicken legs is far from athletic. Squats will give you killer legs and a great butt and also work the abs. If you want great athletic legs with muscle.


There are the top 5 exercises for an athletic body for women. These will get you there. But if you are looking for more we have a bonus list below. The ones below are a bit more hardcore, but make no mistake, the exercises above will deliver.

Bonus Exercises:

Deadlifts – A whole body kick ass exercises, main emphasis on the legs, butt and back.

Power Cleans – Another whole body exercises that kicks major ass.

Chin ups/pull ups – This one can be tough for most women. Check out our Different Way to Improve Your Pull-up article to have you doing pull-ups like a boss in no time. Pull ups are great for the back.

Lunges – Lunges are another great lower body exercise. Main emphasis is on the quads and the glutes.

Bench Press – The king of upper body exercises. Emphasis on the chest, triceps, shoulders, lats and abs.


Now you have 5 exercises and 5 bonus exercises. Time to put in the work!