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(Last Updated On: January 3, 2016)


The Following is a guest post from Max Shank



For a long time now, my main focus on nutrition has been to eat real food and make it fit your lifestyle rather than vice-versa. A couple of tidbits that I have found most useful.

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1) Is it food?

Typically you are going to see that most “food products” include some sort of ingredients (usually about one-hundred of them) that you can’t decipher without a degree in chemistry,


2) Ingredients are more important than nutrition facts.

In general most people focus on the wrong thing when it comes to food labels. Fat, Carbs, etc are much lower on the totem pole than people realize when it comes to health and fitness. I won’t go into too much detail here but suffice it to say that the body’s reaction to different foods is far more important than the simple macronutrient contents of a food. Read the ingredients–the fewer the better.


3)  Learn to cook

Cooking your own meals saves your body and your wallet. It’s also much easier to prevent senseless snacking when you have to do some work in order to get food. Part of the obesity problem stems from the insane ease with which we can get our hands on food in the blink of an eye; and unfortunately for us, most of these convenient options are the worst possible poisons (slight exaggeration). Learning to cook your own meals also makes the meal more of an experience and it will give you a feeling of accomplishment that you won’t get ordering a pizza. There is also an off chance that you may impress a member of the opposite sex with your kitchen skills.


4) Eat on your time

Everyone wants to find the perfect time to eat the perfect food–but they can’t because no such time exists. The most important thing is that you fit your eating habits to your schedule in the way that causes the least amount of stress while eating real food. If you work at 6am every morning, breakfast might not be your thing. In fact if I have an early morning I’ll skip breakfast–while on days that start a little later, I make sure to prepare and enjoy taking my time with a great breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sweet potato, onion, and cheddar scramble? Yes please.


5) Drink more Freakin’ Water!

Not soda, not tea. That clear stuff. Fairly wet. Like the ocean but not salty. You know what I’m talking about. Drinking more water will keep all your tissue hydrated, which means less injury prone and stronger/more flexible. It will keep you alert and prevent you from getting lethargic. There are tons more benefits, but just drink the damn water–you’ll feel better. Oh and floss too.


Better Every Day,

Max Shank
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