14 Best Exercise Bikes for Home Use in 2022

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2022)


Having your own indoor exercise bike can be a great luxury.

You can bike whenever you want, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

You can also wear whatever you want and listen to your favorite music while you workout in the comfort of your own home.

Personally, I have my exercise bike set up in front of a tv with surround sound. I put on a decent movie and can pedal for an hour or more and the time just flies by.

There are many different styles of exercise bikes on the market, no matter what kind you are looking for you will probably find something to fit your needs on this list.

Best Exercise Bikes: Quick List

See below for in-depth details on each bike.


15 Best Exercise Bikes for Home Use

These are the 15 best exercise bikes on the market today. No matter what kind of bike you are looking for you will find it here.


C1 Lifecycle Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike Overall

C1 by Life Fitness

Available at Lifefitness.com

If you are looking for the best exercise bike for home use overall then the C1 Lifecycle Exercise Bike by Life Fitness is for you.

It has everything you are looking for in an exercise bike. It’s a nice combination of comfortable, quiet, and lightweight.

Get it with Track Connect and it will monitor your breathing, heart rate, pace and all your other workout stats.

You can even create your own workouts and upload them to the bike, this gives you endless possibilities to keep your workouts fresh and to keep you from getting bored with the same couple of workouts over and over.

Many reviewers noted that the C1 is quiet, easy to use and comfortable.

The C1 is also made in the USA which is another bonus. On the negative side, the shipping can take 6-8 weeks and they charge you $199 for shipping which seems a bit excessive.


  • Comfotable and quite
  • Customizable workouts
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive
  • Shipping takes a long time and costs extra


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Sole SB900

Best for Under $1000

Best Exercise Bikes for Home Use

Available at SoleFitness.com

If you want a nice exercise bike but don’t want to spend more than $1000 then the Sole SB900 is perfect for you.

The SB900 is simply the best light commercial/home use bike at its price. This bad boy features a backlit LCD display with full workout data including heart rate, RPM, Time, kCal, distance, speed and more.

It comes with a 48 lb. chrome-plated flywheel and magnetic braking provide the smoothest ride. On top of that, they use an Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance which makes switching gears and resistance easy.

The seats and pedals are fully adjustable for maximum comfort and the heavy-duty frame is as durable as it gets.

On top of all that you even get free shipping. There truly isn’t much not to like about this bike.


  • Commercial quality without the price
  • Smooth ride
  • Bright, backlit LCD display displays real-time workout data
  • Very durable
  • 300 lb weight limit


  • Only available through the manufacturer’s website


YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike 

Best for Under $500

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Available on Amazon

For those looking to get a quality bike for under $500, the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is the best option.

This bad boy features a 40lb flywheel and a silent belt drive for ultra-quiet workouts. It also features an LCD monitor that tracks your time, speed, RPM, distance, calories burned and odometer while you ride which is nice because many bikes under $500 don’t give you an LCD monitor of any kind.

While most on this bike reviews are positive some reviewers note missing or incorrect parts on when it arrived for assembly as well as it not being the highest quality. It does have a 4.5-star rating on Amazon though so most were happy with the purchase. It isn’t as high in quality as the more expensive bikes on the list though.


  • Cheap, well under $500
  • Includes LCD to keep all your stats
  • Quiet ride


  • Made in China
  • Not the highest quality


1260SR Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike

Best Recumbent Bike

Best recumbent bike

Available at DaimonbackFitness.com

The 1260SR Recumbent Bike from Diamondback Fitness is the top choice among recumbent bikes.

This bike has top-notch comfort and luxury that allows you to work without joint or back pain.

The 1260SR offers 32 levels of resistance and 15 workout programs along with Bluetooth speakers and a wireless heart rate receiver.

The User-friendly LCD tracks all of the stats you could ever need including output, time, distance, calories burned, RPM, speed, and heart rate.

On top of all that it also has Bluetooth to connect with any app and wearable technology to make your data tracking simple. It also works with Zwift, Rouvy, Myzone, and SPIVI.


  • Ultra comfort seat with a quick-release handle for easy adjustments
  • Free Shipping
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 350 lb weight limit for users


  • Assembly may require 2 people


NordicTrack SS2i Commercial  Studio Cycle

Best Spin Bike

Best spin bike

Available on Amazon

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is the best studio bike on the market.

This bad boy includes a 1-year iFit family membership which allows you to create up to 5 profiles that can access every workout, studio and trainer.

You can follow your iFit Trainer on the extraordinary 22-inch Smart HD touchscreen with enhanced graphics and wifi. It also allows you to access your workout stats with the swipe of a finger.

The bike uses an inertia-enhanced flywheel that is super durable and is ultra-quiet so you can even workout while the family sleeps and not have to worry about disturbing anyone.


  • 1 year of iFit Family included
  • Awsome LED Screen
  • 24 digital resistance levels to imitate the natural terrain of your iFit workout
  • Commercial quality in your own home


  • Expensive
  • Slow shipping


Sole LCB Upright Bike

Best Upright Bike

best upright bike

Available at SoleFitness.com

The LCB Upright Bike by Sole is the best upright bike out there right now. And the best part is, it’s not crazy expensive like some of the other good upright bikes out there.

This bike features a 10.1’’ LCD screen that provides real-time progress monitoring of every important stat you can dream of. It also has Bluetooth that allows you to seamlessly sync your bike to your fitness apps.

The LCB also has 6 pre-set programs and 40 levels of resistance.

On top of all that it even has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the bike. No worries though, you will definitely like it!


  • Good price
  • High quality
  • Free shipping


  • Doesn’t stream videos


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Rogue Echo Bike

Best Air Bike

Rogue exercise bike

Available at RogueFitness.com

Air bikes can give you a killer whole body workout and the best air bike on the market these days is the Rogue Echo Bike.

This bike is seriously heavy-duty and can handle anything you will throw at it. The quiet, belt-driven fan delivers a smooth and consistent ride.

It also has a battery-powered LCD which means you can take it outdoors and do your workouts wherever you want. It can easily be moved to another room, outside, or stored away with the polyurethane wheels at the front.

The console isn’t flashy but tracks intervals, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more, which is all you really need.

The Rogue Echo bike offers a superb ride that is quieter than most other air bikes, as far as air bikes go, the Echo Bike is the cream of the crop.


  • Heavy-duty build
  • Smooth ride
  • Transportable
  • 350 lb weight limit for users


  • Basic LCD


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Platinum Club Series Upright Exercise Bike

Best High-End Bike

Best high end exercise bike

Available at Lifefitness.com

If you are looking for a high-end bike like you find at most health clubs then you should check out the Platinum Club Series Upright Bike by Life Fitness.

As you would expect with a high-end bike this bad boy has all the comfort and amenities you could ever want. It comes with a 21 inch HD console that can link to your phone and it allows you to stream Netflix, Pandora or Life Fitness on Demand so you can follow along on workouts with instructors.

This bike also has up to 42 workouts for you to follow along with 8 custom workouts with limitless user profiles

The health club quality and durability tell you that you can use the heck out of this bike and it will keep on ticking.

The Platinum Club Series also offers heart rate monitoring, comfort curve seat, adjustable pedal straps and resistance controls to easily adjust workout intensity.

Basically, this bike has everything you would want in an exercise bike. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Health Club Quality
  • 21 inch HD Console
  • Supreme comfort
  • Made in the USA


  • Shipping is slow
  • Shipping costs $200


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Best Desk Exercise Bike


Available on Amazon

I bet some of you reading this didn’t even know there was such a thing as a desk exercise bike. Well, there is, and the DeskCycle is the best of the best.

The DeskCycle allows you to quietly exercise while you work, watch tv, play video games, read or just about anything else.

The LCD display tracks your speed, time, distance, and calories. It also comes with 8 levels of resistance.

It even comes with an app so you can track your progress and you can also upload steps to your Fitbit.

On the negative side, the DeskCycle or your chair may slide if it is used on a slippery floor. Carpet is recommended or they give you a strap to tether it to the chair.


  • Tracks stats on LCD and the app
  • 8 levels of resistance


  • Slides on slippery floors


Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Best Folding Exercise Bike

foldable exercise bike

Available at Amazon.com

For those of you who don’t have much room for an exercise bike the Exerpeutic Foldable Evercise Bike is a perfect option.

You can fold this bad boy up and put it in your closet when not in use. And just because it is foldable doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy-duty, this bike can hold up to 400 lbs which is the most of any bike on this list.

It has an 8 level Magnetic Tension control system so you can adjust your workout to be easier or more difficult.

The LCD screen also gives you all of the stats including calories burned, distance, time, speed, scan, pulse and odometer.

This bike also ships fast and has free delivery. On top of all that it is also the cheapest bike on the list.


  • Features large and comfortable seat
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Great reviews online
  • Holds up to 400 lbs


  • Doesn’t have any custom workout programs


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IC7.9 Indoor Cycle by Horizon Fitness

Best Peloton Alternative on a Budget

IC7.9 Indoor Cycle by Horizon Fitness

Available at Horizon Fitness

Looking for something like the Peloton but without the price. The IC7.9 by Horizon Fitness is a great alternative.

The IC7.9 lets you stream and live rides in the comfort of your home at a fraction of what you would pay for a Pelaton or even the Nordictrack

This bad boy has an aluminum flywheel with magnetic resistance for seamless transitions. it also features a precision resistance lever for fast and easy changes in intensity.

The negative on this bike is that you need your own tablet to stream classes and you need to find the classes to stream yourself, the nice part is there is no paid subscription for classes.


  • Way cheaper than a Peloton
  • Aluminum flywheel with magnetic resistance
  • Secure tablet holder


  • You need a tablet to stream classes


Sole R92 Recumbant Bike

Best Home Exercise Bike for Older Adults

Best exercise bike for older adults

Available at SoleFitness.com

If you are an older adult looking for a comfortable bike then the recumbent bike would be the way to go. And when it comes to recumbent bikes the R92 is as good as it gets in terms of comfort.

The padded seat is adjustable for maximum comfort and the design help promote good posture while you workout.

This bike comes with 10 different preset programs that range all the way from beginner to advanced. You can ack all of your workout stats on the LCD and there is a wireless chest strap for accurate heart rate and breathing measurements.

If you want to exercise in comfort, the Sole R92 is the way to go.


  • Superior comfort
  • Tracks all stats
  • Good price
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 300 lb user weight limit


  • Can’t stream videos on the LCD display


Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Best Exercise Bike on Amazon

Schwinn 170

Available on Amazon

If you are looking to buy a bike on Amazon then Schwinn 170 Upright Bike would be our top choice.

This bad boy comes with everything you could want in an exercise bike. It has 29 workout programs, an LCD that tracks all of your stats, a heart rate monitor, padded contour seat and you can even ride this bike on virtual courses using the Explore the World app.

On top of all that it even comes with free delivery, what’s not to like?


  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Comfortable seat
  • Bluetooth connectivity to track stats on your phone
  • Reasonable price


  • Not the greatest customer support


BARWING Exercise Bikes Stationary Bicycle

Best on a Budget

Best Exercise bike on a budget

Available on Amazon

If you are in a serious money crunch but you still want a decent bike then the stationary bike from Barwing could be the one for you.

It comes with a magnetic resistance and belt drive system for a smooth riding experience as well as a wide range of resistance.

This bad boy tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer on the LCD screen. You can also place your phone on the tablet holder and enjoy your favorite shows or movies as you pedal away.

Shipping is free and it comes with a 1-year warranty and 24-hour customer support.

For the price, this one is an excellent deal.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping


  • Doesn’t have any workout programs
  • Not the highest quality


How We Decided on the Best Exercise Bikes


We scoured reviews online to make sure we picked the best of the best. Nothing with poor reviews made our list no matter how good the bike looked or how well it was marketed.



Let’s not kid ourselves, price is important. No one wants to get ripped off or feel like they paid too much. If it’s a nice bike but overpriced we took points off for that. Everyone wants to feel like they are getting good value, especially when making expensive purchases. That’s we made sure all of the picks on this list are solid value picks.


Manufacturer Reputation

Another thing we looked at is manufacturer reputation. It’s not the biggest factor on our list but it is definitely a factor. If a company has a reputation for making quality products that helped them. But it’s not everything, there are some lesser-known brands on the list as well.



No one wants to buy an exercise bike and have it break down in just a few weeks. You want a solid bike that will last you a long time, hopefully, many years. If we found that a bike just wasn’t durable to be on the list then it didn’t make the cut.


Customer Service

Customer service is also important, especially nowadays. No one wants to buy a bike and then have something go wrong and not be able to get a hold of anyone and be stuck with a bike that doesn’t work. We tried to make sure they all had high-quality customer service, one or two may have slipped through the cracks though. On the Nordictrack pick, we noted that their customer service was sketchy.


Wrap Up

There you have it. The best exercise bikes for home use on the market today. No matter if you are looking for a spin bike, recumbent bike, upright bike or even a bike to use under your desk while you work, you will find it here. Let us know if we missed any high-quality bikes in the comment section below and we will check them out.





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