Best Pre Workout Supplements For Men

If you need an extra push in the gym or want to make your good workouts even better then a good pre workout supplement will help get you there. These supplements can truly take your workouts to the next level and have you killing it in the weight room like never before. The only problem can be figuring out which ones to choose and which ones to leave on the shelf. That is where we come in. In this article, we will break down what the benefits of pre workout supplements are, the right ingredients to look for, and what to avoid in a pre workout. We will also cover the best pre workout supplements available today.

Pre workout


What are the main benefits of pre-workout supplements?

Pre workout supplements actually do more than just give you an energy rush. If that was all they did you could just skip the pre workout and have a Red Bull, although the Red Bull would be a lot more expensive but you get what I am saying. Pre workouts have other benefits as well, they include:

Increased strength – Pre workout supplements contain at least on ingredient and usually more to help build strength.

Increased focus – For those days when your mind is elsewhere, but you really need to get a good workout.

Better muscle pump – Pre workouts will give you muscle pumps that look impressive in the gym and it can stretch the muscles and activate pathways that can lead to muscle growth long term.

Increased energy – This is the one that pre workouts are most known for. A good pre workout can take you from feeling sluggish to feeling like Superman so you can still get a killer workout even when you aren’t up for it.


Best Pre Workout Ingredients

Citrulline Malate

This is a fast absorbing ingredient that had been shown to increase strength, endurance and decrease muscle soreness. It has also been shown to raise nitric oxide levels and enhance the use of branch chain amino acids during your workout.


This one is very common. This ingredient will delay muscle fatigue. It also provides the tingling sensation that many pre workout supplements provide. Studies have also shown that it can also increase lean muscle and decrease fat.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous has been shown to create significant muscle growth in recent studies. It also has been shown to reduce muscle fatigue while training. It has even shown it can increase HGH and decrease cortisol. This ingredient is a must have.


Taurine is an essential for your pre workouts that contain Beta- Alanine. The Beta-Alanine interacts with the Taurine and without Taurine in the supplement you can get a Taurine deficiency.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This one is rather obvious. Caffeine gives you an energy boost and also has been shown to enhance strength performance as well as reduces perceived exertion and the perception of muscle pain during weight training.


What to avoid in a pre workout

There are several things to look out for when it comes to pre workout supplements. Be sure to watch for:

Yohimbe – This one is somewhat common in many supplements. It is said to help with “male health” as well as mood, but has been linked to anxiety, panic attacks and manic episodes. Try to steer clear of this one if possible.

Geranium– Geraniums are good plants, but not good as a supplement. This ingredient has been shown to cause rapid heartbeat, increase blood pressure as well as increasing the chance of heart attacks and strokes. Needless to say, stay away.

Artificial Dyes – Many pre workouts will add dyes to it to make it look nice. It may make it look nicer, but it isn’t something you really want to ingest.

Aspertame – Aspertame is what they use in diet soft drinks to make them taste sweet. It is not good for you and has a laundry list of side-effects. Aspertame and other artificial sweeteners are not a good thing to have in your pre workout or any other drink.

Proprietary Blends – These are a growing problem in the supplement industry. A proprietary blend is when companies mix a bunch of ingredients together and call it a blend. The problem is it doesn’t say how much of each ingredient is in the blend so you have no idea how much of each ingredient you are getting. It is best to have transparency when dealing with supplements so you can avoid side-effects and other problems. Proprietary blends should be avoided.


Best pre workout supplements for men.

Now that you know the good and the bad when it comes to ingredients, lets take a look at the top pre workout supplements for men. We looked at the product’s ingredients, company reputations and customer reviews to find the best on the market today.


1. PreSeries BULK by Transparent Labs.

Best Pre Workout Supplement

Topping off our list is a beast of a pre workout that has only been out for a few months and is hitting the market like a sledge hammer. This one has received some great reviews and they are all true. PreSeries BULK by Transparent Labs has all the ingredients we like and then some. This product even has a potent testosterone support complex. As you know, testosterone is the big daddy of hormones when it comes to muscle growth so this is a big plus when it comes to making gains. It also boasts 6000 mg of Citrulline Malate as well as friendly doses of Beta-Alanine and Betaine Anhydrous. There are no dyes, fillers or artificial flavors and everything is transparent as the company name suggests.

Transparent Labs designed this product for performance athletes and bodybuilders looking to increase strength, size and muscle mass and it does just that. PreSeries BULK gives you the increased performance, focus, pump and endurance to have the greatest workouts of your life. This product is like the holy grail of pre workout supplements. That is why it got our vote for the top spot.

We also like that they make a PreSeries LEAN for those that are looking to lose weight as well as a PreSeries STIM-FREE for those who want a stimulant free pre workout supplement.

They also have a coupon code “TL10” that can save you 10% off at checkout which definitely doesn’t suck.


  • Coupon code TL10 will save you 10% on your order
  • 6000 mg of Citrulline Malate which is a proven strength and endurance booster
  • 4000 mg of Beta-Alanine which fights fatigue and adds lean mass
  • No dyes, artificial fillers, additives or proprietary blends
  • Testosterone support complex for muscle building
  • Ingredients backed by science
  • Great reviews

Any Negetives?

  • This supplement is not available in stores, only on the company website

Visit for more information about this supplement.


2. Altius by Jacked Factory

Best Pre Workout

Our second ranked pre workout supplement is Altius. It  is another really nice product from Jacked Factory. This one is also chock full of proven ingredients and had undergone extensiveness scientific testing and research.

This supplement contains Alpha-GPC for increased focus and it has also been shown to increase strength. This one also contains a large amount of caffeine at 325 mg. Some of you may like that much caffeine, some may not.  It also has favorable doses of Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine and and Betaine Anhydrous, which is good.

It also has 3000 mg of creatine monohydrate rather than the testosterone complex found in PreSeries BULK. As most of you know creatine is a solid muscle, strength and endurence builder. That is another plus. It also doesn’t have any dyes or chemicals and is naturally sweetened. That is a big plus.


  • 8000 mg of Citrulline Malate for strength
  • Alpha-GPC for focus
  • No dyes, naturally flavored
  • No proprietary blends
  • Good reviews

Any Negatives?

  • 325 mg of caffeine, may be too much for some
  • Only available online

Visit for more information about this product.


3. B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition

Best Pre Workout for men


B-NOX Androrush is another nice pre workout that we feel is a solid pic for our third spot. This one also features a testosterone boosting blend designed to enhance aggression and the muscle pump. If you are already an overly aggressive meathead you might want to be careful with this one or you could get yourself into trouble.

This one also has three forms of creatine along with Beta-Alanine for strength. B-NOX also won’t give you that tingly feeling that many of the others will so if you don’t like the tingle then this could be a good choice. B-NOX also has eight flavors that taste great, but they use artificial sweeteners and dyes in this product which we don’t like, also some have reported building up a tolerance to this product.


  • Testosterone boosting blend
  • Contains 3 forms of creatine
  • 8 flavors available
  • Superior Nitric Oxide producing ingredients

Any Negatives?

  • Contains Dyes
  • Contains Artificial flavors (sucralose)
  • Some develop a tolerance to this product

Visit for more information about this product



There you have the best workout supplements for men with PreSeries BULK being our number one for its testosterone complex, superior ingredients and excellent reviews. It is truly awesome stuff.

Just  remember, for any kind of workout supplement to work you actually have to put the work in at the gym. If you just take the supplement and eat pizza while chilling on the couch they won’t work. Put the work in and get the most out them. Now get to it!