Women’s Best Burner Caps Review

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2020)


Women's best burner caps review

Most of us could do with dropping a few pounds, but weight loss can be incredibly difficult for some people.

If you are one of those who always seem to fail at your weight loss goals, you have likely considered trying a fat burning supplement at some point.

These supplements can vary widely in effectiveness and quality, so it pays to do your research first to ensure you are getting the right product.

In this Women’s Best Burner Caps review we’ll be examining whether this female fat burner is a worthy choice for your hard earned money…


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What Is Women’s Best Burner Caps?

Women’s Best Burner Caps are a fat burning and weight loss supplement manufactured and sold by Women’s Best.

They are gluten and lactose-free, as well as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Women’s Best is a Female health and fitness brand based in Austria, who have a large following worldwide.

They claim that their supplement will help users lose weight in a multitude of ways, by:

  • Increasing metabolism
  • Encouraging fat breakdown
  • Reducing hunger
  • Elevating energy levels

This all sounds really promising, but in order for us to assess whether Womens Best Burner Caps can actually deliver on their promises, we need to investigate how they will actually achieve this.

Let’s check out the claims of the product:


How Do Women’s Best Burner Caps Work?

Women’s Best Burner Caps aim to boost the number of calories you burn by elevating your metabolic rate, thus leading to fat breakdown and quicker weight loss.

Alongside bumping up your calorie burn rate, they also attempt to reduce your hunger levels throughout the day. This means you should find it easier to stick to a lower calorie diet, further supporting your weight loss efforts.

Lastly, Women’s Best Burner Caps intensify your energy levels, improving your work out performance and endurance.


Women’s Best Burner Caps Ingredients

Burner caps ingredients

If you really want to know how effective a supplement will be, you have to look long and hard at the ingredients label.

Here it is: 

As you can see, Women’s Best Burner Caps contain a whopping 16 ingredients, which is rather a lot in our experience.

Even more confusingly…

Two different doses are displayed on the label – depending upon what serving size you decide to take.

Here we will examine some of the most important ingredient additions.

Here they are:


Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular and well known healthy ingredients in the fitness sphere. It is is very effective at accelerating the breakdown of body fat due to the unique plant compounds known as ‘catechins’ it contains. These same compounds are also effective at elevating the metabolism and can even contribute to lower cholesterol.



Guarana is a stimulating plant that grows in tropical regions. It has been traditionally used by local tribespeople as an energy-boosting drug.

The stimulating effects are due to the very high concentration of caffeine that it contains. The quantity of caffeine in guarana is so high, it is more than double that of a strong cup of coffee. Not ideal if you are a bad sleeper.

It is true that caffeine is useful for encouraging fat burning and raising metabolism.

However, in our opinion, the amount of caffeine in guarana is far too high to be well tolerated by the women this supplement is targeting.


Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia has become very popular in recent years due to its appetite suppressing properties.

This pumpkin shaped fruit contains a chemical called hydroxycitric acid, which interacts with receptors in the brain to promote a feeling of satiety.

Furthermore, there is clinical evidence that shows garcinia cambogia can inhibit the synthesis of new body fat stores.

We think garcinia cambogia is a great, well-rounded ingredient. It is a real shame that there is such a small dosage used in Women’s Best Burner Caps – with only 50mg included.


Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee bean is simply unprocessed coffee, that has therefore retained all its healthy compounds that are destroyed when roasted.

The most important of these compounds for weight loss is called “chlorogenic acid”.

This compound encourages the use of unwanted fat stores as the priority source of bodily fuel, helping you to slim down in double time.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper normally associated with appetite suppression, but this hot spice contains a fat busting ingredient that is great for natural weight loss.

The compound that gives chilies their heat – capsaicin – has a thermogenic effect upon the body.

This causes an increase in body heat, metabolic rate, and fat oxidation, literally helping you burn through fat.



Choline is a more obscure nutrient that is not well known, but very important nonetheless.

We are able to manufacture choline within our body, but the amount we can synthesize isn’t enough for our needs. This means we have to get the rest from our food or supplements.

Choline is included in Women’s Best Burner Caps because there is some evidence to suggest it helps speed fat loss during intense exercise.


Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a plant that contains compounds known as “saponins” that are believed to accelerate the burning of fat as a fuel source.

We are not too impressed by the use of this ingredient as there isn’t much scientific evidence to back up its effectiveness. In our opinion, yerba mate is unlikely to have a much tangible effect upon weight loss.


Raspberry Extract

Raspberry extract is being used in more supplements due to research that shows that the ketones they contain can push the body to break down and metabolize body fat stores faster.

Moreover, raspberry ketones are believed to play a role in suppression of the appetite and boost energy.

We think this is a quality ingredient and are pleased to see raspberry extract used in Women’s Best Burner Caps.


Missing Ingredients


Women’s best certainly isn’t short on ingredients but believe it or not it is still missing some of the very best extracts for weight loss…

Turmeric – Turmeric is a popular spice in far eastern culinary dishes. It is high in antioxidants and has a strong thermogenic effect that upsurges metabolism without causing the detrimental side effects of stimulants like caffeine.

 Acai – Acai berries are often touted as a superfood because they are crammed full of health-boosting antioxidants.

Research has found that these unique berries can increase resting calorie burn, as well as help to settle blood sugar levels and thus curb cravings.

 Konjac Fiber – Konjac fiber is sometimes also known as “glucomannan” on supplement ingredient labels. This soluble fiber is great for reducing hunger and prolonging the length of time that you feel satisfied after a meal.

It works by absorbing fluid in the digestive tract and swelling up like a sponge. This serves to “bulk out” the gut and fool the body into believing you have consumed more food.


Side Effects with Women’s Best Burner Caps

As previously discussed, there are a few potential side effects that you should be of when using Women’s Best Burner Caps.

Due to the use of guarana, Women’s Best Burner Caps are somewhat high in caffeine content, even higher than coffee. This means that those who are sensitive to caffeine should certainly avoid this product.

People who are not especially sensitive to stimulants should still be wary and be mindful of how they feel when using this supplement.

Caffeine is not usually dangerous unless you have a heart problem or other medical condition. In that case, you should definitely consult with a medical professional before taking this supplement.


Women’s Best Burner Caps Price

Women's best burner caps review

Women’s Best Burner Caps are priced at $50.00 for 120 capsules.

This is enough for 40 servings, or about 20 days supply at the dose of two capsules per day.

If you feel it is necessary, you can take up to four capsules per day according to the directions – although we wouldn’t recommend it due to the caffeine content.

With regard to the price, we feel that $50.00 for about 3 weeks is about right for a quality female fat burner. Unfortunately, the Women’s best formula simply doesn’t warrant the premium price-tag.


Women’s Best Burner Caps Reviews


Online reviews for Women’s Best Burner Caps were quite mixed.

Many people on Amazon said that they didn’t feel any effect at all from using this product, much less said they noticed any weight loss.

One thing that stood out to us was the number of customers who mentioned feeling very “excited” or “energetic” after taking the capsules. This is almost certainly down to the dose of caffeine.

Other people said that they had trouble sleeping or experienced headaches when using Women’s Best Burner Caps.

Overall the Amazon star rating was an average of 3.6 out of 5 stars.


Will Women’s Best Burner Caps Help You Lose Weight?

In our opinion, Women’s Best Burner Caps do have the potential to help the user lose weight, due simply due to the amount of caffeine used in the product.

However, the strength of the stimulants is a definite risk to female users as it might mean you can’t take the supplement for long enough to see results…


The other ingredients that are crammed into the formula are either not included at high enough dosages, or they do not have much in the way of evidence behind their effectiveness.

The major downside of this product is that it offers very little appetite support. The product completely avoids Konjac Fibre and only uses a very small amount of Garcinia Cambogia.


Pros and Cons of Women’s Best Burner Caps

pros and cons


  • Uses green coffee, garcinia cambogia, and raspberry extract
  • Helps to boost energy and metabolism



  • High stimulant content
  • Many ingredients that are not clinically proven
  • Expensive considering no appetite suppression
  • Potential side effects



Conclusion on Women’s Best Burner Caps

In conclusion, Women’s Best Burner Caps have the potential to help some people lose weight, but probably only because of the level of stimulants used in the formula.

Even then, this effect is unlikely to be particularly noticeable unless you are already working out, and benefitting from the extra energy these capsules will give you.


What’s the bottom line on Women’s Best Burner Caps?

In the main, we feel like Women’s Best Burner Caps have simply used too many ingredients, in too small dosages to be effective.

Essentially they are resting the entire formula upon caffeine content.

This decision is disappointing, as there are many ingredients that would have been better choices, should they have been used at higher dosages.

In our opinion, if you are not worried about the caffeine content, you can give them a try and maybe you will notice some weight loss.

But overall, there are much better female-focused supplements out there, that are not only better value but also use a more powerful combination of ingredients without potential side effects.