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How did you get started in bodybuilding/fitness?

 I was starving myself between the age of 12 and 17. One day I found a fitness magazine and the cover model fascinated me. I wanted to look like that! I was intimidated, but couldn’t get it out of my mind. Went back to the store the next day, purchased the magazine. In it I read about nutrition and training, how it changed the body’s shape. Decided to start and compete after three days of training. The next day I went to the local gym and told the trainer I had three years to build my physique, asked them to show me how to train. Three years later I was on stage at the Swedish Nationals and came second in the senior’s division at the age of 20. That’s how it started.


Pauline Nordin

Do you do any other types of training besides weight training?

I kick box with Antoni Hardonk (former UFC heavy weight fighter)

Pauline Nordin

What kind of a routine do you use to get those awesome shoulders?

Actually I never did any lateral raises until recent years and that’s when my shoulders really got round! I simply didn’t believe in them haha.

Now I vary between heavy and low volume and high volume. I do free weights only except reverse peck deck machine I like for rear delts. My training style is a lot about preventing injuries so I always do a good warmup with rotator and scapula stabilizing exercises. I have been fortunate to keep my shoulders injury free even after 14 years of heavy training.

Pauline Nordin


What kind of music do you listen to when you are working out?

Usually either dutch house music (dirty dutch digital I like a lot) or hip hop (DMX, Lil Wayne, Wu Tang), sometimes Rage Against the Machine or even Thievery corporation. I have an eclectic taste!

Pauline Nordin

We all have at least one, what is the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Pull my Hair by Ying Yang twins. (The name might be off here)
Pauline Nordin

Tell us a little about The Fighter Diet for those who don’t know.

It’s the concept I created out of desperation to maintain a lean physique year round without feeling like I’m starving. It basically is about preventing over eating by over eating. Very high in vegetables and includes refeeds.


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What does your diet look like when you are trying to get lean?

 I maintain a lean physique year round so I don’t diet. it’s a lifestyle. I follow my Fighter Diet Concept. I rotate calories depending on how I look and feel. Usually I get really lethargic every 5 days and then I have a half day refeed. It usually is udon noodles, grilled salmon and kabocha squash.


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List the top 10 foods we would find in your kitchen:

Answer: oat bran, 100% chocolate, Jalapeño mustard, Lifetime Cheese (www.lifetimecheese.), whole flax seed, cinnamon, pink salmon, cocoa nibs, Greek yogurt.

Pauline Nordin

What kind of cardio do you like best and why?

Step mill intervals ( running level 20 for 1 minute, then 1 min recovery)


Pauline Nordin


If you could give somebody only one bodybuilding tip what would it be?

Patience. Muscles grow slow.
Pauline Nordin

Tell us about your biggest bodybuilding/fitness influence?

Arnold. Not because he was a bodybuilder but because he’s a foreigner as well and came to America, landed an amazing career, influenced millions of people.
 Pauline Nordin


Favorite cheat food?

I don’t do cheats, I treat! My favorite is 2 lbs of grilled salmon. The fattier the better!


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Do you take any supplements?

Oh yes, I’m an addict! I just came out with my own supplement line


What does the future hold for you?

I intend to keep on building my brand, reach out to as many people I can. My goal is to defat America!

Pauline Nordin

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