Fitness Model Workout – The Amer “The Hammer” Kamra Workout Routine And Diet

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2020)

Name: Amer “The Hammer” Kamra
Age: 24
Residence: Toronto
Height: 6’-0”
Weight: 193lbs
Occupation: Transformation/Life Coach

#1 Online Transformation Coach-
Personal Trainer of the year-World Physique Magazine
“Top 50 Fitness Blogger in the world”- Kred
Cover Model- Physique Magazine


Monday: Circuit Training/Shoulders

(15 minute upper body circuit)

• 20 Plyo Pushups
• 15 Dips
• 10 Pull-ups
• 12 Leg Raises
(Repeat 5 times)

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• Standing Military Press X 5 sets
• Seated Arnold Presses X 4 sets
• Front Barbell Raises X 4 sets
• Side Lateral Raises X 6 sets

Tuesday: Legs
• 100 Jump Squats
• Leg Extensions X 2 sets of 50 reps
• Barbell Squats X 6 sets
• Step Ups X 4 sets each leg
• 1 Legged Squats X 3 sets each leg
• Leg Extensions X 4 sets burnout

Wednesday: Back
• 200 Pull-ups
• T-Bar Rows X 6 sets last 2 are drop sets
• Clean Pulls X 4 sets
• Deadlifts 135lbs for 40 reps X 3 sets
• Single Arm Dumbbell Rows X 4 sets
• Toe Press X 3 sets
• Standing Calf Raise X 100 reps each calf
• Calf Jump Stretch X 100 reps

Thursday: Abs
• Boxing for 60 minutes
• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 60 minutes

Friday: Arms

• Barbell Bicep Curls X 5 sets
• Bent Over Barbell Curls X 2 sets
• 100 Chin Ups
• Hammer Curls X 3 sets
• Tricep Pushups X 200
• Cable Pushdown (over hand grip) X 3 sets
• Cable Pushdown (under hand grip) X 3 sets
• Tricep Kickbacks X 4 sets

Saturday: Chest

• 200 Wide Incline Pushups
• Dumbbell Flies
• Barbell Press (flat) X 4 sets
• Dumbbell Decline Press X 4 sets
• Cable Flies X 3 sets (high pulley)
• Cable Flies X 3 sets (low pulley)

Sunday: Cardio
• Tae Kwon Do for 60 minutes
•Wrestling for 60 minutes

Amer The Hammer Karma

Can you tell us how you got those abs?

Honestly I get this question more then any other. Abs are very easy to attain, but hard at the same time. Abs are something everybody wants, but nobody wants to work for. Forget about the abdominal training, first focus on nutrition because at the end of the day the only thing standing in between you seeing your abs and not seeing your abs is fat! You must begin to reduce your body fat through nutrition, cardio, training, water, etc. Once you have all of the factors in place, then focus on training them, and remember there are many more muscles then just the “six pack”. Focus on developing your core, all of the little surrounding muscles that will make your core and abs much more visually appealing. This means work on your oblique’s, your serratus, your intercostal muscles and your rectus abdominals.

Another tip is to work on strengthening your core; this will help to make your abs pop more. Planks, side planks, and back extensions are excellent for this.


Meal 1
4 egg whites
3 whole omega 3 eggs
Oats with cinnamon
(Fish oil, glutamine)

Amer The Hammer Karma

Meal 2(post workout)
Whey protein with egg whites
High glycemic fruit with a moderate glycemic carb
Leafy green salad
(Creatine, glutamine)

Meal 3
Turkey, chicken, fish, or beef
Leafy green salad with asparagus
Sweet potato or brown rice
Udos Oil 3-6-9

Meal 4
Whey protein
Raw greens juice (that I make in the juicer)
Rice cakes
1 tbsp. almond butter

Meal 5
White fish
Leafy green salad with asparagus

Top 10 foods in his kitchen:

1. Egg whites
2. Beef
3. Salmon
4. Tilapia
5. Sweet Potato
6. Bananas
7. Apples
8. Kale
9. Baby Spinach
Amer “The Hammer”

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