WBFF Bikini Competitor Andrea Smith Workout Routine and Diet

Andrea Smith is an WBFF Diva Bikini Model Pro. This is her workout routine and diet plan.



I followed this split a few months ago I really liked it:

Training Split

 Mon – 20min HIIT/Upper

Tue –  Rest

Wed – 20 min HIIT/ Legs

Thu – 20min HIIT/Rest

Fri – Shoulders/Arms

Sat – 20min HIIT/Core

Sun – Glutes



Straight arm standing pulldowns x 15 HEAVY x 4

Seated Low back row –—heavy x 15 x 3

Tricep pulldown with rope x 12 x 3

Incline chest press with dumbbells- heavy, x 15

Concentrated bicep curls x 15 per arm

Chest flies on flat bench x 15

Burpees with pushup x 12

Shoulder or Arnold press x 15 x 3

Finisher: 100 chin ups, assisted. Take a long as you need and your goal is to beat this time weekly


Legs 1-0-1-1

1 legged lunges/split squat x 15 per leg, 1 leg on the bench 1 leg on the ground holding weights  x 3

lying hamstring curls or seated. X 20 x3

30sec 1-legged london bridge (same as regular London bridge but one leg is in the air)  x 3



Leg press x 15 x 3

Leg extension machine x 15 x 3

Smith squats x 10 x 3

Finisher: 100 jump squats. Take as long as you need and aim to decrease your time every week


Shoulders/Arms focus day

DB lateral raises 15 x 3

DB alternate bicep curls 15 x 3

DB tricep kicks 15 x 3

OB military press 15 x 3

French press 15 x 3

OB bicep curls 15 x 3

BB upright rows 15 x 3

SG pull ups 15 x 3

Parallel bar tricep dips x 3

Finisher: Knee pushups or regular pushups x 100




DB oblique crunches 15 x 4 (each side)
(Unweighted) Leg raises 15 x 4


(Unweighted) Knee raises 15 x 4
Bench crunches 15 x 4


Planks 60 sec x 4

BB rollouts 15 x 4

Bridge 60 sec x 4

Finisher  – 100 rep swiss ball jack knife challenge (Time as long as it takes you to perform 100 swiss ball jack knives, your goal will be to beat this time weekly).


Glutes 1-0-1-1

Warm up: bike for ten mins.

20 Deadlifts x 2
20 low back extensions x 2


30 squat jumps x 2
60sec london bridge hold   x 2


40 90 degree kickbacks x 2
30 heavy sumo squats and hold for 3 seconds pulsing each one x2


30 seconds torpedoes per direction per leg, x 2

20 lying hamstring curl machine x 2

30 Deadlifts x2

30 hip abductor machine x2

30 hip adductor machine x2
Finisher: 100 walking lunges with kickbacks

Andrea Smith


What does your diet look like when you are trying to get lean?

Starts with more carbs less fats then switch to less carbs more fats. Less cheat meals and more vegetables! Example of my diet right now: Toast, avocado and egg whites Rice cakes and peanut butter with a protein shake Turkey and sweet potato and veggies Post workout shake with fruit Chicken veggies ( and couscous if weights day)

Andrea Smith

List the top 10 foods we would find in your kitchen

  • apples
  • nuts
  • chicken
  • cheese
  • protein bars
  • couscous
  • avocado
  • dark chocolate
  • spinach
  • ground turkey

Supplements She Takes?

I take a fat burner, CoQ10, BCAAs, multivitamins, protein, creatine, and joint support.

WBFF Pro Andrea Smith
Twitter: @Dreiasmith
Instagram: Dreiasmith
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AndreaSmith\
Website: Getreadygirls.ca


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