Beyond Raw Neuro Shred Review: Is This Fat Burner Any Good?

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2020)

Neuro Shred Review

Beyond Raw is a supplement brand owned and operated by retail giant GNC. The brand markets various products including; pre-workouts, testosterone boosters, protein powders, and amino acids among other things.

Today we are putting the brand’s fat burner Beyond Raw Neuro Shred under scrutiny.

From our initial research, it seems Beyond Raw Neuro Shred has been crafted for the type of weightlifter who wants to elevate their fat burning game, without suffering from overstimulation and the risk of crashing.

Beyond Raw Neuro Shred is also described as a type of fat burner with a nootropic function, a pairing that is quite common these days.


What is Beyond Raw Neuro Shred?

Beyond Raw Neuro Shred is claimed to be a super potent thermogenic blend of science-backed ingredients, with the dual purpose of helping you burn through fat whilst also boosting your mental performance too.

These kinds of multi-benefit products have become popular of late, presumably because customers are looking for something not only to boost their bodies natural ability to burn fat but also to boost their motivation too.

Here are a few quick facts about Neuro Shred to kick us off

  • Transparent formula. We like reviewing ingredients where the doses are plain to see.
  • Short stack. We don’t short formulas so long as they are adequately dosed.
  • Herbal ingredients. There are some ingredients in Beyond Raw Neuro Shred we’ve not seen before.


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How Does Beyond Raw Neuro Shred Work?

In order to lose weight, you must achieve a calorie deficit, that means you need to expend more energy from your body each day than the energy you get from that day’s food intake.

As a result, there are only really a few ways a fat burner can help you achieve this. Either it can include ingredients to raise your core temperature during exercise, or alternatively, it can suppress your appetite, so you don’t eat too much. Or it can do both.

From what we can tell Neuro Shred doesn’t make major claims about appetite suppression, it’s key focus seems to be around raising your body temperature and getting you super focussed for your workout.


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The Ingredients in Beyond Raw Neuro Shred

Neuro Shred ingredients

  • Morosil std. 0.8% each anthocyanins, hydroxycinnamic acids; 2% flavanones.

This is a standardized extract sourced from Moro red oranges. The active compounds standardized in Morosil are apparently known for their anti-obesity effects. The problem with Morosil is that it is yet to be confirmed whether it works in human subjects or not.

  • Caffeine. This caffeine is part of a two-stage energy blend. This is the standard anhydrous form known to spike energy levels. Caffeine is a heavily researched ingredient that has been proven to work in large human studies. 75-100mg is considered to be sufficient for one dose, so at 200mg we think Neuro Shred is perhaps a little heavy.
  • ZumXR caffeine. This branded ingredient makes use of time-release microbeads that are said to reduce or even remove the risk of having a caffeine crash. We think it requires more research before this claim can be completely verified.
  • NeuroFactor coffee fruit. This rare ingredient isn’t from the coffee bean but rather a ‘grape-like’ fruit. Thankfully the caffeine content is very low which is a good thing given the large dose already in this fat burner.

From what we’ve read this ingredient is more connected to focus than appetite suppression or weight loss. At a dose of 100 mg, we have a decent amount especially because NeuroFactor is a branded product.

  • Cayenne as Capsimax. Cayenne isn‘t just any old spice. The hot feeling you get after eating chillies is the body reacting to the ingredient by burning more calories. So essentially, the more-spicy foods you eat (and the hotter it is), the more fat you burn. Provided they’re not full of unhealthy fats and sugars that is.
  • ActivAIT Mustard essential oil. This is a rare addition in any supplement. We’re not quite sure how it works, but it seems to have some effects on the general health and wellness of the body by way of immune system optimization. We see this as one of those ingredients that are a bit “out there” so to speak, so we’re on the fence with this one.
  • Black Pepper 50% piperine. Piperine found in black pepper helps boost the bioavailability of most of the ingredients found in the formula, unfortunately, it is particularly effective when combined with natural ‘inflammation buster’ Turmeric, which the makers of Neuro Shred have forgotten to include.

Reviewing Neuro Shred’s ingredients has posed a few important questions. It is clear that the ingredients that are included are good quality and sourced from branded suppliers. However, the overall dose of the ingredients is way too low for them to have an effect on your body.

When you consider that your body’s ability to absorb some of these ingredients is actually quite limited a dose of less than 1000mg per serving is not going to produce results. You would want to see at least three times this dose if you were going to see measurable results.

There’s also the equally important subject of missing ingredients to consider, which we cover below.

Missing Ingredients?

Beyond Raw Neuro Shred has some proven ingredients, but it’s not exactly what you would call a complete fat burner. Below are some of the ingredients we feel would enhance its effects considerably.

  • Konjac fiber. Many know this ingredient under the name of glucomannan. This is a soluble fiber which forms a gel in the stomach, giving you a feeling of satiation to stop you snacking. Konjac is often used in weight loss supplements due to how effective it is as an appetite suppressant, but it rarely found in large enough doses.
  • Choline. This is a brain chemical that supports normal fat metabolism as well as functions on memory, focus, and mental stress reduction.
  • Chromium. Another essential mineral, this one contributes to normal blood glucose levels, which is key to preventing obesity. It also works in tiny dosages of up to 200 mcg of 0.2 mg which is great.


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Side Effects of Beyond Raw Neuro Shred

The side effects associated with cayenne and caffeine should be mitigated by the premium ingredient forms we have. However, on the small chance of you being extra sensitive to cayenne and/or caffeine, there’s a chance you might feel a slight burning sensation in your belly (due to cayenne), and perhaps slight jitters or sleeping difficulties from caffeine.


Beyond Raw Neuro Shred customer reviews:


Good Reviews:

  • “This is legit, I’m hooked.”
  • “Good, but encountered a bit of stomach pain”
  • “Not the best I’ve had, but good enough”

Bad Reviews:

  • “Didn’t notice anything even after using the whole bottle.”
  • “Gave me a bit of energy, but that’s it.”
  • “Experienced awful stomach cramps.”


Will Beyond Raw Neuro Shred Help You Lose Weight?

Beyond Raw Neuro Shred is made by a huge name in the industry. That isn’t to say you should believe the hype though, this product is woefully under-dosed from what we can see, meaning any fat burning is likely to come solely from your own efforts.

pros and cons


  • No prop blends. We’re always impressed with transparent labels.
  • Premium feel. Plenty of concentrated forms of ingredients.


  • Pricey. $50 per bottle is too steep for a lot of people.
  • Poor dosing. The ingredients might be expensive but the doses certainly aren’t large.
  • Missing appetite suppressant – Konjac is one of the few recognized appetite suppressants and it isn’t in Neuro Shred.



Beyond Raw Neuro Shred is a short and simple fat burning product that claims to activate thermogenesis and spike your metabolic function.

The ingredients are definitely premium, but the doses aren’t going to be high enough to trouble your fat reserves. Sure, there is plenty of caffeine in here, so that will help with energy and concentration, but it won’t be enough on its own to create weight loss.

Beyond Raw Neuro Shred is not a terrible supplement, but $50.00 per month for some caffeine and a few other natural ingredients doesn’t seem like a fair trade.


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