Best Diet Pills for Women in 2018

When it comes to finding the best diet pills for women, there are a number of different things to take into account. The main things include the overall effectiveness of the pill, how quickly you will see results as well as whether there are any side effects associated with taking them.

With the booming weight loss market, it is no surprise that many diet pills have been marketed as miracle pills or spun off the back off medical research. Right now, the best weight loss supplements are the ones that use natural ingredients and assist your athletic performance.

On top of this, there are currently quite a lot of diet pills that are aimed more at women, these are products that deliberately match their ingredients to the physical needs of the female body.

This is our review of the best 5 diet pills for women currently on the market, we’ll have a look at every aspect of these weight loss supplements in order to decide which are the most effective. But first, let’s run over how the best diet pills for women actually work.

Fit girl

How a Top Diet Pill Works

There are a number of ways that a top diet pill can help women lose weight and burn fat. Whilst there are a lot of fat burning supplements that just focus on one specific method, ideally, you want to choose a diet supplement with multiple weight loss benefits. Some of the most common include;

  • Reduced appetite – so you can follow a stricter diet plan
  • Faster metabolism – to force your body to burn calories
  • Energy boost – so you can kill it in the gym


Appetite Suppressants

It won’t surprise you to know that one of the main ways that a diet pill aimed at women works is as an appetite suppressant. The point is to supplement your diet with increased fiber giving you the sensation of feeling fuller during the day. This element of a diet pill is especially important for women as according to a Scientific America study the female brain is much more affected by cravings.


Metabolism Boosters

A good diet pill will also take into consideration the difference in body composition between women and men. Typically, women are shorter and have less muscle mass than men meaning that they require fewer stimulants to burn calories and lose weight. This is good news as it means that natural ingredients with moderate caffeine content can stimulate weight loss. Some of the most effective ingredients to boost metabolism include Green Coffee as well as Cayenne Pepper.


Energy Booster

Taking a diet pill with good metabolism boosters can also have the added benefit of boosting your energy reserves. This is particularly helpful for women who are working out a lot whilst sticking to a calorie controlled diet. Even if you’re exercise isn’t super intense a top diet pill can still increase your weight loss results by raising your body temperature, helping to burn excess calories at the same time. 


What Makes a Good Diet Pill? 

As we have already touched on, diet pills today are quite different to the ones in the past. The manufacturers of these supplements have made big strides in updating their products and discovering new ingredients that are more and more effective.

When it comes to the best diet pills for women some of the ingredients currently considered most effective for fat burning include:

  • Razberi-K – To break down fat
  • Garcinia Cambogia – To aid diet and reduce appetite
  • Turmeric – To reduce fat storing hormones
  • Cayenne pepper – To raise body temperature and burn more calories
  • Green Tea – To speed metabolism


Why Take a Diet Pill? 

The answer to this never really changes, the main reason that people turn to a diet pill is when they feel the need for an added boost in order to jump-start fat burning in the body. Often there are times when a good diet pill can open the door to more noticeable results and help in some of the following ways:

  • Renewed weight loss results – break the stalemate with your body
  • A more chiseled figure – remove the soft areas of fat spoiling your overall figure
  • Make a healthy lifestyle more bearable day to day – knock unpleasant sugar cravings on the head


Other Things to Consider

For women, pregnancy might also have an impact on your decision to use a diet pill. Whilst it’s clear that taking a fat burner as part of a pre-pregnancy plan to lose weight might work well, for those who are already pregnant it’s important to consult with a doctor before deciding to use a weight loss supplement like this. Many diet pills use stimulants which pregnant women are recommended to avoid, the list of these ingredients is quite large so you’ll want to make sure you do your research properly before purchasing a diet pill that’s safe to use.


The Best Diet Pills for Women in 2018

We’ve put our list together for the best diet pills for women, we’ve done the research and looked at the best ingredients in each one, profiled the company’s behind the products and reviewed what the customers have been saying.


#1 Leanbean

Leanbean Fat Burner



To kick off our list we’ve got a female diet pill called Leanbean. It’s objective is to help you burn fat more quickly whilst helping your body resist the urge to snack.


What’s the Score? 

The manufacturer behind this one is a company called Ultimate Life, they make female diet supplements and nothing else. Like other top supplement companies, Ultimate Life have invested in R&D to make sure that their formula meets the high demands of female fitness models.

As a result, Leanbean is one of the more premium diet pills you can buy, the product is only sold through the official website, something that keeps the price consistent and ensures that you won’t have to worry about getting caught out by counterfeit products.

Looking at the ingredients you’ll see that Leanbean includes everything that we’ve featured in our fat burning favorites.


Ingredient Highlights 

  • 400mg of Garcinia Cambogia – The popular appetite suppressant is designed to help you keep to your diet.
  • Turmeric – To block Aromatase and reduce fat cells.
  • Cayenne Powder – To increase body temperature and Thermogenesis.
  • Green Tea – To reduce appetite and stimulate metabolism.
  • Includes another 8 powerful fat burning ingredients.


Final Judgement

Leanbean tops our this list of the best natural diet pills for women. We chose it due to its effectiveness, it’s sensible price and the fact it won’t blow your head off with crazy stimulants. You also can’t knock a product that exclusively serves the needs of women! If you’re looking for a natural diet pill then give it a try. Leanbean comes with a money-back guarantee on the three-month purchases meaning you can return it if you’re not happy. For more information, check out our complete Leanbean review which has a more thorough overview.



#2 Instant Knockout

 Best Fat burner for women

Second on the list is Instant Knockout. This one isn’t a female product in itself but it’s got a nice blend of ingredients that suit both men and women.


What’s the Score? 

Like our top choice this one is used by professional athletes looking to hone their physical output in the gym. The company behind this one is called Roar Ambition, they don’t just make diet pills but also manufacture a range of other sports supplements designed to naturally enhance performance.


Ingredient Highlights

Caffeine Anhydrous – Each capsule includes a solid dose of this metabolism booster.

Glucomannan – To help you feel full and make dieting easier.

Green Tea – Infamous weight loss ingredient used worldwide to support metabolism and extra energy.


Final Judgement 

Instant Knockout is a major player in the industry when it comes to diet pills. Its no frills formula works well, doesn’t include any banned or illegal substances and will support the fat burning requirements of both men and women.



#3 Phen 375

best fat burner 

Up next, we’ve got a popular diet pill called Phen 375. This one is better known for its appetite suppressant qualities.


What’s the score?

Like Leanbean, Phen 375 is also aimed more at women than men, although the formulation is arguably a little more unisex than our number 1 pick.

Ingredient wise it’s stuffed with some great natural fat burners and once again a bit pricier than most. We like the combination of a few solid metabolism boosters paired with natural diet aids like Cayenne Pepper.


Ingredient Highlights 

Caffeine Powder – Well-known metabolism booster that also suppresses appetite.

Forskolin – To help metabolize fat.

Cayenne Pepper – To improve thyroid function and reduce appetite


Final Judgement 

Another well put together diet pill that’s rightly popular due to the inclusion of some top ingredients. The stimulant content is quite strong with this one so better to take a bit earlier in the day. Like our number 1 pick, it requires you to take the capsules 4 times a day.





 #4 Shredz Burner for Women 

Shredz fat burner for women

Fourth on the list is the Shredz Burner supplement for women. It’s a natural diet pill that uses Caffeine to promote weight loss, it’s advertised around female performance.


What’s the score?

This one is made by a company called Beyond Genetics. They specialize in bodybuilding supplements for both men and women. This one includes some tried and tested fat burners like Caffeine and Green Tea.


Ingredient Highlights 

Green Tea – Turn on fat burning hormones

Caffeine – To provide a thermogenic boost

Cayenne pepper – To slow down your appetite


Final Judgement 

This one is fourth on the list. It’s a decent diet pill but not our favorite. The main issue with this one is that it includes a proprietary blend which means many of the ingredients’ doses are hidden from the label. The Caffeine in this one should give you a bit of a boost, we still think there are better options on this list though.



#5 Quadralean

 Quadra Lean


Last in our line up is Quadralean Thermogenic. The makers say that this product will help you lose fat whilst providing you with natural, clean energy.


What’s the score? 

The Quadralean weight management pill is made by RSP Nutrition, you can find the product on Amazon as well as other well-known bodybuilding websites. It’s got a few of our favorite fat burning ingredients but is not quite the complete package.


Ingredient Highlights

Caffeine – Includes 200mg of natural caffeine derived from Green Tea.

Cayenne Pepper – Includes top ingredient Cayenne Pepper but not as much as we’d have liked.


Final Judgement 

This fat burner is not a bad choice for those looking for a bit of a cheaper diet pill. There are quite a few of the top ingredients that don’t feature in this one though so it wouldn’t be our first choice. This one also uses Bitter Orange and Yohimbe, both of which have been reported to cause minor side effects in a few cases.




With women being the main consumers of weight loss supplements we’ve tried to pick out some of the safest and most fast acting diet pills around. Remember though if you have no plans to increase your activity levels or clean up your diet then things might not work as quickly as you’d hoped. The best diet pills are the ones that compliment your hard work and help you convert your trips to the gym into awe-inspiring results.

Taking diet pills that boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite can help you cut a quicker path to that beach body. Women are significantly different to Men when it comes to overall body fat percentage, often they find it more difficult to lose weight due to differences in their hormones as well as eating habits. So it stands to reason that the best diet pills are the ones that take all of this into account and include ingredients hand-picked for the intended user of the supplement. In this list, we have included what we feel are the best diet pills for women on general sale. You can’t go too far wrong with any of these although there are definitely a couple of star performers here.

Our number 1 product is the super-focused Leanbean. Strong ingredients, solid reviews and a specialist company behind it. There’s not a lot to find fault with.