Top 20 Fittest Bodies of Crossfit 2014

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2022)

It’s that time of year again, the Crossfit Games are getting closer so it is time we release our new list of the fittest bodies in Crossfit. We have the top 10 women and 10 men for you. Keep in mind this list is not about who is the most ripped or who did best at the games last year. It is about the fittest and most appealing. Of course that is all a matter of opinion but we did our best. I am sure most of you skipped this part and went right to the list so I might as well stop typing. Here you go!


The Women


10) Danielle Sidell

Danielle SidellDanielle Sidell
Danielle is a former track and cross country athlete at the University of Akron. She is known for her motor and strong lifts. She should be a contender this year at the games as well as years to come.  Find her on Facebook here.


9) Danea Brown

Denae Brown

This Aussie is incredible! Her Instagram @Denaebrown


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8) Annie Thorisdottir

Iceland Annie

The 2 time champ is looking to make a comeback this year and is looking good. Find her on Facebook here.


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7) Miranda Oldroyd

Miranda Oldroyd
Miranda…she is a beast! She is also a pretty good rapper. Check her out on Instagram @crossfitmiranda

6) Julie Foucher

Hot crossfit girlsThe 2012 games runner up is back for 2014! Follow her in Twitter @julie_foucher


5) Stacie Tovar

Stacie TovarShe is a former college volleyball player and games veteran. She also has a very marketable booty. Check her out on Facebook here.


4) Andrea Ager

Andrea AgerAndrea Ager
Andrea Ager aka Ager Bomb is a former college track athlete and has traveled the world teaching people about Crossfit. Follow her on Facebook here.


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3) Camille Leblanc Bazinet

Camille-Leblanc-Bazinet-ModelCamille Leblanc Bazinet….do we really need to say anything else? Find her on Facebook here.


2) Jackie Perez

Jackie PerezJackie Perez
Jackie is also a former college volleyball player. No more words are necessary, just look. Check her out on Instagram @jackie585


1) Christmas Abbott

Christmas AbbottChristmas Abbott
Crossfit athlete, Olympic lifter, NASCAR pit crew member, and most importantly at the top of this list. Find her on Facebook here.


There are the top 10 females. We hope you enjoyed it. It’s all in good fun and a matter of opinion so don’t take it too serious. Now on to page 2 for the men.

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