Top 20 Fittest Bodies of Crossfit 2014

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The Men


10) Scott Panchik

Scott-Blog-Header2The former college running back is a perennial games placer. Check him out on Facebook here.


9) Garret Fisher

Garret FisherIf this list were for best hair he would easily be #1. Check him out on Facebook here.


8) Jon Pera

Jon PeraPera is another beast out of the SoCal Region. Follow him on Instagram @jonpera



7)  Mikko Salo

Mikko SaloThe 2009 champ is still a beast 5 years later. Check him out on Instagram @mikkosalo63


6) Kenneth Leverich

Kenneth LeverichCheck him out on Instagram at @kennethleverich


5) Neal Maddox

Neal Maddox

The former football player is still a beast at 35. Check him out on Instagram @nealmaddox


4) Jason Khalipa

Crossfit muscle

Khalipa is a beast, it is hard to believe he has the endurance he does with all that muscle. Find him on Instagram @jasonkhalipa


 3) Kyle Kasperbauer


The former college running back can be found on Instagram @kylekasperbauer


 2) Dan Bailey

ScreenHunter_11 Jul. 18 19.02

Bailey is looking jacked, maybe it is because he has been training with Danny Broflex. Find him on Instagram @dan_bailey9


1) Rich Froning

Rich FroningWas there ever any doubt? Follow Rich on Twitter at @richfroning


There you have it, the best of 2014. Hope you enjoyed it and look forward to another updated list with more new faces in 2015.

Photo credits: Simply Perfection Photography, MAVA Sports, Cleveland Plain Dealer,, rogue

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