Great Gifts for your Favorite Fitness Fanatic

Christmas is just around the corner, again!  So we’ve done the legwork for you and distilled a world of products to just a few amazing gift ideas.  No matter what end of the fitness spectrum you’re shopping for, we’ve got an awesome recommendation for you.


King Kong gym bag

Meet the King Kong Bag 2.0. Simply the mother (or father) of all gym bags.  What good is the rest of your gym gear without a proper home for it?  It’s got everything you’ve ever wanted in a gym bag: vented compartments, dual-shoe pockets, dirty bag, a variety of accessory pockets, and enough space to fit your clothes, lifting belt and anything else you’ll need. Best of all, it’s super-durable and can handle your daily abuse. Comes in 3 colors. $99.95 Best Gym Bag


Developed with input from LeBron James, these intelligently designed earphones have a flexible attachment arm to ensure that they stay secure no matter how hardcore your workout!  As a safety consideration, they’ve been designed to allow some environmental noise though.  So if you’re running, you’ll still hear traffic and sirens.  Comes in 5 colors.  $149.95 Beats by Dre

Custom Yoga Mat

Give your girl the gift she never knew she wanted.  A customized embroidered yoga mat.  Whether you put her name, or a short personal message, this present will be remembered for a long time to come. From $40.00 Rolled custom mats

Fat Gripz

Unless you’re a world champion strongman or arm-wrestler, chances are your grip strength is holding you back. You can only move as much weight as you can securely hold. Using lifting straps to handle more weight only increases your strength imbalance.  With Fat Gripz, you’ll develop a stronger grip and become less reliant on lifting aids. $39

Fat Gripz

 Rumble Roller

The Rumble Roller is like a foam roller on steroids.  Serve up more tissue-separating pain and get more relief, increased flexibility; deeper muscle release and increased blood flow.  Warning: Only for the true masochist! From $44.95 (based on size) Rumble roller