The Old Gold: Training for the Ages

We cannot stop the wheel of time, yet there are things we can do to slow down its trundle. Life expectancy is on the rise, yet the quality of our life is undermined by a plethora of diseases, conditions, and other burdens of age. Sometimes, even the simple activities – such as picking up groceries – can turn into a time-consuming ordeal. Now, it is always preferable to get active sooner rather than later. Then again, it is never too late to jump of the fitness bandwagon and harness the incredible potential of practices, like strength training.

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Long live the exercise

Aerobic and cardiovascular training are most often associated with good health and longevity. While this cannot be disputed, newer research has identified surprising blessings that are bestowed on those engaged in strength training. They go beyond the gains in muscle mass, empowering people to withstand the great bane of our existence— aging. Hence, to make the most out of a fitness program, one should combine the aerobic and strength exercise: This balanced approach to training routines is what ensures the maximum results.
The best thing about strength training is that it does not last long: 15 to 20 minutes twice per week is enough to stimulate the muscles and boost the strength and stability of adult people. Moreover, there is no need to take on heavyweight and risk injury. The backbone of the whole program is the recurring practice of targeting major muscle groups, as well as progressively raising the bar. Muscle hypertrophy is the driving force behind muscle gains, so you need to carefully push your body to the limits.


Health benefits

There are certain medical conditions, such as sarcopenia, that are harbingers of the decline in overall health. This plague kicks in after the age of 30, and brings forth the perilous loss of skeletal and bone mass. When the framework which supports and moves us becomes severed, we are more prone to injuries and fatigue. On a brighter note, the density can be enhanced with regular strength training. This does not completely stop the downfall, but with stronger bones and muscles you can remain active and healthy for a prolonged period of time.
Strength training also diminishes the advent of osteoporosis – another menace which harasses older people. Evidence suggests that elderly women can see significant gains in bone density in the hip and spine areas, precisely the ones that are most affected by this disease. So, no more stiff, sore and aching joints that make you prone to injury from slips, falls, and twists. Better stability and sturdiness will put you in these risky situations less often, and allow you to perform daily tasks with renewed vigor.


Strike a fine balance

Furthermore, strength training balances the outcome of weight loss, a process which thins down your muscle mass. Namely, intense exercise aids in maintaining your muscles, preventing sudden drops in weight from jeopardizing your well-being. Firm fibers are added to places where the weight is lost, which dispels the sense of weakness many aging individuals experience. Likewise, leaner mass raises the level of testosterone in the body, and this is something that benefits both genders, due to the fact that metabolic activity is improved, and more calories burned.
At last, complement a solid workout program with proper nutrition. Apart from the must-eat, nutrient-packed foods, pay attention to products that aid in combating the effects of growing old. Matcha green tea, for example, helps you decrease the risk of developing cancer or age-related diseases like dementia. Another key component of successful strength training is plenty of rest and sleep. Therefore, bear in mind that strength training is not just about those minutes spent breaking a sweat: It is a way of life, one which makes aging more bearable and less thorny for your health.

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Golden Age

Resistance exercises and weight training go a long way in enabling you to stand the test of time and defy the impact of aging. These practices strengthen the frame and keep more muscles on it, serving as a mainspring of your ability to do things you love, and regain independence past your prime. This is why people who endure the hardships of strength training report the accelerated mental and physical growth. A workout is a real elixir of youth, so do not miss your chance to lead a healthy, fulfilled and meaningful life, even when you become gray and old.


About the Author:

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for better life. Check out his website and follow him on Twitter.