The MMA Total Body Workout

When you think {The Athletic Build}, many athletes from various sports come to mind….for me as a specialized trainer there is one breed of athlete that sticks out more than any other. I will go […]


Three Tips to Run a Fast 40-Yard Dash

If you ask any college or pro scout about what they look at first when evaluating an athlete they would say the 40-yard dash. The 40-yard dash is the granddaddy of all the drills for […]

Jacked Sprinter

How to Run Faster – Increase Your Running Speed

Anyone can learn how to run faster. However, breaking through the current average speed limit takes training, discipline, as well as determination. For the record, your speed performance depends on a variety of factors, but […]

crossing finish line

13 Endurance Training Tips to Increase Stamina

  If you are training for a Spartan Race, half marathon or even a triathlon or are just looking to boost your overall endurance as an athlete then there are some things you can to […]