10 Best Mass Gainers on the Market for 2022

(Last Updated On: March 24, 2022)


Mass gainers are a key component in training for more muscle mass. You can experience favorable results sooner as long as you know how to get the most out of them.

In terms of product selection, there are mass gainers that offer exceptional gains, and there are others that are just ‘meh’. Consider our recommendations as you shop for the best weight gainers available right now.

Best Mass Gainers: Quick List:

See below for details about each.

best mass gainer supplements

10 Best Mass Gainers on the Market Today

These are the 10 best mass gainers you can buy. No matter what kind of mass gainer you are looking for you will find it here.


Best Mass Gainer Overall

Mass Gainer by Transparent Labs

best mass gainers

We love how Transparent Labs makes its mass gainer just the way we like it- with an eye towards the best ingredients, having the right protein to carb ratio and packing the most nutrients in every serving!

Add to the fact that ProteinSeries has a fully transparent label makes it the best mass gainer in our opinion. If you don’t want to experiment with different kinds and are looking for the best product to try, here’s our recommendation.

For every serving of Mass Gainer, you get a substantial 750 calories and 53g of protein, as well as 109g of carbs from effective sources. That’s a 53/12/109 gram ratio in terms of protein/fat/carbs on grass-fed whey protein and sweet potato, oat and tapioca ingredients. Along the way, Transparent Labs puts in just the right amounts of MCTs and coconut milk powder, Creatine Monohydrate (for that explosive power while working out) and dietary fiber. Keep in mind that there are zero additives, food dyes and artificial sweeteners- it’s absolutely clean in every sense of the word.

We recommend using milk instead of water to really maximize the effectiveness of mass gainers. You can choose from one, two or three tubs and flavors that range from Cookies N Cream and Sweet Vanilla.

This mass gainer is above average in price but you can save money when you buy multiple tubs and you can also save 10% at checkout when you use coupon code TL10.


  • The best mass gainer from a trusted brand
  • Pure, grass-fed whey protein at 53g
  • Excellent complimentary nutrients
  • Coupon code TL10 save 10% at checkout


  • Cookies N Cream not gluten-free
  • Only available at the manufacturer’s website

Available at: TransparentLabs.com


Best Mass Gainer on a Budget

Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition

best mass gainer on a budget

We were pleasantly surprised at how Crazy Nutrition kept its mass gainer accessible to anyone looking to gain weight. Even more surprising was the fact that Mass Gainer can compete and outperform other products at a fraction of the cost.

Mass Gainer provides 390 calories, 50 grams of protein, and 100g of carbs for each serving. Its top-notch sources come from whey protein, sweet potato, and flaxseed. Crazy Nutrition even added creatine monohydrate, which we love for muscle and strength building. On top of that, there are even added digestive enzymes to fight against bloating.

The flavor of Mass Gainer is something to write home about. Although it comes in only two options (Vanilla and Chocolate), the taste is nothing like a protein or meal replacement shake. Mass Gainer is also all-natural and gluten-free.

Mass Gainer is easily the least expensive product on the list and comes with free shipping if you spend over $50. They also reduce the price when you buy multiple tubs so you can save that way as well.

It isn’t quite the quality of our top selection, but your wallet won’t mind.


  • Easy to digest, no bloating
  • Vanilla and Chocolate taste great
  • Uses creatine monohydrate
  • Buying multiple tubs lowers the price even more
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Cost-effective, and it works


  • Only available at the manufacturer’s website

Available at CrazyNutrition.com


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Best High Carb Mass Gainer

Beast Mass by Beast Sports

beat mass

Having an excess of carbs can be a good thing if you know what to do with it. For those who want the absolute max fuel for their workouts, we’d wholly recommend Beast Sports’ Beast Mass.

Two details immediately stuck out when we looked at the label- a whopping 263 grams of carbs and an equally monstrous 1,276 of calories! It’s a meal replacement in every sense of the word, and a legitimate contender for most foods you eat come mealtime. Beast Mass isn’t just about the carbs and calories, though- you get a smattering of nutrients to help you achieve the body you want.

The pro weight gainer touts essential fatty acids and protein to promote lean muscle gains. There’s 55g of protein in each serving from 5 different kinds, EFAs and clean carbs. Beast Sports has even added a digestive enzyme so you can convert and make the most of the nutrients you take in.

Every purchase of Beast Mass comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, fast shipping and the ‘made in the US’ label. Each packet is made in a GMP-certified facility for purity and quality. As for the flavors, you get the usual Vanilla and Chocolate, both of which taste good enough for the palate.


  • 1,300 calories and 260 grams of carb
  • Has digestive enzymes so you can absorb the nutrients better
  • Shipping is faster than the others


  • Not keto-friendly
  • Not always in stock

Available at BeastSports.com


Best Mass Gainer for Building Lean Muscle

Mass Gainer by Transparent Labs

best mass gainers


Mass Gainer earns the top spot in our ‘best mass gainers’ list because it offers something so much more than your typical mass gainer product. It’s also the best for those who are looking to pack on lean muscle and gain significant size over a short span of time.

We all know that to build lean muscle effectively, you’ll need high-quality protein and lots of it. Mass Gainer by Transparent Labs ticks that box by putting in 100% grass-fed whey concentrate that’s free of hormones and steroids. This, plus 740 calories means you won’t stand to lose muscle through caloric deficit or thru protein in your diet. As an added bonus, we recommend you use milk as the liquid medium for more calories and faster results.

The ProteinSeries label may be too simple for some, but that’s its strength. This only means that you’re getting the purest ingredients and nutrients without having to deal with undisclosed components hidden under ‘proprietary’ tags and artificial fillers. It’s also one of the few that has Creatine Monohydrate, which acts as an energy booster for when you’re converting bulk to lean muscle in the gym.


  • Has Creatine Monohydrate for boosting gym performance
  • Simple yet clean and pure ingredients
  • 55g of grass-fed whey concentrate


  • Doesn’t ship to some countries

Available at: TransparentLabs.com


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Best Vegan Mass Gainer

Vegan Naked Mass

Vegan Mass Gainer

Vegan Naked Mass caught our attention early on and ultimately became the best mass gainer for vegans for several reasons. The first one was a nice combination of two plant-based proteins. Secondly, the inclusion of organic maltodextrin to provide an explosive anaerobic power during exercise.

It’s a solid choice for the ‘hard gainers’, or those who struggle to put on weight because each serving packs a wallop- 1,250 calories and 250 grams of carbs, which makes bulking up significantly easier.

The core ingredients are organic maltodextrin, pea protein and rice protein, with essential amino acids thrown into the mix. We like the fact that Naked Nutrition observes sustainable practices and puts in enough complex carbs and macronutrients to promote lean muscle growth and development. Not a lot of vegan mass gainers can successfully claim these benefits, and this seals the deal in our books.

It’s worthy to note that the maltodextrin is sourced from tapioca, which is gluten-free and gives it that naturally sweet taste. The peas are sourced from Canada and the US, and are free from GMO components. You can also choose from natural, chocolate or vanilla in terms of flavor.


  • Truly vegan and free of animal-based proteins
  • Organic maltodextrin is an excellent addition
  • Substantial numbers in the protein and caloric department


  • Costs a bit more than the non-vegan varieties

Available at NakedNutrition.com


Best Tasting Mass Gainer

Authentic Mass by Jacked Factory

best mass gainer for cheap

Taste could be a dealbreaker depending on your preference in weight gain powders. We truly understand this- it won’t help if the mass gainer tastes like chalk and your mouth tries to reject the stuff every time you drink. That’s why we dedicate a whole category to the ‘best tasting mass gainer’ you can buy right now, which is Authentic Mass by Jacked Factory.

Authentic Mass may only come in two flavors, Chocolate or Vanilla, but we absolutely assure you that these will be the two most delicious drinks you’ve ever come across!

Adding milk can give you that depth, while ice-cold water is just as good. The upside is that milk can give you extra calories for when you need to overcome a deficit. What we love about the product is that there are no artificial fillers and sugars involved- there’s just sweet potato powder and tapioca maltodextrin to give it just the right amount of sweetness. Oh, and the label is fully transparent and there are no hidden ingredients too.

On the nutrients side, you get 53g of carbs, the usual MCTs and digestive enzymes to ensure your body can utilize what you’re taking in. Calories round out at 390 (which is a bit low), but then you’d be using that as an excuse to add an extra scoop of delicious goodness.


  • Best-tasting mass gainer in the market
  • No added sugars or artificial sources
  • Has digestive enzymes for better absorption


  • Contains wheat and milk

Available at JackedFactory.com


Best With Nothing Artificial

Naked Mass

Naked Mass

Naked Mass is exactly what it says, with the label showing only three main ingredients and ‘nothing to hide’. After trying it out, we say the claims are true and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to additives, fillers and whatnot.

So, what are these three things that make up Naked Mass? It’s casein, whey and maltodextrin, a blend of both slow and fast absorbed proteins and complex carbs. We like how Naked Nutrition didn’t put all the proteins in a single category- slow and quick is the best, especially when you want to be sustained throughout the day with protein (and calories).

The total protein is 50g and 1,250 calories per serving, which should be enough to put on mass if you do it consistently. As for the flavors, you get the usual Vanilla, Chocolate and Unflavored variants depending on your preference.

Of course, with a zero artificial product, it has to be GMO, gluten and soy-free, which is exactly what Naked Mass does. You also get a smattering of essential vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamin A, among others.

Naked Nutrition has some pretty good deals for its product, with savings options and installments available for those who need it. For instance, you can subscribe and save 8%, or get a packet and pay for it in four installments.


  • No artificial flavors, palm oil, xanthan gum, etc.
  • Made by a reputable brand
  • Has a mix of both slow and fast absorbed proteins


  • Not for the lactose intolerant
  • High cost per serving

Available at NakedNutrition.com


Best High-Quality Mass Gainer

Mass Jym

Mass Jym

Mass Jym is quality through and through, with a superb protein blend leading the pack quickly followed by a carb blend and a great supporting cast of fatty acids.

It’s easy to see that Mass Jym pays special attention to detail, with not just one but three blends for its macronutrients. First, there’s the protein blend which consists of slow- and fast-digesting proteins in the form of casein (from milk protein isolate and micellar protein), whey protein from whey isolate and egg white protein. All of them combine for a complex protein chain at 30 grams per serving.

Let’s move on to the carbs blend. The 30 grams contains high glycemic and low glycemic content at a 1:1 ratio for lean muscle development, made from oat fiber, isomaltulose and pea starch to round out the details. There’s also a 5g fat blend, including CLA and both saturated and unsaturated fat.

Very few other mass gainer products offer this kind of quality, and for this reason, Mass Jym is undisputed in the ‘best high quality’ department. Oh, and before we forget, it boasts some of the most interesting flavors too, with Apple Fritter, Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Mousse all having great profiles.


  • Multiple, high-quality protein sources of both slow- and fast-absorbing variety
  • Interesting flavors
  • Equal parts carbs and protein
  • Lower cost per serving


  • Uses artificial flavoring

Available at Amazon.com


Best Mass Gainer on Amazon

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Love shopping on Amazon and getting your mass gainer there? We respect that. Aside from exclusive discounts, Amazon Prime customers can get theirs sooner with faster shipping. As long as you’re on the platform, we recommend picking up Serious Mass from Optimum Nutrition.

Why Serious Mass, though? Its numbers speak volumes when it comes to adding much-needed weight. Each serving contains 250-plus carbohydrates, 50g of protein and 1,250 calories. It’s a good option for when you need an in-between or post-workout shake and to avoid getting caloric deficiency.

Serious Mass has a plethora of supporting nutrients as well, with 3g of creatine monohydrate and 25 essential vitamins and minerals for overall health.

Customer reviews are mostly positive, which means Optimum Nutrition is doing something right with its product. Most of the complaints are about the taste, but it’s cost-friendly and priced much lower than premium mass gainers.

Flavor-wise, you can choose from Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla and Strawberry. You can also pick the size- either 6 lbs. or 12 lbs., but we recommend the smaller pack if you’re just starting it out.


  • Available on Amazon
  • Good value for money
  • Lots of carbs and calories


  • Maybe too many carbs
  • Too sugary for some

Available at Amazon.com


Best Oat-Based Mass Gainer

Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder

Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder

Oat-based mass gainers have a lot going for them, but Muscle Feast has somehow elevated it to a higher level. The clear winner is the healthy carbs from the oats, which make you feel fuller for longer and allow you to work out without feeling tired or sluggish.

Muscle Feast’s product is certified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association and gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Organization. It’s pure, clean and 100% natural, with the oats sourced from whole products and contains zero additives and GMOs.

Oats are good for those who don’t want blood sugar spikes, either for their health condition or for experiencing highs and lows during training. Slow digesting complex carbs round out at 27g and come from North America.

Calories per serving are 142, while protein is only at 7 grams. You’ll probably need to supplement with extra protein from grass-fed and natural sources to really get that lean muscle mass, but you might have a different goal that doesn’t need an addition.

At the end of the day, you’re getting high-quality, oat-based complex carbs that can supplement your lifestyle or training goals. If this is the case, make no other purchase but Whole Oat Powder Nutrition!


  • Made from 100% natural, non-GMO and vegan whole oat powder
  • Mixes easily and can be used for baking
  • Ships nearly worldwide


  • Low in the caloric and protein department

Available at Amazon.com


How We Decided

Price or Cost Per Serving

The process of gaining mass doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, or for a few weeks either. That said, investing in a mass gainer is somewhat a long-term commitment since you’ll want to take it consistently.

This brings us to the point of cost per serving, or the price. We do not recommend using mass gainers as meal replacements because they’re meant to supplement your caloric, carb and protein intake. This means you’ll be spending extra money, which is actually okay if you have a mass gainer that works for you.

Paying too much is not an option for most of us, so we cut out mass gainers that are expensive and those that are overpriced.


Protein to Carb Ratio

Protein and carbs go hand in hand as they’re two of the three macronutrients you should be counting every day.

The ideal ratio of protein to carb is somewhere around 1:2, which means if a mass gainer product has 50g of protein it has to have 100g of carbs for the best effect. You’ll need protein to convert all that mass to muscle and carb for the fuel you’ll need to turn it that way (via workouts, training and exercise).

The ratio can be a bit skewed depending on your personal nutritional needs, but for building lean muscle we recommend the 1:2 ratio.



The 3 major nutrients we looked at are protein, carbohydrates and calories, all of which are essential in gaining weight and packing on muscle.

It should go without saying that these three should come from high-quality and clean sources. Digestive enzymes that help absorb them are a welcome plus, as are amino acids and MCT.

Generally speaking, the more nutrients packed per serving the better. However, it has to come from clean sources, and it has to have zero fillers.


Manufacturer Reputation

This is pretty straightforward. We look at mass gainers from brands such as Transparent Labs, Naked Nutrition, Muscle Feast, Jacked Factory and Beast Sports and favor them above no-names because they have established themselves as leaders in the world of sports and bodybuilding nutritional products.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Mass Gainer

Count Your Calories

It’s not enough to chalk up your calorie count as a ‘crap ton’ because then you’d be committing a cardinal sin.

If you’re really serious about mass gain, then you better brush up on your math and start counting your calories in a day-to-day manner. This prevents caloric deficits and puts you on a nice path to building the body you want.


Watch Your Micronutrients

The good thing about mass gainers is that they tell you exactly how much macronutrients you’re getting per serving. However, you shouldn’t let it be the end-all as you’ll need to watch your micronutrients as well.

Vitamins, amino acids and all those goodies round up your bulking phase and can mean the difference between getting the results you want and failing spectacularly. In this case, actively seek essential micronutrients in real food, aka your breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is actually an important element in building mass. It serves as the springboard for accumulating protein and letting our muscles repair themselves after training or exercise.

It’s not recommended to work out each day and push as if it’s your last. Get some rest time in and let your body and muscles breathe. It’s during this period that your body builds lean muscle, not when you’re breaking it with movement.


Train for Gains

Also, don’t just do mindless training. Do it smart- more compound lifts and less cardio equals more impressive gains. Follow all these steps and you’ll be huge in no time!



That’s it for the best mass gainers. You can’t go wrong with Mass Gainer by Transparent Labs as it’s the most balanced and one of the cleanest products available right now. The fact that it has the right ratio of protein to carbs cements our conviction. For filling in a more specific niche or need, check out the rest of our best weight gainers.

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