Obsession! – by Pauline Nordin

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2014)

To be the best, the fastest, the strongest or the most successful you must excel. You must outdo the competition. You must go beyond the competition. You must become superior. How do you get there? By balancing your efforts and keep your drive at a moderate level? Do you make sure your passion is at a comfortable level? No! If you do, you’re beat.


People who achieve the highest level of excellence need obsession. Obsession fuels the task. Obsession is the name of the hunger that refuses to calm until you’ve accomplished your goal. You need that drive to go beyond comfort, beyond set points, beyond natural and unnatural obstacles and without it you’ll question it all.


Is it really worth it? Achieving the highest level of anything is anything but a matter of finding balance. Note the word ‘highest’. It clearly defines the location of the goal. Everyone will try to convince you that balance is what you must have to succeed. I consider that a complete lie. You don’t need a voice in your head asking you if you really should work so hard, so long, so grueling, the voice asking you if it’s really what you want. You want no doubts. You want tunnel vision.


Anyone who tells you to listen to everyone in order to achieve your goals is a fool. Reaching the top means you will fight gravity harder and harder the closer to the top you get. As if your so called friends as well as your enemies weren’t inhibitors enough, you will have to face the toughest nemesis more than once: YOU.

Matt Mankoff ripped back

Yes, YOU are the worst one for your success. You will disbelieve yourself more, question yourself more, judge yourself harder than anyone else. The seeds of doubt you’re given by others you’ll allow to grow strong. To be the best, the fastest, the strongest or the most successful you must be obsessed. You must desire it more than balance. You must thrive on pushing every limit.


You get there by allowing nothing to stand in your way. You get there by never let momentarily failure be one big failure. You get there by staying true and committed to your goals. And, most importantly, you make sure that your passion is not part of you, it’s YOU.

Pauline Nordin

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