7 Keys to Building Muscle Fast

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Are you one of those people who is extremely impatient and hates to wait for things? Most people are nowadays.We live in a society where everyone wants results right away and if they don’t get it they go to their “safe space” and heel from the disappointment. Maybe it’s not that bad, but it’s getting there.

People even want their muscle building to be fast. That is where this article comes in. You won’t be become the Incredible Hulk overnight, that’s not possible, but if you follow these tips you will surely build muscle way faster than your regular gym goer who isn’t in the know. Let’s get started with 7 keys to get you jacked quick!



1 Stay with Compound Muscle Movements


Compound muscle movements are the ones that use more than one muscle group at a time. This is what you will want the majority of your exercises to be if you are looking to build muscle fast.

Compound exercises will give you the best bang for your buck. Dumbbell curls are nice but if you want to add some serious muscle quickly you should focus on compound exercises to get that done. Think about it, deadlifts work the entire body, hitting some heavy deadlifts will easily add more muscle than the best set of dumbbell curls ever would, it’s not even close.

This is why it is important to focus mainly on compound exercises. Some of the best compound exercises you will want to use are:

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Bench press
  • Overhead press
  • Rows
  • Farmer’s walk
  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Lunges
  • Heavy kettlebell swings

Focus on these movements and then supplement in your isolated movements like bicep curls, calf raises and leg extensions once the main muscle building exercises are done.

2 Eat Like a boss

Old school eating myths

Here is something a lot of newbies don’t realize, when it comes to fitness your diet is very important. Putting in the work in the gym is important but if your diet isn’t in point your results will be less than you had hoped. If you want to get big you have to eat big.

The most important thing you can do diet wise is increase your protein intake. Protein is the building blocks of muscle and what you will need to grow so you will want to be sure you are eating enough protein. Shoot for more than 1 gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight per day. Eat good protein like grilled chicken breast, salmon, lean beef, turkey, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Avoid any fried chicken or fatty and processed meats as they are not worth the bother.

When it comes to carbs you should eat good carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain breads and pastas, quinoa, veggies and whole fruits. Avoid any sugary or processed snacks, white breads and rice, pastries of any kind and sugary drinks including fruit juices. We are looking to build muscle here not just eat a bunch of junk and get fat.

For fats you will want to be eating things like avocados, olive oil, natural peanut butter, nuts, and seeds. Again avoid all fried food and processed meats, fake peanut butters and basically anything that is fast food.

This was a brief but simple diet overview, follow this and you will be eating right for muscle building.


3 Use Progressive Overload

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If you are going to build muscle fast you are going to have to get stronger. The best way to do this is through progressive overload.

Progressive overload means that you are continuously raising the demands on your muscle, this leads to gains in size and strength. If you don’t increase the demands, you will usually stay the same size or even get smaller.

Some of the best ways to use progressive overload are to add more weight. Let’s say you can bench press 175 lbs. for 10 reps. Using progressive overload, you would increase the weight to 185 lbs. until you can do 10 reps then increase the weight again and so on. This works great for beginners but it will lose its effect as you get stronger, then you need to look to other ways of using progressive overload.

Other ways to use progressive overload would be using the same weight but decreasing the rest in between sets, increase the speed of the exercise (do faster reps), increase the frequency of training the muscle or increase the number of sets you are doing.

There are also things like forced reps, negatives, drop sets and rest-pause methods you can use to shock the muscle. These are very effective but do not overuse them or you could end up overtraining the muscle.


4 Train with Intensity

Build muscle fast

If you want to build muscle fast adding some intensity to your training can definitely help. This does not mean adding volume (more sets and or exercises).

This means pushing yourself harder and farther and squeezing out more reps than you even though you could. There is a pain barrier you will reach at some point in a set. The further you can push yourself into that pain barrier the more gains you will make. It’s in these final few reps that the most gains are made anyway.

You didn’t really think guys got big doing 4 low intensity. mediocre sets of 8 reps to get huge did you? I know you didn’t think that, but it is one thing to know it and another thing to actually train like it. So step up the intensity on those last reps and push yourself farther and your muscles will grow.


5  Work the Entire Range of Motion

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This is one that a lot of people neglect. When it comes to range of motion you have the positive (upward motion), static (holding the weight), and negative (lowering the weight).

Most people just like to sling the weight around and just get them from point A to point B, they don’t really work the entire range of motion.

You need to work the entire range of motion in a nice, slow and controlled manner to maximize muscle growth. It might mean a you will have to use less weight but you will benefit in terms of muscle growth. This can be a shot to some people ege but it’s worth it. If you can live with the hit your ego takes your muscles will grow faster from it.


6 Rest

If you are training hard and with intensity you are going to need to be sure you are getting adequate rest before you train the muscle again. You need to allow the muscle to repair itself and build new muscle tissue before you break it back down.

Not only do you need to be sure to get adequate rest before training the muscle again but you also need to be sure you are getting enough rest at night when sleeping. This is the perfect anabolic environment for muscle growth and it is also when the body produces testosterone. Getting just a few hours of sleep isn’t going to cut it. You will be needing to get a minimum of 7 hours per night and preferably 8-9 hours if you are looking for fast muscle growth. Without getting enough rest you could be wasting your time.


7 Use the Right Supplements

If you are looking to build muscle fast, good supplements can definitely help. If people tell you otherwise they probably don’t know what you are talking about. We cover all the best supplements for muscle growth in our article about all the supplements that build muscle, but we can give you a quick rundown here.

The best supplements for fast muscle growth include creatine, pre-workouts, test boosters, mass gainers and protein shakes. These are the top tier of muscle building supplements that will increase your strength, delay muscle fatigue, speed recovery and increase muscle size. These are the ones to focus on for results.

The second tier include things like BCAA’s and fish oil which are also beneficial, they just won’t make quite the difference the top tier supplements will. They are definitely something to consider, but on their own they will have minimal benefits for rapid muscle growth.

One of the problems with choosing supplements is there are literally hundreds of supplement brands out there to choose from and figuring which ones are good and which ones are junk can be a tough task. Some supplement companies do it right while others make their product in China with the cheapest ingredients possible, so you want to be sure you are picking the right one. Luckily we broke this all down for you in our article so you can easily find which ones are the best on the market and will build muscle faster than you ever would going without supplements.


Let’s Wrap It Up

There you have 7 keys to building muscle fast. Put all of them together and your body will become a muscle building machine. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen much faster than just the regular gym goers doing their mediocre training. Just keep at these 7 keys and you will get there, without question.