Penn State Bench Press

Penn State Football Bench Press Workout

Penn State University Football is a strong program that is rich with tradition. When you get to this level the football is as important as class and, let’s be honest, more important than class for some […]


The Benefits of BCAA Glutamine

Quick note for all of you on BCAA’s and Glutamine if you didn’t know. Branch Chain Amino Acid supplements are probably the most underrated supplements there are. Add Glutamine to it, and you have a […]

chin up athletic exercise

Quick Tip To Make Pull Ups Easier

Pull ups can be difficult for some people, especially females, heavy people and those who might not workout very often. There is a simple trick you can use though to give yourself more of an […]

Jeremy Scott

10 Weeks 2 Ripped Workout Program

If you are looking to burn fat, build muscle and have the best body you can have then the 10 Weeks 2 Ripped workout program is what you have been looking for. The program is designed […]