Quick Chat With Danielle Sidell: Thoughts on 14.4

Can you tell us your thoughts on 14.4 going in and your performance?

 My thoughts going in to 14.4 were awesome! This WOD was built for me. It had all my strengths and basically right up my ally. My Coach and I were very excited, needless to say. My thoughts on my performance are complete opposite. I guess I had what people call an “OFF” day. I hate to use that term, because I don’t really believe in “OFF” days. I went in to this workout, not really feeling like my normal self and right from the get go it showed. I was sucking wind after the row; which is not like me at all. I was taking breaks 10-15sec long. I never allow myself over 3-5sec long breaks. Today, I ignored everything I taught myself. I mentally defeated myself during 14.4. There is no other excuse, I literally broke down mentally and failed to perform at the level I am capable of sustaining. I will take this as a huge learning experience. The feeling I have stuck on my tongue is something I promised myself I would never taste again. It is gross and unbearable for me. I can’t afford to cry and complain about this, I have to focus and regroup for tomorrow’s training. Winning the OPEN doesn’t win my the Games 🙂 

Danielle Sidell

You are in a great position to go to regionals, do you coast at all on 14.5 or give it all you got?

 I go in to every workout as if I am competing for the crown. Regardless if it is an Open workout or an everyday training workout. I push myself to the limits and perform the best I can at that moment. Train every second as if it is my last! 


Do you typically schedule a rest day before an Open WOD or how do you work that?

I work the OPEN wods in by doing them every Monday. I do have an active rest day on Sunday, which is nice to feel fresh and ready to get after whatever is thrown my way on Monday 🙂 Just so happens that the past 4 weeks it has been an Open WOD. 

Danielle Sidell
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