Quick Chat With Danielle Sidell: Thoughts on 14.3 and the Open

Can you tell us your thoughts on 14.2 going in and your performance?

 I was pumped that they FINALLY programmed some actual weight on the bars! I love to move heavy weights around, that is what I am known for. I liked the idea that this was going to be a WOD that was really going to make some separations in the more “elite” athletes. I took it as a test to see if I was able to hang with the Top dogs. I went in hoping for anything over 170 – came out with 192.


Are you guilty of looking at the leaderboard too much?

As much as I hate to admit it I think I do… It’s my first year going individual and I have a chance of doing something BIG, so I let myself, unknowingly, get carried away with the numbers. Guilty!!!

Daniell Sidell

What would you consider your strongest exercise?

That’s a tough question for Crossfitters to answer. We really don’t focus being the best at one thing, our goal is to be the best at everything. I guess my strengths are my motor and being able to move some heavy weight for a long period of time. You can throw any exercise at me and I am going to do everything in my power to come out on top… if someone beats me, they are going to be bleeding. I will put up a crazy/nasty fight!  

We are more than half way through the open, is it going as you expected?

Yes and no… I wasn’t sure what to expect in the “Open” season, but I am not mad with the way it is going thus far 🙂 

Danielle Sidell
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