Quick Chat With Danielle Sidell: Thoughts on 14.2

Can you tell us your thoughts on 14.2 going in and your performance?

Well I ended up redoing this wod. I performed it Saturday and ended up getting a 202. That was eating away at my brain for 2 days, I couldn’t stand it and ended up going at it again today. After hitting it a second time I was able to improve and my official 14.2 score is 248. I told myself from the get go I would not be that girl who redid a WOD. You don’t get second chances at competitions, so why should I give myself one now. But, being beyond competitive and stubborn, I decided to go against my original thoughts and go again. Mark my words, I will NOT be giving myself that option again. A WOD is a one and done type thing for me….

How was it having the people from Crossfit filming you this weekend?

It was crazy! I never would have thought that I am someone that Crossfit HQ found interesting enough to film/interview for a day 🙂 It was a HUGE honor and an even bigger compliment! I only felt bad because my performance wasn’t where it should have been.

Danielle Sidell

Your put your daily diet on your blog, what does your diet look like today?

Today was a little off because I changed the time of my workout and ended up staying at the gym a lot longer than normal. I typically have 4 meals in before I start to train today I only had 3. I also went longer without eating because of how long I stayed at the gym. So I may end up being 1 meal short. I tried to make up for it by having REAL food directly after my WOD instead of a protein shake. Recovery is KEY at this point. I have to stay on top of my game and nail these training days!

Random question – Are you glad it is finally starting to look and feel like spring?

I was a little mad because the other day I had a running WOD (4rnds of 800m RUN, 50 DUBS, and 20 Dead Lifts) and it was 20 degrees out and the past few days it has been warm! Besides that I have LOVED it. I can’t wait to start doing work outside. Walking around the block pulling a sled or my Truck and flipping tires in the parking lot at the gym!

Danielle Sidell
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