Decisions-Determination-Destiny by Jeremy Scott

The following is a snippet from Jeremy Scott’s new book “Make Success Mandatory” The book is getting great reviews and is available here on


Success is a result of your decisions & your determination to see those decisions through day after day, which ultimately shapes your destiny.

It’s your decisions not your circumstances that shape your destiny

You decide everyday what you do with your time…
You decide whom you spend your time with…Jeremy Scott
You decide where you spend your money…
You decide to read, learn and educate yourself…
You decide to eat right or not…
You decide to workout or sit on your ass…

If you want to change your life, and really shape your destiny, you need to start deciding how to best spend your time.

Decide what can kind of person you want to be?

Decide what you really stand for?

Decide what kind of life you really want?

Decide how you want to be remembered?

Once you have made some of these real life decisions, or what I like to call “gut check” decisions, you must become committed to them. Then begin to create your determination plan.

5 Steps to Creating a Determination Plan:

1. Make a Decision: Decide What You Want
2. Take Massive Action
3. Be Determined & Stay Committed
4. Decide that there is always a solution
5. Never Stop

The fastest way to change your life is by making a choice. By making a REAL choice, by deciding on a new direction, you are saying “there is no going back to my old life” this is the new path I am determined to make it happen.

Make just one decision today –decide right now –maybe something you have been putting off, maybe something that’s been holding you back. Make the Decision –Become Determined – Shape your Destiny

Jeremy Scott
Make Success Mandatory – Full book available here