Respect to the Iron Lady

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2018)

To be an Iron Lady is more than just training hard and eating right, it’s a lifestyle. From her callused hands to the KT tape on her shoulders, everything has its purpose, even recovery days play their part. Her round shoulders and V tapered back carry more than just weights in the bigger scheme of things. Her body built on endless sacrifices, hard work, and loyalty to the Iron game she is a hybrid of the female athlete. Iron Ladies could choose to be like everyone else and go with the norms and conventions of society, but they are defined by following their own set of rules and are not afraid to break boundaries and push so called limits in a quest to create the best female version of herself.

Ashley Horner

Respect for Understanding the Process

We all know that a real workout never goes down without a throw-down, and what I mean by that is nothing in this Iron game is going to come easy, but you already know that. Endless times looking at a loaded bar both scared and excited this is not your first Iron clad dance. You don’t just go hard you go harder. You have goals and no one can stop you from achieving them. Willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals some will say it’s an obsession. Some may say it’s a form of narcissism, some may not like you, their loss.  At the end of the day you know what makes you happy so keep doing it whatever it is. Regardless of what it is you need to have a passion for it cause without it you can forget about it.

 Lene Hansen

Respect for Not Giving Up

Waking up at 5am almost every day, sometimes earlier, to begin the grind is a very small part of what you do. Most people would be horrified to wake up before the sun is out, they couldn’t do it for a week let alone go workout immediately after. The lifestyle change you embrace will make you a serious athlete or recreational lifter. The difference is that athlete has given up less times in some cases none. I will go as far as saying some serious athletes don’t have cheat meals cause they aren’t cheaters and that’s their personal choice.

Candice Keene

Respect for Using Exercise as your Drug

What most people don’t understand is that to you this is your fun, your release and therapy.  For some of our readers this is not a day thing, this is all day every day. It is as much of a part of your life as anything else and respected for that. You could be at a bar having drinks every day but instead your perfect date is just you and a different bar. With more workout clothes than dinner dresses you’re probably the cheapest date around. It is a commitment and your loyalty will pay off if it hasn’t already.

 Danielle Sidell

Respect for Being a Trend Setter

In the years to come more and more women will follow in your footsteps, right now more and more women are picking up barbells because of you and that’s pretty awesome! From adding Olympic lifting  programs and  joining women are chalking up and  running hills with weighted vests on because of you .You have been criticized for your love but trust me when I say that haters talk about you cause they want to be you .

Tiffany Lee Gaston

Respect for Staying Humble

In not being arrogant or prideful you keep your ego in check, but never lose your ego totally, it is responsible for assembling your personality as well as manages your identity. It’s up to you to make sure it’s authentic. It’s okay not to be the best at certain things, don’t be too proud to take advice, be sure to show who you really are and not just a persona you show the world. Trust me even Trainers need Trainers or Nutritionists, you’re humble enough to know when you need help and there is nothing wrong with that.

Nikki Leonard

On a lighter note.

Respect for Not Punching Creepers in the Face

Lets face it, be it at the gym or the grocery store at some point you’ve dealt with the weirdo that won’t stop looking at you. I have to say you’re truly a saint for not cleaning and pressing him in public (you probably could, he weighs less than your last years PRJ). For those that are weirdo magnets and deal with it on the daily, I applaud you all for keeping your cool in most cases, and I don’t blame you when you go off in extreme situations. You wear your gym clothes to be comfortable and not looked at like a piece of meat, trust me there is a select few of us that understand this, and the rest not so much. Cut us some slack we’re not always as smart as we look.

So if you’re an Iron Lady just starting or have been doing this for a while, respect for what it is you do is seen and unseen. Keep training insane and not remaining the same.

Remember respect is not given, it is earned, and if you’re an Iron Lady you’ve always had mine. So until next year Athletic Builders I pray you have an a injury free, goal reaching, healthy and successful 2014.