The Ten Commandments of Athletic Muscle

So, you are looking to build some muscle, but you don’t want to look like one of those over-muscled fireplugs with the coordination of Frankenstein. You have come to the right website and the right article then. […]

Athletic build

Hit Your Legs to Build A Better Physique

Have you ever seen someone walking around the gym with a massive upper body and non-existent legs? Unfortunately, it seems lately that’s all I have been seeing when going to train.  Too often gyms are […]

Build legs without squats

Build Strong and Muscular Legs Without Squats

It is no secret that the squat, in particular, the barbell squat is considered the king of all strength and muscle building exercises. Placing a heavy bar on your back loads the spine and requires […]

Garret Fisher

Power Cleans – The Ultimate Power Athlete Exercise

If you play a power sport like football, wrestling, MMA, lacrosse or rugby then power cleans should be part of your workout routine. I would bet just about every athlete from every sport out there […]

James Haskell

Four Training Splits to Build an Athletic Body

This post originally appeared on   We’ve both been there. Your bar speed is explosive on every rep, and you’re adding strength regularly. Your skin is tighter, shirt sleeves stretching, and muscles bulging as […]

plyometrics for athletes

12 Best Plyometrics Exercises for Athletes

  I remember the first time I heard about plyometric exercises. Like a lot of fitness enthusiasts my age, Tony Horton and the P90X plyometrics workout was my introduction to the world of high-impact, high-intensity […]