Get a Great Butt Without Doing Squats

You have probably heard before that if you want a great butt you need to be doing squats. The problem is, not everyone wants to or likes to be doing squats. The good news is […]

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The Only Workout You Need for a Strong and Athletic Body

  This workout will work your whole body and it will build solid muscle, strength, burn fat like crazy and get you in great shape. The nice part is you won’t have to do any extra […]

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43 Year Old Mom and Teacher Benches 325 Pounds!

Jen Thompson looks a bit unassuming when you see her. She is a 43 year old mother of 2 as well as a high school math teacher. She is not like everyone else though. She is […]


Best Equipment to Help Your Increase Bench Press

For many guys, the bench press is an important exercise, and many of them judge their strength on how much they can bench press. After a while, though most guys hit a plateau, they can’t […]

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25 Garage Gyms That Will Make You Drool

Having a nice garage gym can be a real bonus. You can workout whenever you want wearing whatever you want and you don’t have to bothered with selfie takers, people with rancid body odor and other […]