Z-Core PM Review: Does This Testosterone Booster Work?

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2018)

Z-Core PM

Ok guys, we are back again with another testosterone booster review, this time we are looking at Z-Core PM.

This product is one of the more popular testosterone boosters out there and is put out by MusclePharm which is one of the biggest supplement companies in the world.

You are probably wondering…

“Does this testosterone supplement really work?”

That is where we come in. We are going to completely dissect this product and find out if it is really worth the bother or if you should choose something else.

So let’s get started on this Z-Core PM review and see what this bad boy is made of.


What is Z-Core PM?

Z-Core PM is a little different than many testosterone boosting supplements in the fact that it is also a sleep aid.

Here’s the thing:

Getting a good night’s sleep can be very beneficial when it comes to your testosterone levels. This is because our bodies make testosterone during the night when we sleep so if you are not sleeping well your testosterone levels will suffer.

It get’s better…

This study found that people who get a full 8 hours of sleep had more than double the amount of testosterone as people who slept for just 4 hours. Then there is also this study that found that for every hour of sleep you get your testosterone levels go up by 15%.

So if this product can deliver on a good nights sleep with great testosterone boosting ingredients it could really be something special.

On top of being a sleep aid, Z-Core PM says it will increase muscle and strength and support a healthy libido. Does it really do all that? Let’s take a look at the ingredients and see how it stacks up.


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Z-Core PM Ingredients

Z-Core PM label

Taking a look at the ingredients for Z-Core PM and there isn’t a lot there, this one is a bit light on the ingredients.

They are:


Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6

This vitamin is helpful with many things throughout the body and one of these things is testosterone production.

Vitamin B6 stimulates androgen which is the precursor to testosterone. It is also helpful in suppressing estrogen which is good for your testosterone levels as well.

The 3-milligram dose on this ingredient is pretty weak, it should be about twice that much.


MagnesiumMagnesium ingredient

Magnesium is a mineral that you will find in most of the testosterone boosters out there.

While it helps with many functions in the body its test boosting qualities are what we most like.

This study by the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis found that men with low testosterone could benefit from treatment with magnesium supplementation. In their conclusion, they found that “Male individuals with impaired magnesium status and T deficiency (accurately assessed) could benefit from magnesium and/or T treatment targeting physical performance”

Their dosing on the magnesium is about where it should be.


Zinczinc pills testosterone

Zinc is one of our favorite ingredients when it comes to boosting testosterone.

This mineral was shown in this study with 37 males to significantly increase testosterone levels.

Conversely, this study found that if you restrict zinc intake in males their testosterone levels will go down. In their findings, they said “Dietary zinc restriction in normal young men was associated with a significant decrease in serum testosterone concentrations”

Now you know why we like this ingredient so much, unfortunately, this product has a wimpy 7.5-milligram dose in it. That is not going to get the job done, we like to see testosterone boosters have about 4 times that much zinc in them.


Coppercopper capsule

You probably don’t know this but copper is an essential trace element in humans.

While being deficient in copper isn’t a problem for many people it can be if you are taking zinc because diets high in zinc tend will deplete copper in the body.

Therefore they added copper to this supplement so you don’t become deficient in it from the zinc (even though the zinc dose isn’t very big).



Fenugreek is an herb that people in Asia use in curries.

In this study, free testosterone levels were improved by over 46% of the study population. It is also well known for enhancing sperm count and improving libido.

Unfortunately, the Fenugreek dose is only 5o milligrams. That is a bit on the weak side, we recommend having around 100 milligrams for it to be effective.



Melatonin is a pretty common sleep aid that many people use to fall asleep at night. I have even used it myself to help fall asleep on restless nights.

It is a safe and natural ingredient that works with your body to release melatonin and help you fall asleep faster.

As we mentioned earlier, getting a good night sleep can be a big help when it comes to testosterone because our bodies make testosterone while we sleep and if you are not sleeping enough your testosterone levels will suffer. It is also when most of our muscle building occurs.

The 3mg dose on this one is where it should be.


Overall we were a bit underwhelmed with the ingredients on this one. Not only did they not use several effective ingredients but they also used some weak doses on the ingredients that they did use. They certainly could have done better.

On top of that…

They only use 5 active ingredients.

Just to contrast, Prime Male, our top-rated testosterone booster has 12 active ingredients that are all in good doses.

weak ingredients

Missing Ingredients

There are several missing ingredients we would like to have seen in this supplement. Some that we wish they would have used include:

Ginseng – This common root has many benefits in the body including boosting testosterone levels and libido. We like Asian Red Panax Ginseng as it is the highest grade and most effective form of ginseng.

Boron – Boron is another good mineral for testosterone boosting. It works by lowering the amount of globulin you have in your blood for testosterone to bind to. This means more of that desired free (unbound) testosterone flowing in the bloodstream that makes you feel manly.

Oyster Extract – You may know that oysters are a natural aphrodisiac, this is because they are loaded with both zinc and magnesium both of which we have already praised for their test boosting abilities.

Ashwagandha – This testosterone boosting ingredient is an herb that reduces the way stress affects the body and therefore lowers cortisol levels. This is important because cortisol can really hurt your testosterone levels. Keeping cortisol levels down is essential and Ashwagandha is a great way to minimize it.


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Side Effects With Z-Core PM?

Most people won’t feel any side effects with this product but there are some out there who need to be careful because of the Fenugreek in it.

Here’s why:

Fenugreek is in the same family as the peanut so if you are someone who has a peanut allergy you may want to beware. Other people can also get diarrhea, stomach pains and hypoglycemia from being allergic to Fenugreek. Most of you won’t feel any effects but it is something to be aware of.

Fatigue is also a side effect but that one is intended since it is a sleep aid so that’s ok.


Z-Core PM Dosing

The dosing on this one is 1-2 tablets before bed. This makes sense since it contains the sleep aid melatonin.

The problem with this is you should be taking 3-4 doses of a testosterone booster per day for it to work right.

Here’s the deal…

If you are only taking one dose per day your testosterone levels will drop back down before you get your next dose. If you take 3 or preferable 4 doses per day your testosterone levels won’t drop in between doses and you will feel the effects day and night. It will also help you get the most out of the supplement.


Z-Core PM Reviews


Taking a look around the Internet at reviews from independent websites that are not trying to sell you the product and we see Z-Core PM gets about 3 stars on average from most of these websites.

We also took a look on Bodybuilding.com and the reviews were mixed as well. Some people who like the product noted that it helped with sleep and then there were others that said they had gained muscle with it.

Given that this product is quite popular where were also negative reviews, some of the negative comments said that it had no effect on them at all and others said it left them groggy with a headache, likely a side effect from the melatonin.


Z-Core PM Price

The price on Z-Core PM is below average. It is currently priced at $17.99 on their website. This price is for 30-60 servings depending on if you take one or 2 pills per serving.

The price is pretty good but considering there are only 5 active ingredients it would be a crime to charge more, some people do though.

Even at this low price, we think you would be better going with something more expensive that has more active ingredients at respectable doses.


Does Z-Core PM Work?

This is the main question you are probably wondering and trying to figure out so let’s get to it.

Judging by the ingredients your biggest benefit will be the improved sleep from the melatonin. Melatonin works well and you will be sleeping like a baby with it in there.

If you are a person who doesn’t sleep very well then the improved sleep will help because during sleep is when the body releases testosterone and when it builds muscle. You could get these same effects from taking melatonin on its own or some other sleeping pill though.

After the melatonin, there are some good ingredients but the doses are too small for them to be very effective. This could be a much better supplement if the doses were a bit higher.

Aside from the improved sleep you likely won’t feel much from this supplement.


Pros and Cons of Z-Core PM

pros and cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Uses effective ingredients
  • Effective sleep aid


  • Weak doses of several ingredients
  • Missing other key ingredients
  • Only 1 dose per day will allow testosterone levels to drop between doses
  • Mixed reviews online


Overall Conclusion on Z-Core PM

Overall we actually like the ingredients they use. The problem is the doses on many of them are too small and there are other key ingredients that are missing.

The dosings are where we really have a problem with Z-Core PM. One dose per day simply isn’t going to cut it with any testosterone booster, you need 3-4 doses throughout the day to make sure you keep your testosterone levels up or it will be ineffective.

Now the good news.

The 2 areas where this product does well are on price and being a sleep aid. The price is certainly on the lower side and although this product doesn’t look effective to us some people will buy just because it is cheap and they hope they can get something that works for not much money.

As a sleep aid, this product will help. Melatonin can be effective in helping people sleep so if  you have trouble sleeping this will help you in that department and you will get the benefits that come with a full nights sleep.

The bottom line:

Aside from the benefits of getting a good nights sleep this product probably won’t do much for you. Any of the supplements on our top 5 testosterone boosters list would be a much better way to go.