Top 5 Exercises for a Great Butt

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2020)

Seems like the booty is more popular than ever. Everyone is wanting to have that killer booty that is round and juicy and makes the opposite sex crumble. It’s gonna take more than some silly 30-day squat challenge to get it done but it can be done. So get ready to put in the work and you will soon be able to kiss that sloppy pancake butt goodbye. Here are our top 5 exercises to get you that killer booty. Incorporate these into your workouts or try the Unlock Your Glutes training program designed to give you the best butt possible.

Top 5 Exercises for a Great Butt:


1) Squats

Best Butt Exercises

There is a reason people talk about having a squat booty….it’s cause you get one from doing squats. And we aren’t talking about any wimpy half squats either, we are talking ass to grass squats. The further down you go the more glute activation you will have. Lower the weight if you need to and go lower. If back squats aren’t your thing you can try goblet squats, hack squats, air squats ect. Find a squat that works for you and get to it, your booty will thank you for it!


2) Hip Thrust


We strongly considered putting the hip thrust in first place, it is certainly worthy of the spot without question. Don’t be shy about adding a weighted barbell to your hip thrusts or raising your feet as well to get a better workout.  And also don’t be afraid that you look like you are humping the air in the gym either, only the idiots will think anything of it and who cares what they think. Besides, once you have that perfect booty it won’t be the air that you are humping anymore;)


3) Lunge

Lunge for butt

If you have never done lunges before be prepared to have a sore booty the next day. This exercise is a booty killer. Whether you do them with weights, walking, front, step back or to the side, lunges area straight up glute assassin. They also work the quads and hamstrings too. Whatever you do in your booty training do not forget to include these, just do a couple of sets of deep lunges and then you will know what we mean.


4) Glute Bridge

Exercises for a great butt

Glute bridge is an awesome booty shaper that also hits the hamstrings. It is similar to the hip thrust except your torso is not elevated with this one. It is good for helping with glute activation (Along with the hip thrust) which people who work at a job where they sit all day really need, those glutes are stretched all day in the seated position and need to be worked and tightened. If you are more advanced add weight or do it with one leg.


5) Deadlift

The deadlift is a lift that works pretty much the entire body with the main focus on the back, legs, and butt. Make sure to use good form on the deadlift, the form is more important on this exercise than almost any other. Also, be sure to squeeze that booty at the top too. If you don’t squeeze it no one else will either.

deadlift stacie tovar butt
Is that judge looking at booty?


There you have it, five exercises for a great butt. Do these and your behind will be so good they will write songs about it. You don’t need to go totally apeshit and do all five in one session though, pick three of them and hit them hard and that should have you well on your way to Bootietopia.

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