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Triceps Workout Routine for Muscle Mass

When it comes to getting big arms, the biceps generally get all the attention. The front double biceps pose is a classic when people are trying to show off their physiques and big arms. Everyone […]


5 Tips to Get Ripped Abs for Summer

With summer not far away it is time start thinking about what you might look like with your shirt off on those hot days. No matter what your gender is it is pretty much universal that the opposite sex likes a good […]

Best workout program for men

Best Workout Programs For Men

  Hey guys, if you are looking to get in shape you have come to the right place.  Building muscle and burning fat can be a difficult task especially if you are a beginner and […]

Nikki Leonard

3 Mistakes Women Make in the Gym

It may seem like most of my advice is tailored to guys – and they do comprise most of my audience – but just about all of the training and nutrition advice I provide applies […]

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Contributing Authors

  Justin Grinnell Justin Grinnell is the Owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing, Michigan. State of Fitness opened up just four years ago and is already one of the leading training facilities in […]

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4 Different Ways to do Cardio

  All cardio is not the same. If you’d speak with an expert in cardiovascular training, chances are that you’ll learn there are different disciplines. They are the following: Metabolic Conditioning Moderate Intensity Cardio Slow […]

Jacked Sprinter

How to Run Faster – Increase Your Running Speed

Anyone can learn how to run faster. However, breaking through the current average speed limit takes training, discipline, as well as determination. For the record, your speed performance depends on a variety of factors, but […]