How to get abs

6 Myths About How to Get Abs

March 25, 2016 Jeremy Scott 0

Everyone digs having a rock-hard six-pack, I mean let’s face it if someone could give you a six-pack for life would you turn it down? I highly doubt it. We all know someone with seemingly […]

Dave Dreas

Eating for Ripped ABS

February 22, 2016 Jeremy Scott 0

The TRUTH: we all have abdominal muscles, every single one of us the only difference would be the layer of fat covering them. I get it, everyone wants a lean, flat, defined midsection…I am no […]

Athletic body

A Day in the Life

March 17, 2015 Jeremy Scott 0

Jeremy Scott is a published author, coach, Reebok Athlete, Fitfluential Ambassador, Olympian Labs Expert Advisor and is the owner of Jeremy Scott Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ. He lives the fitness lifestyle day in and day out and loves […]

Athletic girl

HIIT Your Fat Loss Friend

March 11, 2015 Jeremy Scott 1

If you guys are anything like me you hate wasting time, you want the most efficient tool for the job when it comes to just about anything in life. Again if you are like me […]