Minimalist guide to build muscle

The Minimalist Guide to Building Muscle

Takeaway #1 Less is actually more when trying to build muscle. Takeaway #2 Don’t try too many things at once. You’ll end up not progressing as much. Takeaway #3 The classics are still the best […]

brooke ence burpee abs

50 Bodyweight CrossFit Workouts

Let me guess, you are at home and don’t have any fitness equipment but you want to get a good workout. No worries, you can get a good workout wherever you are using just your […]

Thrusters girl

25 CrossFit Workouts With Thrusters

Thrusters, most people have a love/hate relationship with them. People love them because they are a great full-body exercise, but they also hate them because they really suck to do. They are basically in the […]

crossfit, is it worth the money

CrossFit: Is it Worth the Money?

So, you are thinking about joining a CrossFit gym. But you have either done a little research or heard through the grapevine that they can be expensive. This probably has you wondering if it is […]