100 Rep Training For An Epic Burn

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2019)

If you are looking to change things up and try something new to break up the training monotony or to help you through a plateau then 100 rep training can be for you. It is a relatively simple workout that will make your muscles burn like there is hot lava in them and get them pumped beyond belief. Here is how it works.

Athletic build

I know some of you are thinking you just choose a lightweight and bust out 100 reps unbroken but that’s not how it works and that wouldn’t really be worth writing an article about. For 100 rep training, you choose a weight you can do between 40-60 reps with.  Do your first set to failure, let’s say you do 55 reps, this means you have 45 more to go until you get to 100, and therefore you wait that amount of seconds (45) before your next set. Once the 45 seconds is up you do another set to failure with the same weight. Let’s say you can only 20 reps on this set, that will give you 75 reps total leaving 25 reps until 100 so you wait 25 seconds and do another set and so on until you get to 100 reps. By the time you hit 100 reps, your muscles will be screaming and you may be as well.

Michaela Augustsson

I have done a bit of trial and error with 100 rep training and for me, the exercises it works best with is bench press, bicep curls, skull crushers, rows, lateral raises and calf raises. It didn’t seem as effective on the shoulder presses and lat pulldowns for me and is impractical to use for things like pull-ups unless you are a beast who can bust out 40 or so on your first set.

Give it a try when you are looking for something different and I guarantee it will give your muscles an amazing pump and burn. Just be prepared to be sore the next day or 3.

Ryan Douglas