Exercises for athleticism

Exercises to Increase Your Athleticism

There is nothing worse than doing the same workout week after week, except never progressing. It’s like stabbing yourself in the eye with a rusty fork or eating baked tilapia for 6 meals a day. […]

girl squatting

5 Ways To Build A Strong Squat Without Pain

Nothing say’s “Yea bro, I lift” like walking into a new gym, warming up, and loading plate after plate onto the bar while you warm up. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it always works out, but […]

Athletic Build

How To Look Like An Athlete

The Best Workout For An Athletic Body Let’s clear the air… If you took different athletes from different sports and put them in a room together most of them will look different. Even if you […]


The 10 Fat Loss Commandments

  A few key points when looking into making some changes in your diet. First, throw away the word diet. It gives me the chills just thinking about it. Ask the next person you run […]