Leanbean vs Skinny Gal

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2018)

Leanbean vs Skinny Gal

Leanbean vs Skinny Gal


Fat Burners For Women – Head To Head

We are always looking for the best fat burning supplements that can help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

And what better way to find the best female fat burners than to pit them against each other in a Leanbean vs Skinny gal head-to-head?

We’ll look at the array of natural ingredients housed in these two products and profile the companies behind them. Then we’ll tie it all up by looking at the pricing, testimonials and whether there’s any risk of side effects with these two diet pills.

So let’s jump right in:


Leanbean vs Skinny Gal review – Features

Leanbean is a fat burner supplement designed for women by Ultimate Life, widely regarded as one of the most innovative firms in the supplement sector. This is their flagship product, it claims to be designed specifically for women.

From the Leanbean website, and across the internet we can see that the product has an impressive array of testimonials. What’s sparked our interest here is that although the product was originally formulated for professional fitness models most of the testimonials are from regular women who have used Leanbean to great effect.

Skinny Gal is also a fat burning supplement designed for women, made by Rockstar. There is little information about the company as they appear to only sell their products through Amazon. In our research, we couldn’t even find the official website which doesn’t make us feel 100% confident about the quality of the product.

That said we aren’t evaluating the web presence of these two products alone, there are many other factors to take into account.

With that in mind let’s take a look at the main points:


Leanbean Features

  • Made by Ultimate Life, an innovative and respected UK company
  • Thermogenic fat burning
  • Female focussed due to more appetite suppression
  • Energy boosting
  • Reduces food cravings
  • All natural ingredients & 100% safe
  • Low in caffeine


Skinny Gal Features

  • Made by Rockstar, in the USA.
  • Designed for women.
  • All natural ingredients & 100% safe
  • Thermogenic fat burning
  • Proprietary Blend


Judging these two on the top-line features and Skinny Gal isn’t coming over as one of the most transparent brands around. Not only does it not seem to have an obvious website it also uses a proprietary blend meaning the bottle doesn’t list the doses of each ingredient.

Leanbean is far more encouraging, due to it having an accessible website that offers testimonials, detailed ingredient breakdowns as well as contact information, this shows way more commitment to the customers.

In general, we’d be a little worried about Skinny Gal’s customer support.


Leanbean vs Skinny Gal – Which Has The Best Ingredients?

Fat Burner Ingredients

The bread and butter of any supplement review must be an in-depth look at the ingredients listed.

Leanbean’s claim of all natural ingredients that cater to the specific needs of women are laid out on the bottle. There are added appetite suppressants, as women have worse cravings than men. This includes a large amount of Konjac Fibre as well as Garcinia Cambogia.

Skinny Gal does include mostly natural ingredients, though we aren’t exactly sure how this fat burning supplement caters to women – in fact, the ingredients list reads very much like a male fat burning supplement might. That’s because it only includes a minuscule  amount of Garcinia Cambogia and no Konjac Fibre at all. These are two of the most important ingredients for a female fat burner to have.

And there is another problem:

While Leanbean offers specific doses for its formula, Skinny Gal contains a proprietary blend of ingredients. This means that they don’t give the consumer any of the dosages of the key ingredients in the blend, which is a red flag that signals to us that some of the ingredients are either over- or under-dosed.

Especially for supplements aimed at women, dosage amounts are key to ensuring effective weight loss while minimising side effects. Many girls trying to lose weight find that caffeine can cause nasty jitters so not knowing how much Skinny Gal includes is an issue.


Turmeric – Both 

Turmeric is a great little spice used extensively in cuisines from around the world. In recent years, many studies have shown its effectiveness when used for fat burning.

As a thermogenic compound it serves to raise the body’s temperature, this enables the body to use more fat as energy.

The lovely golden-brown colour of turmeric comes from an antioxidant called Curcumin, that works to reduce the chronic inflammation associated with long-term obesity. It also helps to manage hormone levels, which helps to boost weight loss in women.

We were very happy to see turmeric in both of these products.


Cayenne Pepper – Both 

A spicy red pepper that has seen a long history of being used in detox regimes, cayenne pepper has seen more and more use as a metabolic booster and powerful appetite suppressant.

Losing weight is not easy so to have an ingredient that helps you tackle stubborn fat in more ways than one is a great bonus.


Glucomannan – Leanbean Only 

While we’re on the subject of appetite suppressants, Leanbean contains our favourite – Glucomannan.

This fibre is derived from the root of the Elephant Yam and does something very important:

While in the stomach, it soaks up water and expands. Not only does this reduce food cravings and stop us from feeling the need to snack, it also improves our overall mood. Happy eaters are healthy eaters and are far more likely to stick to a weight loss plan.

Leanbean does include this powerful ingredient, but we were disappointed to see that Skinny Gal does not.


Vitamins B6 & B12 – Leanbean Only 

These two B vitamins are perfect, natural energy boosters that don’t rely on artificial stimulants to function well.

They are also great carbohydrate blockers which come with the extra bonus of removing toxins and clearing non-metabolized fat from the liver and kidneys.

These essential vitamins are only found in Leanbean, with Skinny Gal not even paying lip service to them. Things are not looking good for Skinny Gal so far.


5-HTP – Skinny Gal Only 

Things continue to go downhill for Skinny Gal with its inclusion of 5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan. We can see why this has been included as a small number of studies have linked it to weight loss in the long term obese. However, it is primarily used to treat depression and has no place in a fat burner supplement in our opinion.

That’s because this compound has largely shown to be ineffective in safe doses. When taken by mouth, 5-HTP has been linked to stomach problems and muscles spasms.

The fact that the dosage is masked in Skinny Gal is unsettling as we have no way of knowing if they have taken these possible side effects into account.


Any Ingredients Missing?

fat burner ingredients

When we look for the best female fat burners, there are several key ingredients that we usually like to see. These are the ingredients that separate the best from the rest when it comes to delivering the best weight loss results for women.

Did these two products hit all of those marks?

Leanbean uses some powerful natural ingredients and is totally safe, putting it on the top rung of the supplement ladder.

On the other hand, Skinny Gal has missed the target a little by failing to include some of the following:

  • Green Tea
  • Glucomannan
  • Black pepper
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins B6 & B12

We could perhaps have forgiven Skinny Gal for missing just one or two of these ingredients but the fact it misses out six isn’t great.


Leanbean vs Skinny Gal – Side Effects

Some fat burner supplements include ingredients that can put you at risk of side effects.

The question is do either of these two products hold any risk of adverse reactions for users?

Well, Leanbean doesn’t. Due to all natural ingredients, fewer stimulants and accurate and transparent dosing. We can see clearly that there is no risk of experiencing side effects from using Leanbean, as long as you follow the directions on the label.

Skinny Gal, on the other hand, does contain 5-HTTP which can put you at risk of unpleasant stomach problems. While the dosage is likely not high enough to cause any real damage, we simply don’t know because the dosage is hidden.


Leanbean vs Skinny Gal – Pricing

We all know we have to pay for quality, but too high of a price tag can turn us off pretty quickly – even from the best products.

Luckily, both of these female fat burners are well within a reasonable price range.

Leanbean comes in at $59 for a month’s supply. This is certainly a premium price, but with what we’ve seen so far that comes as no surprise. Crucially, the price can be pushed down to $42.25 by purchasing the bundle on their website, which also triggers a money-back guarantee.

Skinny Gal comes in quite a bit cheaper at $30 for a month’s supply. This makes Skinny Gal a budget female fat burner and puts it at the low end of the pricing spectrum.

So arguably a consolation win for Skinny Gal here. We don’t think it’s going to be enough to help it win this head to head however.


Leanbean vs Skinny Gal – Final Verdict

So we’ve looked at pretty much everything these products have to offer.

Time to round it all up:


Leanbean Pros

  • Burns fat and suppresses cravings.
  • All natural ingredients & 100% safe.
  • A favourite of professional models.
  • Bundle pricing & money-back guarantee.
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Excellent customer support


Leanbean Cons

  • Premium pricing.
  • Not available from GNC or Amazon.


Skinny Gal Pros

  • Cheap, good if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Gets a couple of the ingredients right.


Skinny Gal Cons

  • Contains a proprietary blend.
  • Website appears very difficult to find
  • Potentially side effects
  • Missing some of the best ingredients.


This battle between two leading female fat burners has been a bit of a drubbing.

Although Skinny Gal is a decent fat burner, it has some pretty significant failings which means there was no way it could match up to its far more comprehensive rival.

In the end, Leanbean takes it with ease.


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