Why CBD Oil Use is Growing Among Professional Athletes

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2019)

For the fan, the world of professional sports is filled with excitement, strategy, and glory. However, there is also another side of professional sports which most fans don’t get to see, and that is the daily grind involved with being a professional athlete.

Stress, chronic pain, weight issues, and career-ending injuries are common problems which every athlete has to deal with, and some believe that CBD oil could be the solution to these issues.

CBD Oil and Athletes


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CBD oil use could help improve athletes’ overall health

An athlete’s mind and body are in a constant state of stress. To deal with the pressures they face, many professional athletes resort to self-medicating using drugs like ibuprofen, Vicodin, and Percoset; a dangerous practice which creates many problems down the road such as drug abuse, addiction, heart conditions, liver failure, and aggravated emotional issues.

CBD oil, on the other hand, could help athletes to deal with the chronic pain caused by the constant practices and games. Plus, CBD may also increase their bodies’ ability to recover faster, prevent injuries, and ensure they can give their best in their event.

Cannabidiol use is also believed to strengthen the immune system; something which could help athletes train more days and perform better on their events without allowing the effects of the common flu or another type of virus to hinder their performance.

But perhaps the greatest benefit for athletes is mental, as CBD oil is known to help people feel less anxious and helps them concentrate better during stressful moments.


Professional sports leagues are relaxing their regulation on CBD oil

The history of cannabis use in professional sports is a troubled one. However, when it comes to cannabidiol, many organizations are starting to see its advantages; especially because hemp-derived CBD oil contains many of the healing properties found on cannabis but has little to no THC.

Professional hockey and baseball, which have both traditionally maintained a lenient policy towards cannabis, are seeing many of its athletes try CBD oil with good results.

More surprising, though, is the announcement made last June by the NBA which gives permission to their players to use cannabidiol to manage pain and inflammation.

Yet, even in organizations like the NFL which remain staunchly opposed to its use we are seeing an increasing number of athletes try CBD oil; as well as more conversations regarding a possible relaxation of the rules in the future.

Paul Pierce CBD oil


Hemp-derived CBD oil isn’t illegal in professional sports

Unlike marijuana, hemp-derived CBD oil lacks a psychoactive component, so its use is not defined as an anti-doping rule violation.

Athletes are free to use CBD oil when they’re out of the competition season. However, there are some issues which still deter many professionals from enjoying its benefits. Namely the fact that most extracts contain a small percentage of THC which, when used repeatedly, can stay in the body long after it’s been used and could lead to testing positive for cannabis use.

The best solution, then, is to use an extract which is as close to pure CBD as possible; although this type of CBD can be very hard to find even for professional athletes.

Although closely related to cannabis, CBD oil’s lack of meaning levels of THC is allowing many professional athletes to obtain the pain and anxiety relief they need without running the risk of failing a drug test.

So, for the sake of athletes and their health, we can only hope that this trend continues and keeps expanding in the future.



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